I hurt my back yesterday.

For most people that might be a passing comment, something to insert in a conversation between “Nice weather we’re having ” and “I’d like a double foam latte.”

But not for me.

I have to have a strong back and strong arms to do the work God’s called me to do with Travis.  My sweet little one can’t stand without having someone or something to support him.  He can’t get in and out of the car by himself.  He relies on someone, and that someone is me.

It was my fault that I pulled a muscle.  I was putting his wheelchair into the car yesterday after lunch and I didn’t stop to think about how my hips and knees were positioned before I picked it up, and the second I swung it into the back of the Suburban, I knew I had done something injurious.  The discomfort got worse and worse throughout the day, and by the time I crawled in bed at 7:30 with a heating pad, I was nearly in tears.

A whispered prayer through the pain, “God, please heal me.”

I know that one day I won’t be strong enough to lift him.  I know one day that He will take the physical care of Travis away from me when I’m no longer able to do so.

But I want to do so.

I want to be the one that wraps loving arms around my child.  I want to be the one to support him, to hold him close and protect him from anyone who would seek to harm him. As exhausting as it is, I am his mother, and I want to care for him.

I woke up this morning to absolutely no pain. I lifted him with ease to put him in the car, and carried him without incident over an icy stretch of sidewalk to get into the school building.

All the while singing praises to the Great Healer for watching over me, for hearing me, and for healing me so I can fulfill the purpose to which I am called.

He’s got my back.

Have a nice day.


33 responses to “Grateful

  1. Oh that made me cry! God is good. Sometimes the things that are the hardest for us, like caring for Travis, are the things we are most grateful for. Just a sweet reminder. Thanks for sharing.

  2. God is so so so good.

    Praising Him with you, friend.

  3. I’m with Amber – God is good.
    What a touching post – hugs to you today.

  4. What an absolutely BEAUTIFUL post. I just love you and your precious mother’s heart. I am overwhelmed.

    Praise God for healing you. Isn’t He so good? I’m rejoicing with you today and I feel so inspired as I begin my day of taking care of my family. Thank you for putting everything in such perspective for me today.

  5. This is so beautiful!!! What a sweet glimpse into the heart of a Mom! Thanks!

  6. Thank you, Lord!!

    Glad He equips us when He calls us!

  7. i needed a reminder that God is faithful to fill us for what he has called us to. thanks-


  8. Wow. Again, sniffle sniffle. God is good.

  9. I needed to hear this today — thank you for sharing this part of your life with us.

  10. I’m always amazed at the little things that God cares about. I sort of imagine Him sitting up in heaven and looking at me, shaking his head saying, “Are you kidding? Of course I am taking care of you…ye of little faith.”

  11. Thank you God for healing. Please watch over my dear friend and give her Your strength. Thank you for keeping it real again . Love you muchly.

  12. That’s beautiful! What a great way to start the morning in praise of God’s healing hand and the joy that caring for your precious child is to you.

    Just beautiful!

  13. You are beautiful dear friend. Your momma-heart touches mine.
    Praising God for his mercies…. they are New Every Morning! =)

  14. Got your back INDEED!

    Praises, friend. He is faithful to immeasurably more…

  15. What a blessing to you (and each of us!) that God’s got our backs! Thankful for your healing-and for your grace in reminding us that prayers are answered.

  16. You make me want to smack myself when I whine about my kids getting on my nerves or how hard it is to be a mom. You lovingly serve your son every day, even if it hurt you. God has blessed you with an amazing heart for your boys.

  17. You are such an encouragement. I also was ‘healed’ (and I am not one of those going to the services with snakes and all)…I got a kidney stone with a 1 month old. Dr. here said, “6 days or 6 weeks, who knows? You’ll just have to wait it out.” I have 5 kids, no grandparents here, a hubby that works his tail off. And you know what, I woke the next morning and it was gone.

  18. This gave me goosebumps and may have even made me tear up a little 🙂 You’re such an amazing mom, and we serve an amazing God! Amen.

  19. I understand your feelings completely! My 21 year old with CP will always be my responsibility but at 49, it is getting much harder to lift and carry him (although he weighs under 100 lbs). I will have to relinquish that task to someone else or equipment of some type but I know no one can handle him as lovingly as I do so it pains me to think of that future. I ask God to keep me healthy and strong for him as long as possible so I know exactly where you heart was at.

    I am happy that you were able to get up and move on, pain free!

  20. Awe-mazing! That’s what God is!!!

    So glad you are better and so glad you are wrapping those mama arms around that precious boy!

  21. Wow. Thank you for sharing your heart and glimpse of your life with such a special boy.

  22. Jehova Rapha – God Our Healer. Beautiful story!

  23. I can hardly stand how awesome our God is. So glad the pain is gone. He could’ve let you suffer a bit, and still you’d have praised Him. But more than the pain of your back, He listened to the pain of your heart. Wow.

  24. I love that….”He’s got my back.”

    So true. Praise God!

    Thanks for the reminder today.

  25. You are precious to me.

  26. Very sweet. Praise God from whom all blessings flow, Praise Him who hears our prayers below 🙂

  27. Amazing God we serve…

    And an amazing mama you are!

  28. Ok, once again you brought tears to my eyes. God is so good.
    Also, wanted to let you know that I thought about you today. I had a dentist appt. Your favorite! The whole time I sat in the chair, I thought about you with your headphones on. Gave me something to focus on besides all the sounds going on.

  29. Oh sweet friend, once again you have moved me to tears… of joy over your amazing attitude & your love for your child. I read this aloud to DH AFTER I composed myself enough to read aloud. You are such an inspiration & our God is SO amazing!

  30. Has it been a year??? Wow.

    I love you, CPQ.

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