Monday Musings

1.  I didn’t win any Mother of the Year Awards this weekend because I sent the boys to school on Saturday for a make-up snow day.  We made up for it with McDonald’s for lunch and two hours at a birthday party later that afternoon.  There’s nothing like french fries and cake icing to erase the painful memories of sitting in a classroom when only half your classmates show up.

2.  Mr. CPQ and I enjoyed a lovely Saturday morning date (see #1).  We dropped the boys off at carpool at 7:45 and went out for breakfast.  Before you get carried away about the cute cafe we went to, I’ll have to tell you that there were no cute cafes open at that time of morning and we ended up getting a biscuit at Hardees where we got carded because apparently you need to be over 75 to eat a biscuit at 8:00 on a Saturday morning.

We then threw caution to the wind and went on a grand adventure to the hardware store to buy wood pellets for the smoker/grill, followed by a trip to see Mr. Luther at the pig farm to buy some pork product for our Super Bowl supper, then window-shopped at the mall until it was time to pick the boys up from school.

We are so exciting.

3.  Dear Peyton, I’m sorry you lost your football game last night (and I’m not really sorry I ate that second piece of King Cake).

4.  Our favorite commenter, ImNotNed, is stranded in three feet of snow.  He ain’t going anywhere for a day or two.  Go over and say hello to him.  I’m sure he’s ready to talk to someone, anyone, Bueller, anyone, to keep from getting cabin fever.

5.  I’m “mother-in-law coming to visit” cleaning this week.  ‘Nuff said.

What are you doing today?

Have a nice day.

15 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Currently standing at end of our driveway. Still no plow has come. Me dig more now.

  2. RE: Number 3. You feel sorry for Peyton, as I’m sure we all do, but you were cheering for the Saints, right? Because you said you were cheering for the Saints. Don’t make me come up there.

  3. A Hardee’s biscuit and the hardware store just go together. Like the Hoveround and Seabond. ;>
    Seriously, sounds like the perfect date to me!

  4. Dates with husbands over biscuits, SuperBowl BBQ, ice cream…sounds like an awesome weekend to me.

  5. the dentist…I know you feel my pain.

  6. Surviving while Hubby is in America.

  7. Favorite commenter?

    It isn’t me?

    That hurts.

    But I’m not bitter.

  8. I’m only cleaning the downstairs because I’m “hosting a stupid food/bakeware/jewelry/or make-up kind of hen party” cleaning this week.

  9. Saturday make-up day = free babysitting!! Maybe not Mother of the Year, but Wife of the Year? They do have breakfasty food at Starbucks, too, you know.

  10. School on Saturday? I can’t even comprehend the mutiny that would ensue…

  11. I’m at work now, but I’ve started the we’re-having-a-birthday-party-this-weekend-and-Valentine’s-parties-are-just-around-the-corner house cleaning/shopping/baking/crying-in-despair list.

  12. Been there done that Saturday school thing, being from Iowa. Don’t worry too much they probably had more fun than a barrel of wood pellets in a smoker/grill. Those Saturday school half days are just a way of keepin’ it real…book keeping real that is.


  13. Just sat down for a break from cleaning long overdue! Probably a little more than my hand is ready for, but have to try it to see.
    I’m expecting you to be cooking up some wonderful recipe soon from your new cookbook (I was SO glad it went to you, even though it was a totally fair selection). I’m looking forward to selecting the winner tomorrow for this week’s give away! These are fun!!

  14. #5 cracked me up. I do that all the time. Except apparently when your house is on the market you’re supposed to like keep it clean or something . . . haha

    and i could have sworn i was your favorite commenter. lame.

  15. Wow. You’re a better woman than I.
    I’ve never met Mista Lutha. Heard plenty-o-him. Never met him.

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