Monday Musings

In which I use yet another list because I can’t string a cohesive thread through everything I want to talk about today….


1.  Friday night I went to a Soup-er Bowl Party with a bunch of girlfriends from my Sunday School class and, OH WHAT FUN to sit around the appetizer table and not have to fight the men for a share of the Buffalo Chicken Ranch dip.  We laughed, we cackled, we talked recipes and chick flicks, and, most of all, enjoyed being together.  I feel so blessed to have such amazing women in my life.

2.  Speaking of fun, on Saturday I went to my friend Cheryl’s house and raided her closet for some island-y clothes to wear to Jamaica.  I just happened to be there while she was doing a little cooking ahead for a party she’s throwing in a few weeks and in addition to scoring a cute dress with matching earrings, I scored a Tupperware container full of sauce and meatballs that went straight from her stovetop to my dining room table.

Thats-a lot-a meatballs….

3.  I’m supposed to be bringing tiramisu for 50 to Cheryl’s shindig.  I made two different recipes over the weekend and neither of them turned out the way I wanted them to, so it’s back to the drawing board to figure out what went wrong.

Fortunately, tiramisu is Mr. CPQ’s favorite dessert, so I have a willing taste-tester.

Unfortunately, tiramisu is Mr. CPQ’s favorite dessert, so I have a highly opinionated critic.

4.  Speaking of Mr. CPQ, he stood over the washing machine all day yesterday and helped me get caught up on the laundry.  I don’t know when I’ve ever loved him more.

5.  Speaking of love, I have a beautiful Valentine garland on my fireplace mantle.

My friend Heather made it and had a giveaway on her blog for it last week and I didn’t announce it on my blog or even tell Whimzie about it (and I tell her everything) because I was selfish, selfish, selfish, and WANTED THAT GARLAND ALL TO MYSELF.

Sadly, I did not win.

Shamefully, I went back to Heather’s blog and left a snarky comment congratulatory message for my friend Gretchen, who did win.

Scandalously, I went to Heather’s Facebook page and left another little message saying that if for any reason Gretchen could not fulfill her duties as winner in the giveaway, I would be more than happy to step up and claim the prize, for I am giving that way.

Surprisingly, Heather found me at church on Sunday and GAVE ME A GARLAND ANYWAY.

Secretly, I am squealing every single time I walk through the room and see it.

Have a nice day.


14 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. LOVE that garland. *Green* with envy and a little mad at you for not sharing the linky love.

    Not really. Who could be mad at you? 😉

    John helped me with laundry this weekend too. Sexy, isn’t it?

  2. nothing makes me happier than husbands who do laundry and friends who share clothes and food. *sigh*

  3. I love me some good snarky. Especially if it is for the love of all things good and garlandy.

  4. I MISSED IT?!?!?! You knew I was offline and you didn’t tell me?!?! You didn’t win because Jesus don’t like ugly. Apparently Heather doesn’t mind it so much.

    By the way, I have three packages of Bayou Magic that I bought for you. They’re sitting on a chair waiting to be mailed to you. I think they can just wait a little bit longer.

  5. P.S. I may or may not have a tiramisu recipe.

    I may or may not give it to you.

  6. Even with the “subtle” hints and snarky remarks, I still didn’t give up my prize. Still love me?

    Check with Giada. Surely she and her bosom have a tiramisu recipe.

  7. I”m so bummed that I missed out on the fun Friday night.

    That Heather, she’s such a nice girl!! 🙂

  8. I love the garland. . . I have an Tiramisu recipe that will make both of y’all (whimzie) JEALOUS!!!!!!

  9. first of all, Buffalo Chicken Ranch dip? yum. I need some immediately.

    And you crack me up about the giveaway – I might or might not do that every time. I always weigh my one extra entry for blogging/twittering and the # of people who might enter if I do. I’m very popular you know, so my sharing the giveaway could definitely make the # of entries go WAY up. Or not, whichever.

  10. Blog contest karma, my friend, blog contest karma. It has a way of sneaking up on you…


  11. Hope you find the perfect recipe by 3/12… cause I get to eat some of it!!!
    Friday night was SO much fun!

  12. I wish I were close enough to offer my opinion : ) I do have a very good recipe from an Italian friend…if you want me to email it to you I can.

  13. What a cute, cute garland. Now I have to go click on your friend Heather’s blog and find out how she made it.

  14. Pulls herself up grandly, with nose in the air, “I got to see the garland and the washer and dryer and the stove top IN PERSON!”

    Oh, yes I did.

    And 3 wonderful boys.

    And a house full of new bloggy friends.

    And ORZO.

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