GladiTuesday: Snow Edition

1.  I’m glad it’s Snow Day 4 and we’re all still speaking to each other.

2.  I’m glad I’m a hoarder was prepared with plenty of food in the pantry.  Mr. CPQ was able to get out yesterday around noon and make it to the grocery store to pick up some eggs and bread.  We hadn’t anticipated being snowed in for more than a couple of days and we were running  a little low on the fresh stuff.

3.  I’m glad for technology that keeps me connected with friends and family even when I can’t get out of the house.

Can’t get to the library?  Download a book onto my iPhone Kindle app.  Don’t know how to knit a particular stitch and my yarn whisperer can’t meet me for coffee and show me how?  Hello, YouTube!

4.  I’m glad for outdoorsy neighbors who traipse by and offer to take Tommy and JJ sledding.  It’s a blessing because I need to stay inside to supervise Travis who cannot abide touching anything cold and wet.

This is the boy who freaks out at having ice cubes in his drink.  You can imagine how he feels about being exposed to a wintry wonderland.

5.  I’m glad General Hospital is getting good for the compelling documentaries I’ve been able to watch while being snowed in.

As always, I’m glad you stopped by today.

And said something funny.

And made me laugh.

Thanks, Gretchen, for hosting the Gladdies!

Have a nice day.

20 responses to “GladiTuesday: Snow Edition

  1. oh..wait…there’s an iphone kindle app?????????? you are the best!!! i can’t wait to check that out. Four snow days is a lot, even in Chicago that would be unheard of. Good luck! Snow cones??

  2. I’m still going strong with plenty of eggs and bread, which is awesome, since our long driveway is still coated with ice and snow. I like to hibernate until the last bit of it has melted. Didn’t know this about Travis, but I do remember how the hot concrete didn’t bother him one bit last summer.

    What did moms do without the internet?

  3. the “i’m glads” help us all remember there is totally something better than whatever we’ve been whining about all day. you know, great perspective shift! love it and i might have to copy and do the same thing-

  4. Do NOT go The Shining on me. Hang in there!!

  5. Still wearing the earrings?

    Of course you are. Silly question.

  6. wow, no pressure. say something funny. um.


  7. Lurve! We’re okay with snow and ice around here, but damp paper, wipes, or anything resembling a wet bit of woodpulp calls for the freak-out police.

  8. General Hospital…it’s been so long since I’ve seen Sonny. I had a secret crush on him many years ago…weird huh?

  9. I now understand why Santa Claus is so fat. It’s not from the cookies on Christmas Eve…it’s the constant snow at the North Pole! I’ve never craved brownies and cinnamon rolls like I have since the white stuff started falling on Friday.

    It’s my way of saving the planet…more blubber, lower heating cost. 😀

  10. If I was snowed in with three kids for 4 days, bread and milk would not be at the top of my honey-risk-your-life-and-go-to-the-store list.

    I think you get my drift (and I’m not talking snow drift)…wink…wink.


  11. Uh, how many feet of snow did you get?

  12. If you liked to say your only watching “knitting” on Youtube, then I will believe you.

  13. There’s snow place like home. Except school and work!!!!

  14. We don’t have a lick of a snowflake…enjoy for us! I’m so thankful to have my techno stuff snow day or not!!

  15. I must admit, I’m a little jealous of the snow and hunkering down. I could use some hunkering down right about now. I’m tired.

  16. You always make me smile! Oddly enough, I’m equally jealous that you have an Act of God that brought the world into slow motion and thankful that it isn’t snowy here in any way , shape, or form. Praying that you thaw out soon!

  17. I can’t even imagine what it’d be like to be snowed in! I’d go all Travis on you because I couldn’t even know what do do. None of my boots are even waterproof, and I think all my gloves are really just for show. I am certain I have no snow pants. Such a weather wimp I am!

  18. You are an encouragement to me. Thanks for your happy thoughts.

  19. Lydia Stevenson

    Hello from snowy Poland. Yes, it is snowing again here. We have about two feet compacted , but I won’t even make fun of ya’ll, because here we have to get out in the snow. People actually, well mostly know how to drive in the white stuff. What i appreciate about the winters here is that Spring truly feels like a gift from God. I have a tradition of going outside for the 1st sunny warm ( 60’s) day and just soaking it in. Hope you get out soon. PS love the hat you made, I totally must learn !!

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