I’m not jerkin’ you around….

When we first started talking about where The February Trip would be this year (it’s a work thing that makes the missed dinners and travel worth it), Mr. CPQ told me that Jamaica was one of the available options.  I’m pretty sure I wrinkled my nose and said something that may have sounded like “Anywhere but there, please”, which I know makes me sound like a spoiled princess, but it has nothing to do with my comfort and everything to do with tales from my brother’s honeymoon 25 years ago.

Mr. CPQ gently reminded me that things may have changed in 25 years, and besides, rumor had it a five-star resort with a butler and a pillow menu waited for me there.


Pillow menu?

Spoiled princess it is, mon.

We stayed at the Iberostar Rose Hall Grand and I can’t say enough about what a beautiful place it was.  The rooms were gorgeous (the only exception being the mocking set of bathroom scales just to the side of the whirlpool tub), the views spectacular (the picture above is from the balcony in our room – thanks, Barrington, for the upgrade), and the staff among the most courteous I’ve met anywhere in the world.

The food was great.  I was feeling adventuresome and tried some new things like curried goat (interesting), octopus salad (loved it- had seconds), fish and pineapple salad (hmmm), Jamaican beef patties (yes, please, and I bought some frozen at the warehouse club yesterday so I could have the islands with me), ackee and saltfish (which is a breakfast dish and quite possibly the first and last time I’ve had fish before 9 a.m.), and jerk chicken (come to mama).

I have deliberately avoided eating jerk chicken my entire adult life because I wanted my first taste of jerk to be authentic (Along those lines, I’ve not had a fish taco yet because I want to eat the first one in Southern California).  We chose Scotchie’s for our jerk lunch because A) the bus driver recommended it; B) the hotel staff recommended it; and C) its lack of roof, doors, and sanitation rating sealed its authenticity.

We ordered two of everything and it was delivered to our table wrapped in aluminum foil.

We basically threw caution to the wind and ripped it open and ate with our fingers, until we discovered that scotch bonnet sauce probably shouldn’t be anywhere near our fingers that might inadvertently rub an eye.

Yes, it was as hot as it looks.  Instantly addicting and delicious, too.

One of my two bottles of water because of the aforementioned (and as you can see, heartily eaten) hot sauce.

Festivals – think beignet without the powdered sugar.

Think I ate three of them.

And we were very happy.

(Me and my travel buddy for the last five years, Fran)

Have a nice day.

Tomorrow:  Seeing ghosts and trespassing onto property belonging to people who may or may not be famous.


22 responses to “I’m not jerkin’ you around….

  1. Oh! Awesome pictures! Makes me want to go to Jamaica. Stat!

    I’ll be up very early ready for the second installment!

    oh and P.S.: Funny title.

  2. Oh wow. That looks so fun and delicious. Wow. I’m so glad you had a great time!!!!

  3. Jack- will you take me there one day??? 🙂

  4. Looks awesome!! I absolutely love Jamaica! Glad you had a good time.

  5. oh.my. How I wish I was looking at sky blue ocean water while eating my body weight in Jerk chicken.

    I’m so glad your trip was better than last year…can’t wait to hear more stories!

  6. candace, can we go there with you??

    and I love that you haven’t had jerk chicken or fish tacos unless they are authentic. i’ve had the fish tacos, just south of the border under san diego. amazing. really. good.

  7. I wants to go there, mon.

    And eats that food, mon.

    Except, mon, for the, octopus, mon.
    Gross, mon.

  8. We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon and loved it! Now if only we had stopped there to eat some Jerk Chicken – it looks delicious. I want some right now. But since I’m nowhere near Jamaica, I will have to settle for one or five Samoas which were fortunately/unfortunately just delivered to my door) . . .

  9. Sounds like a pretty great trip, but octopus salad… I STILL remember the seafood spaghetti (with SQUID) I was served on a trip to Croatia. You are a much more adventursome eater than I am.

  10. I think anything that comes to the table wrapped in foil and eaten with your fingers is predestined to be delicious.

  11. Well if you are ever in the mood for fish tacos you have a buddy in So.Cal. to eat them with you. Just holla!!


  12. Um, yum?! I think?! 😉

    The sunshine and sand, though, definitely excites me!!

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  13. This is one of those times when living vicariously through you just isn’t good enough.

    Looks heavenly….the water, the food..I’m glad it was a good trip.

  14. So was all that suffering worth the plane ride? 🙂

    Looks more than divine. So happy for you.

  15. mmmmm. that looks good. Reminds me of the little shack in Belize where we had the best meal EVAH.

    sanitation rating? not required.

  16. reminds me of some places we ate in the interior of brasil. not quite so sketchy but def. got sick. but it was some of the best food ever!!

  17. We asked our taxi driver in Ocho Rios to take us somewhere for jerk chicken and it was so much like this! He ate there, too, while he waited for us.

    Lovely view! Long overdue for some blue sky, bluer water and sunshine here.

  18. I want an annual “February Trip.” I may or may not be pouting right now, watching the inches of snow accumulate outside my window.


    I had all these ‘you’re my food adventure role model’ comments ready and then you said so cal and I got all floopy at the thought of you being here.

    come! I will find the perfect taco in preparation.

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