The White Witch and the Man in Black

I thought that I would just sit on the beach with a fruity umbrella drink and my knitting a book in my hand, but I was with a sightseeing crew and they wanted to go see the famed Rose Hall,one of only 15 remaining “grand houses” from the sugar plantation days left on the island.  Rumor has it that Rose Hall is haunted by the ghost of the former owner, Annie Palmer AKA the White Witch, a 4’11” spitfire who allegedly murdered three of her husbands and countless other slave lovers.

I was a little nervous about going to a haunted house because CPQ does NOT do ghosts or ghost stories.

I blame it on sneaking a peek at my brother’s copy of The Amityville Horror.  Thirty-three years later, I still can’t stand to look out of a window at night for fear I’ll see the red eyes of whatever’s about to get me.  I never found out what those red eyes were.  After reading that sentence, I shut the book and ran screaming from the house.

Oh, and Mom, if you’re reading, it was Paul’s book.  Feel free to beat him about the ears next time you see him.

Since it was broad daylight and I was with a large group, I went with the whole “safety in numbers” thing, and off we traipsed to Rose Hall.


This is not an attempt at taking an artsy picture but more a documentation of an escape route should I have encountered a rogue spirit in the dungeon.

The Dining Room – less spooky in color than in black and white.  You KNOW I’ll always show food to its best advantage.

Annie’s bedroom where she, herself, was murdered by a vengeful slave.  The white spectre in the headboard shows up in a lot of pictures as proof that Annie’s still making her appearance, but guess what?  It was just the sun.  I moved two feet over and took the next picture, and voila, she was gone.

At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.

Not too far from Annie’s house is another estate which shall remain nameless but belongs to a famous singer whose name rhymes with Shohnny Mash. You know Shohnny…he WALKED THE LINE…and went to JACKSON….and might have occasionally had the PRISON BLUES while he was DRESSED IN BLACK? And who also sung a song about Annie Palmer?

This is the part of the post where CPQ remains intentionally vague so as not to implicate herself or a member of her family in a series of events which may or may not have happened and over which s/he had absolutely no control.  This is also the part of the post where any incriminating pictures are deliberately left out because they may or may not exist.

A certain love of CPQ’s life decided to go golfing with some of his friends at a nearby course, and while their caddie was driving them around, he pointed out that Mr. Mash’s estate was just around the bend.  Being afficionados, the gentlemen in question expressed a desire to see the house and so off they went to the front gates where the security guard politely allowed them to take a picture in front of the gates and also politely let them know that there was no admission to said estate.

These gentlemen took the aforementioned picture and hopped back in the cart and then started driving up into the tangle of vegetation, presumably to find the next hole, though since I know these golfers, it was more likely that they were trying to find an errant ball.  Suddenly, the cart took a hard left and before the guys had a chance to ask where they were, they drove through a clearing and arrived IN THE BACK YARD of Shohnny’s house.


Being former fraternity boys, all of them, they may or may not have taken a multitude of pictures pretending to swim in the pool, eat at the patio table, and generally act like music legends.

Being a former government employee, I can neither confirm nor deny that this all occurred.

And it’s not breaking and entering if there wasn’t a fence or a sign, right?

Have a nice day.


20 responses to “The White Witch and the Man in Black

  1. What do you expect. You left the man without a chaperone.

    And I now know what to get you next Christmas:

  2. What fun memories!!!!! I loved both of these stories. Glad y’all had an awesome trip!!!

  3. Well I’m glad to know our husbands would be friends too : )

  4. Because I’m a great follower of rules and HATE to be in trouble, I found the second story much scarier than the first. Forget the white witch, I have experience dealing with Walmart employees, what if they’d been caught??!?!

  5. haha I love that they snuck (sneaked?) onto Mr. Mash’s property — and I am a little scared of anything haunted too – although my hubby is really the scaredy cat among us. He says “I hate this movie” to anything remotely scary . . . haha

  6. Try to find an adventure in your next vacay, okay. 🙂

    There will never be another Mr. Mash.

  7. Ooohh….this is so super exciting. My pulse rose just thinking about it. But I was the one in high school who got her jollys with the BFF by driving around old country roads and scaring ourselves silly. Live dangerously anyone? Sheesh….so lame.

    Oooh….and NotNed…just mean. I’d blame the Mr. Mash thing on him if the Feds come poking around.

  8. I’ve got one of those ‘middle aged Frat boys’ here too. This story should last them a good 5 years. And if he’s anything like mine – it’ll get bigger and better each time he tells it. haha
    Just sayin’

  9. Breaking and Entering would require a structure of some sort. Rest assured you are only married to trespasser not a felon. That is of course if any of this really happened 😉

  10. What fun! I am continually impressed with your acquaintance with both adventures and felons.

  11. that’s hilarious! i’m like you about ghosts though. . . it’s not totally my scene. when we were on our honeymoon (like eons ago) we went to Key West and there was a similar rumor about Hemingway’s house. the mister wanted to go. and being a good new wife, i obliged. oh well, about the same experience all around. minus the whole trespassing thing that may or may not have happened. 🙂 ha!

  12. That is TOOO FUNNY!!! I would have totally been with them with my big ole supuh-star sunglasses. Riot.

  13. Had to look up spectre in the dictionary to figure out what you were talking about.

    Mostly because it is obvious that Annie was out with Shohnny. Probably waiting in those bushes in front Rose Hall….waiting for the cover of dark, to use their Animotion Blinking Eyes.

    Ah, life in Jamaica….

  14. I know that it TOTALLY not funny but “three husbands and numerous slave lovers” just made me laugh…geez you’d think someone would have put two and two together.

    You are a brave woman, cause you know that it starts out as safety in numbers but ends up one poor woman standing there wondering where everyone went…I’m just sayin’


  15. Your posts are like reading a novel. I really get my imagination going in houses like you visited. Sounds like so much fun!

  16. oooo..spookiness and criminal behavior…who needs television??

    As always, I’d rather be reading your posts than doing whatever I was supposed to be doing before I sat down to read your post. (oh yeah, I was about to eat my brownie…now that’s saying something about your awesomeness…I forgot about MY BROWNIE!

    I won’t tell anyone about the criminal behavior if you’ll let me be the person that hands you the stack of books to autograph at your book signing. : )

  17. was totally on the edge of my seat through both stories.

    I don’t like to be in trouble either… I’m with Whimzie.

    well told, lady… well told!

  18. Ditto Whimzie on rule following and rule-breaking being more scary than Annie killing men . . . just to watch them die.

  19. Lovin’ these posts!

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