She wore a raspberry beret

So, we’ve been snowed in since Friday night at Casa de Carpool. The initial burst of activity has given way to complete and utter lack of ambition which is now evidenced by the condition of my house and the lack of personal hygiene.

We’ve been watching movies (You’ve Got Mail, Star Trek, The Bourne Identity, Emma), cooking (a disastrous attempt at a new rice noodle recipe), and playing in the snow.Β 

Well, the kids have played in the snow.Β  This jungle girl doesn’t do cold very well.Β  I love snow, but more in an aesthetically pleasing sort of way while I observe it through the window as I drink my hot cocoa.

I have been slightly crafty and finished a project I’ve been working on this week – a hat that Mr. CPQ said belongs at the indie coffee shop on the head of some Birkenstock-clad woman.

I thought it looked more like something you find in a second-hand store.

Have a nice day.

22 responses to “She wore a raspberry beret

  1. I was wondering where all the raspberry women had gone : )

    Very cute!

  2. That is the perfect color of ‘pink’!

  3. Your hat makes me think of warmth and softness. A win-win in this cold weather! πŸ™‚

  4. I think it is VERY fashionable, especially with the orange sweatshirt… The colors of R.’s room!
    I’ve been outside twice: once each evening to walk next door w/my contribution towards “Waltons” meal. I’m enjoying this very much from INSIDE, thank you very much…

  5. i love the hat and would totally wear it! impressive. . .

  6. DO NOT let anyone tell you that that hat is not the coolest addition to your winter wardrobe. I love it. Feel free to make me one. πŸ™‚

  7. That hat is killer.

    But I’m more impressed that you are maintaining ear ring wearage in the midst of no-shower-snow-days.

    You are my hero.

  8. Prince would be proud.

  9. I love it!!! Can you make me one?
    Is that knitter’s weed or a needle sticking out of your mouth? Whateva it is, you’re just so cool.

  10. averagemoreorless

    I’m pretty good cook, but I don’t really enjoy eating what I cook. Likewise, I’m a passable seamstress, but I NEVER wear what I make. Maybe you have the same syndrome.

  11. Love the hat! And good for you for actually accomplishing something on a snow day! (I think I usually just get more behind in laundry…)

  12. “I’m too sexy for my hat…too sexy for my hat…”

    But, I’ll be making one, too. You wait. πŸ™‚

  13. What? I’m totally impressed you made that hat. And why is it that when we have lots of lazy time at home, we do so little in the form of hygiene and cleanliness. Or is that just us?

  14. And she wore it well.

    Nice job!

  15. I think it has a rasta vibe. Also, I read somewhere that this is the hot color on the horizon!

  16. I LOVE THE HAT!!!

    I just got new glasses and I like yours better. Darn.

  17. Why is raspberry spelled that way? I’ve always wondered. Guess I should google it.

    I would like for you to either A. Teach me to knit. or B. Knit me a hat like that.

  18. I don’t think that girl in the song had a very high set of morals…maybe you should just call it a wine colored beret and call it a day.

    I’m just sayin’

    I’m very impressed, however.


  19. Cute hat . . . looong weekend, eh?

    I’m just sayin’

  20. i saw this post this morning and have been singing that song while windexing, vacuuming, laundry-ing, etc…

    that hat is rockin’ and I I had one to wear when I run my 5K Saturday morning in the Feb. COLD!!

  21. Your hat is awesome. ‘Course you totally rock it with the needle-for-a-toothpick look. :}

    That song is stuck in my head now.

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