All aboard the crazy train




This week has been a ZOOOOOOOOOO.

I would tell you all about it, but I am leaving on a jet plane in about six hours and I haven’t packed, cleaned bathrooms, or selected my reading material for the plane (oh, and theoretically, I’m supposed to sleep somewhere in between now and then as well).

Some highlights:

1.  Gretchen came to visit this week and we’ve had so much fun cackling and catching up on everything that has been going on since we last saw each other in Washington last summer.  The highlight of the trip was introducing her to some other bloggy (and real life) friends at an ever-so-fun lunch Wednesday.  You can read all about it and see a cute pic at New Every Morning’s  blog.

2.  I had a belated birthday celebration this week with my friend Cheryl.  She gifted me with an evening cooking class at Southern Season, a foodie’s dream store.  The theme was Northern Italy, and the food did not disappoint.  I walked away with several new recipes, one of which was a chocolate hazelnut pudding that was TO DIE FOR and is now the new recipe I’m going to use for the upcoming party (instead of the problematic tiramisu).

3.  I found a swimsuit.  I will spare you the modeling of said swimsuit, but let’s just say it looks okay, and thank you, TJ Maxx, for having soft lighting in your dressing rooms.

4.  Seeing as I’m not going to miraculously lose those last (or first, for that matter) 20 pounds, I have officially begun vacation eating.

5.  Even though I’m leaving tomorrow, my house is being lived in and well protected by my in-laws, children, and psycho cat. You have been warned.

Love y’all!

Have a nice day.

14 responses to “All aboard the crazy train

  1. Looking forward to hearing all about your HOT trip!!!

    You’re gonna have a blast. Just soak that sweet man of yours up..these times like this are few and far between!!

  2. Have a wonderful trip!

  3. This week has been fun. Its going to take me a couple days to recuperate, but it was worth it!

    Have a great time! Can’t wait to hear stories when you get back!

  4. Your crazy train sounds like a fun ride!

  5. I want to take a crazy train to a vacation, in a new swimsuit that I tried on in soft lighting!!!

    I am so jealous (have fun)


  6. Have a great time and BE SAFE! Looking forward to some great stories.

  7. Have fun on your trip and DON”T forget your camera! We want pictures.

  8. You are going to have the best time EVUH.

    Can’t wait to hear all about it! I’m sure you’ll have some great stories to tell!!! 🙂

  9. I hope right now you’re having so much fun you can barely stand yourself.

    Miss you!

  10. I like me some-o-that swimsuit, too. Thank you for a t-double-e-double-r-double-i-double-f-double-i-double-c-c-c time, my friend. This girl worked her raspberry beret from coast to coast, and enjoyed every moment of laughter and food and conversation and meeting of the children and husbands. I don’t think there could possibly have been more joy squeezed out of each day. Heart you, girl.

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