Your Daily Dose of Randomness: 10 on the 10th

1.  I told myself I wouldn’t blog today until my kitchen floor was mopped.  You can see how long that took me….

2.  I have yet to find a good recipe for meatloaf.

3.  Today was my brother Jonathan’s 41rst birthday.  I love him more than cake.

4.  Today was also picture day at school.  We were not prepared.

5.  I watched an old episode of Family Ties tonight, and I still love me some Alex P. Keaton.

6.  We were talking about sweethearts at supper and I told the boys about my first love.  His name was Tim, and we were 3rd graders, and I loved him enough to give him all of my after school snacks.

7.  The Prednisone I’m taking makes me want to snack all the time. It also makes me want to not share those snacks with anyone.

8.  I need to buy a swimsuit this week.  #7 is really working at cross purposes with this agenda item.

9.  Mr. CPQ and I had a thirty minute conversation this evening over Mary Ann vs. Ginger.  This discussion may or may not have involved Wikipedia and much more emotional energy than I had anticipated.

10.  Since the kitchen thing worked so well for me, I’ve decided that I’m not blogging another post until my bathroom is cleaned.  Hopefully you’ll see me before next Tuesday.

Have a nice day.

Thanks, Meredith, for hosting!


25 responses to “Your Daily Dose of Randomness: 10 on the 10th

  1. Oooh, oooh, I have a great recipe for meatloaf. It’s from an old Total Woman cookbook. Are you old enough to remember the Total Woman? Anyway, great recipe . . . you add your stuff to the meat, smush it flat, sprinkle on handfuls of grated Cheddar cheese, roll ‘er up and bake, covered with more Cheddar cheese and tomato goodness (can’t remember if it’s sauce or paste). Let me know if you want a more detailed recipe — it’s the only meat loaf I’ll eat. I loooove it 😉

  2. Has Mr. BBQK (BBQ King) not thrown one on the grill for you yet??

    The only meatloaf I’ve ever eaten that I actually liked are the ones my dad has cooked on the Traeger. Does Mr. BBQK have a Traeger?? It’s the only way I’ll eat salmon too.

    (I had a locker poster in jr. high of Michael J. Fox.)

  3. Enlighten us on the Mary Ann v. Ginger convo.

    I worked all day at the elementary school doing school pics. A free package of pics is NOT enough reward for all the hair combing, face wiping, and kid-herding that I did. Wowza. Wiped me out.

    Swimsuits? Can’t even think about that. I’d NOT ready.

  4. I call my brother-in-law, Alex P. Keaton b/c he’s a budget guru, fox news watcher, etc…

    I should’ve done a “10” post on how many topics I tried to write a “10” post on…I ended up not doing it at all!

    Glad you forced yourself to get that floor mopped…hopefully the bathroom will clean itself so you can hang out here with us!!

  5. I heart alex p. keaton too…. *swoon*

    hear you about the prednisone, sistah… POW!

  6. Fun.

    I hope Anna Grace loves her brothers like that one day.

  7. Alex P. Keaton. Yum.

    And I vote for Mary Ann. Definitely Mary Ann. The husband says Ginger.

    Please tell me that you and I can still be friends.

  8. Oh I loathe bathing suit shopping…good luck!

  9. I’m impressed you had a 30 minute conversation–not matter what it was about!! I only get those kind of conversations if we’re out of the house or on a long ride!

  10. I totally adore Alex P. Keaton! My favorite episode is when he goes for his college interview at Princeton, and Mallory’s broken up with her boyfriend…so he bombs the interview to take care of her. Sweet!

    If you can’t talk yourself into mopping the floors, get a steam vac. It’s so easy. I love mine!

  11. Your randomness never fails to entertain.
    I had a boyfriend Tim in the 5th grade. He put a tack in my chair. It was true love.
    I want to try setting blogging/housekeeping goals for myself. That might really help.

  12. I’ve reconnected with some friends from elementary school on facebook and recently saw my class picture from grade4. I’m wearing my girl scout uniform. Somebody’s mother forgot it was picture day. Somehow this makes me love my mother more.

    Who won? Ginger or MaryAnn?

  13. oohh! i have a great meatloaf recipe- it’s mini meatloaves with cheddar. :0 meat and cheese? with ketchup and brown sugar on top?? could it get any better?

    anyway, email me if you want it. if not, no prob and good luck with that bathroom. 🙂

  14. Well I guess we’ve been together for a million years. And I guess we’ll be together for a million more…

    I sing the Family Ties theme song all of the time!! Sometimes only in my head though…

  15. Sorry to say CPQ there is no such thing as a “good recipe” for meatloaf.

    Someone must be slipping me some prednisone into my non fat milk because non stop snacking has become my middle name…it isn’t pretty. But I would give them all to Alex P. Keaton in a heartbeat.


  16. I was going to offer you the meatloaf recipe that I stole from my neighbor (old classic) (the recipe, not the neighbor), but Lynn’s sounds sooooo delicious!!! YUM!

  17. You’re supposed to prepare for picture day at school? The photo arranger people have hairbrushes and everything. I know this from experience . . .

  18. The meatloaf on the Lipton Onion Soup Box (dry mix) is the one I love. You may have already tried that option. Love the randomness. If you need to debloat from Prednisone I have a weird, nasty drink mixture that may help. Hate that stuff, sorry you have to take it.

  19. I really hope I’m still invited to see you since I’m not a supportive recipe giving friend. The thing is…I’m just not a great cook. But I AM good at eating.

    Bummer about the pred. Been there and done that.

    s.q.u.e.a.l. Just sayin.

  20. best.meatloaf.ever.

    Tasty Meatloaf
    2 slices day old bread
    1 cup milk
    1 1/2 lb. ground beef
    1/4 cup chopped onion
    1/4 cup chopped celery
    2 eggs well beaten
    1 tsp. salt
    1/4 cup brown sugar
    1 1/2 tsp. dry mustard
    1/3 cup ketchup

    Combine crumbled bread and milk in small bowl. Allow to soak for 5 min.
    Combine beef, onion, celery, eggs, salt, and bread mixture (pour off excess milk before adding). Mix. Put meat into loaf pan.
    Combine remaining ingredients and pour over meatloaf. Bake at 350 for 1 1/2 hours. (I double the sauce recipe) Bake over a cookie sheet in case it bubbles over.

    Joel likes this a lot. Before we were married he didn’t know meatloaf could be moist. Now he does!

  21. Great List!! SO FUNNY!!!

  22. i loved alex and since most memories in my life revolve around a song, i can’t help but recall that completely romantic episode where Alex dances with Ellen…At This Moment by Billy Vera was playing…i just watched it again on youtube…i loved it!

  23. And now I want to see Family Ties.

    And hear more about the Ginger v Mary Ann discussion.

  24. I never liked meatloaf, but my husband does, so I had to find a really good recipe to make us both happy. I settled on Alton Brown’s version. Here’s a link:

    It’s really good as written, but I usually skip the sauce he makes and use store-bought BBQ sauce instead (SO much easier!). Also, I sometimes skip the spices (except for salt and pepper) and use stuffing mix instead of the croutons. YUM!!

    On a completely different note, I have never seen an entire episode of Gilligan’s Island, but I did play MaryAnn in a week long play while a camp counselor in college. It was fun! Wish I had pictures.

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