Ranger Rick Good Samaritan Tip

Alternatively titled:  If you’re going to stop and offer assistance to someone in need, it might help if you knew what you were doing.


I took the boys to basketball practice last night out of the goodness of my heart and also maybe because it was drop-off practice and that gave me an hour at Starbucks to read quietly.  It was after 8:00 when we finally started making our way home and the boys were talking about how much fun it was to be out past their bedtime on a school night.

I was nearing our destination and had just completed a left turn when our forward progress was halted by a car stranded sideways in the middle of the road.  The doors were open and a woman was trying to turn the key to get power to her engine as cars started to stack up in either direction.  She had a slightly panicked look about her, and I knew she needed help, so I pulled the truck over to the side, put on my flashers and got out to walk over to see what I could do.

This is the point where my dad starts chuckling and my brothers start shaking their heads.  I’m a couple of fries short of a Happy Meal when it comes to vehicle maintenance and repair….

She had run out of gas and seemed to think it would be fine to leave the car in the middle of the road, but I was concerned because A) it was pitch black; B) the road was unlit; and C) her child was in the car.  I suggested that we might push the car backwards onto a side street for safety and she agreed and she started pushing on the hood.

And this is where I realized that there are rules to pushing dead vehicles and apparently those rules had never been covered in my Girl Manual.

As the car started rolling backwards, I quickly realized that at the time of its demise, the steering wheel in her car had been turned sharply to the left because her car started to turn in an arc and head straight for MY car parked on the side of the road.  I ran to the side, opened the door and reached in to try and turn the steering wheel, but HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO TURN A POWER STEERING WHEEL WHEN THERE’S NO POWER????

It’s slightly difficult.

As in next to impossible without superhuman forearms.

Meanwhile, the car started picking up steam.  I was running backwards (in non-running backwards shoes), trying to turn the wheel and keep up with the car and then I got whammed by the open door, lost my shoes and the feeling in the left shoulder, and then pretty much lost control of whatever was going to happen.  I honestly thought I was about to get run over.  At this point, the owner realized that the situation was pretty much getting away from me us and she ran over and was able to hop in the car and get some semblance of pressure applied to the non-existent brakes, and she managed to avoid my car, but she ended up backwards in a ditch.

We placed a call to her dad and she seemed to really want me to move along and not be so helpful any more, so I went on home and told Mr. CPQ about what had happened.  He was full of helpful advice AFTER THE FACT about what to do in a similar situation, and after listening to his complex set of instructions, I think “Look pretty and show a little leg so a guy will stop” is my take-away from the whole ordeal.

Have a nice day.

29 responses to “Ranger Rick Good Samaritan Tip

  1. Glad you’re typing this from home and not the hospital!!

    I’m giving you an A+ and bonus points for trying to help.

  2. You.poor.thing! Yes, A+, no…A ++, indeed.

    1. At least you stopped.
    2. Let them laugh. At least you got a blog post.

  3. Told so well, I can picture it. And it makes me laugh out loud. I’m glad you are okay . . . but it still makes me laugh out loud.
    Just sayin’ 🙂

  4. Glad you’re okay! If it’s any consolation the only help I would have known to offer would have been dialing AAA.

  5. girl.

    the things we do for a good blog post. 😉

  6. HAHA I am glad you’re ok, it was making me nervous I thought you were about to get run over, or you car wrecked or something. But seriously, hilarious 🙂

  7. If you see a blue van with an AZ license plate stopped on the side of the road, don’t stop 🙂

    LOL – You’re a hoot!

  8. Showing a little leg always gets me what I want.
    Haha! Just kidding!

    You brighten my day, because if it’s going to happen to anyone it will happen to either you or my brother. Lucky me! :p

  9. Oh I am die-ing of laughter here, except the part where you almost died!

  10. Is it wrong that I’m laughing?

    I know a good chiropractor….

    So, what DO you do? Just call AAA?

  11. my first reaction was to laugh out loud, you’re so funny. second was to be thankful all were safe from a runaway car. 🙂

  12. at least you can laugh at it. . . and hopefully she can too. 🙂

  13. This made me laugh so hard I spit my Diet Dr. Pepper on the computer screen. No, really I did.

  14. What I want to know is at anytime during that ordeal did it cross your mind that you would get an awesome blog post because out of it??

    That is the real question…


  15. Somewhere in cyberspace, the stranded woman is blogging her account of how she tried to look pretty and show a little leg, but this crazy woman showed up to help her. ;>)

  16. I would have had to call AAA after I stopped wringing my hands in the most helpless fashion.

    I love your posts and have awarded you a Sunshine Award. See my blog http://thegiesbrechts.blogspot.com/2010/02/sunshine-all-around.html


  17. LOL – really loud.

  18. The whole time I’m reading, I’m seeing your boy’s faces pressed to the windows alternately laughing and telling you how it should be done.

  19. At least you stopped. How many others didn’t stop to help?

  20. Oh my.

    I’m so sorry that you almost got run over by the lady’s car that you stopped to help…I’m even more sorry that I laughed really hard.

    You’re a hoot.

  21. *mustering up a very serious face*
    Being a good samaritan is a good thing, no matter your skill set.
    laughing at said good deed is not such a good thing. wish I could stop.

  22. Thanks for the good laugh! 🙂

    P.S. I’ll send that recipe real soon ~~ as soon as I remember to bring it upstairs cuz I’m a little bit lazy and the thought of going down the stairs and back up exhausts me. ha ha

  23. I would probably lock myself in my car and call for help and would not, under any circumstances, open my door to let some crazy, loose, homicidal maniac offer to help me!!!! Because only those kind of people would offer to help! Think I have issues???

  24. Only thing that would have made it better would have been if one of the boys had grabbed your phone and videoed the whole thing.

  25. Oh my gosh, I’m sorry I laughed at this but the picture of you trotting backwards and heading for a collision with your very own car and trying to get the non-power steering to work, and then getting the lecture from the hubs, is just plain funny. I’m so glad it all turned out well and hope the lady is now out of the ditch. And that you won’t stop to help again 😉

  26. I always get excited when I see anything about Ranger Rick in your post title. You did not disappoint today!

  27. P.S. I’m really glad your are OK. You could have been killed!! Or at least broken your leg.

  28. oh. my. word. my daughter keeps asking, ‘what?’ ‘why mom, are you laughing…’

    and that is because I couldn’t stop laughing as I read your account. sorry. but it was hilarious to me. why is it that sometimes when people tell of their demise, it is the most funny? I always feel bad laughing though.

    I think the funniest part is that she was all to happy for her ‘good samaritan’ to go. ahahahah!

    okay, anyway, I did the 10 on the 10th which is what sent me your way. I’m so glad because that laugh was good.



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