And in the “Oh no, she didn’t” category

We’re still talking about the dentist today.  I’m sorry.  I have to purge that dark episode from my psyche and writing about it is cathartic.

It also conveniently gives me a post for today.

I was well prepared for my appointment.  I’d been practicing my deep breathing, wore my killer boots that give me an extra dose of confidence (and an intimidation factor since they push me well over 6′), and loaded my iPod with soothing/very loud music to drown out the pick-y and whirring sounds which  tend to make me break out in hives.

I arrived early to my appointment in hopes they would get me in and out sooner, and to pass the time, I thought I’d listen to some of my music to settle my nerves.  It was then I discovered to my SHEER HORROR that my earbuds weren’t in my purse.  Or in my jacket pocket.  Or in my car.  Or under the car.  I desperately texted Whimzie:

“One of the kids took my set of earbuds.  You know…the set I was going to use DURING MY APPOINTMENT????”

She ever so calmly texted back:

“Okay. It sounds bad, but we can get through this.” (Do you see why I love this woman more than my luggage?)

“Are Travis’ still in the car?”

Oh, you mean, these?

I must have paused long enough for her to text me again.

“I know what you’re thinking, but SWALLOW YOUR PRIDE, WOMAN! This constitutes an emergency.  Drastic times calling for drastic measures and all.”

Do you think I used them?

Dang straight, I did.

Have a nice day.


30 responses to “And in the “Oh no, she didn’t” category

  1. I knew the moment I saw the title of this post we were still at the dentist! This Whimzie…she’s a keeper!!

    I never thought of listening to my ipod at the dentist. I never have minded the dentist, until the last few times. I may have to try this in July, since I just went the week before you!

  2. Merry Christmas! The gift that keeps on giving.

    And I don’t mean the finger.

  3. And I’m sure you rocked them. You could totally pull those off with style. No problem. Especially if you were wearing “the” boots.

    Love you.

  4. Thank goodness for NotNed and his gift.

    And for your courage to rock the Fisher Price.

  5. I actually cancelled my scheduled cleaning this week because I wasn’t in the mood for a scraping. 🙂

    What would have been totally scary is if you didn’t have kids and walked in with the Fisher Price. They would have made some secret notes on your chart then for sure.

  6. So glad you had the emergency set!! You should share your chair playlist in an Ask Suz. 😉

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  8. I have severe issues with the dentist too. I have had and cancelled about 7 appts. to get my wisdom teeth pulled. I just can’t do it.
    And this is a shout out to Amy and her tupperware drawer, I think it is completely healthy and normal to keep that drawer that organized. I also think it is healthy to go to your friends house and organize their drawer.

  9. oh, and I’m sure you looked just like Michael Phelps. 🙂

  10. Bet you were so fashionable you impressed all the hygienists.

  11. I’m going to need to see the boots.

  12. so happy to picture this whole scene.

    My dentist always tries to talk to me. I’m like DOOD! I’M TRYING TO PRETEND I AM NOT HERE…SSSSHHHHHHHH

  13. You’ve gotta love the “Steel Magnolia” friends in life who talk you down from the ledges (or maybe sit on them with you to keep you company)! That’s definitely something to smile about–with professionally cleaned teeth, no less. 🙂

  14. LOL . . . I bet your dentist didn’t even blink an eye when you showed up with those.
    And I’m with Joyce … need to see the boots.

  15. What a friend that Whimz is!

    Only thing better would have been a picture of you rockin’ the FPs.;)

  16. Haha thank goodness for such good friends who can tell you when to throw caution to the wind 🙂 love it!

  17. I would have loved to hear that inner dialog:

    You “geez I hope he doesn’t notice that I am wearing my son’s fisher price headphones”

    Him “OK do I make fun of the headphones, or just pretend they are COMPLETLY normal??”

    You “phew he hasn’t seemed to notice”

    Him “Why on earth would she be wearing a child’s headphones…she must be the kind of Mom who has a messy Tupperware cupboard too”

    Very entertaining!!


  18. There’s a hygienist out there with a really funny blog post today.

  19. You do realize that all our abnormalties (in your case, dentist issues) make us all normal in some weird way. I can’t have the bathroom door closed when I put on make up. For some reason I think I can’t breathe. I’d love you to go to the dentist here. Or in Singapore. They are/were not into anything that made it stress free. We’d get some good blog posts out of that. Have a good day, Sus.

  20. Hi Carpool Queen,

    I’m from over at June’s blog. I read your comment about Tom Jones and thought it was hysterical! I used to hate the dentist, but then I had to get a lot of dental work done and I found me a hottie hot dentist. (It was actually one of my brother’s friends growing up. He was totally hot then and still is now.) Anyway, he’s very gentle and easy on the eyes. My biggest worry was when he put me to sleep one time, I was afraid I’d molest him in my drugged-up funk. The nurses said I didn’t, so . . .

    The earphones are way cool and you also protected your hearing at the same time. Ear buds are known to promote hearing loss, cause the sound’s, you know, inside your ear. Just a little helpful info to make you feel better about your massive headgear.

    I love your blog. I’ll be back.

  21. I am deeply terrified of going to the dentist too. And can I just say that I’ve never thought of taking my iPod? What is wrong with me?! Sheer genius! You rock, Sus!

  22. Can’t wait to see that bright and shiny smile. You and my sister-in-law share the same anxiety about the dentist. She usually does not go but recently had to go. I won’t go into details for the sake of your anxiety!

  23. Hilarious! I would have worn them too – the last time I went to the dentist, I forgot my ipod altogether. TRAGEDY! Even those headphones must have been better than nothing at all. Glad you made it through!

  24. Im back. Did you miss me???

    No? Oh.

    And yes. I would wear the earphones. It screams to the dentist … “I am in control here.”

  25. Snort. Keep thinking of the song, “I’m too sexy for my shirt….” and inserting your image w/those headphones.

  26. Shame you didn’t have the raspberry beret to wear over the headphones. That with the boots would make an AWESOME photo.

  27. girl, for absolute certain you did the right thing..I wouldn’t have cared it they looked like ginormous elephant ears on the side….

    smart girl, you are.

  28. Lauren Richardson

    This makes me so happy!! I was REALLY disappointed when you did not wear them to the gym! =)

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