And we danced

Growing up a preacher’s daughter/missionary kid, I never danced a lot.  I love my daddy to PIECES, but dancing’s just not his cup of tea and he wasn’t too keen about his daughter shaking her groove thang on the dance floor period much less with those alien creatures called “boys”.  I saved my dancing for college when I went to “foot functions” (as we called them at my Baptist college) and stayed out on that dance floor all night looking a little like Gumby on crack.

I still don’t know HOW to dance but it doesn’t keep me from trying.

Mr. CPQ enjoys cutting a rug or two and has been known to spontaneously turn the kitchen into a dance hall given the right music and a wife who isn’t cranky about who didn’t eat their supper.  The first time we danced together was early in our dating career in his apartment living room.  Brooks and Dunn were crooning “Neon Moon” and my dance partner was smooth as silk while I tried to keep up and not step on his size 14 feet.  After our little turn about the coffee table, he realized he had a hot mess on his hands suggested we take country dancing lessons together and that sounded like more dates for me a great idea so for a while, we met weekly at the honky-tonk tucked away inside a shopping center Holiday Inn to get a few pointers from the pros and practice our my newly acquired skills.

Flash forward fourteen years and this past weekend we were executing twirls and pass-throughs on that Jamaican dance floor like we’ve danced together all our lives.

And we have.

Through laughter, through sorrow, with tears, and with delight.

In living rooms, roadside hotels, and on pristine beaches.

In step.

With only the occasional stepping on of toes.

Have a nice day.

28 responses to “And we danced

  1. Awwww – so sweet!

  2. So cute!

    I love how you have a snack in the picture! 🙂

    • Haaaaa!!! Good catch, O Mom. Yes, we were taking our last bites of authentic Jamaican beef patties at the gate in Montego Bay.

      This was right before we said, “Lettuce and water start tomorrow.”

  3. Oh, that’s lovely. Dance on!

  4. Where’s the Weep-O-Meter.

    You were supposed to give a warning.

  5. That’s so sweet.

    Love the “foot functions” Is that Southern lingo or just Baptist? 🙂

  6. Dance on sister! And, Baptist or not, TEACH YOUR BOYS TO DANCE!

  7. Girl, be so thankful you have a man that will cut a rug with you in public!!! I’m one who loves to shake my groove thing too. . . but when in public, my man leaves me doing it solo. I’ve decided I want to be a professional wedding crasher just so I can get some dancin’ in. Continue to have a blast on your vacation!!!

  8. That is pretty sweet…. 🙂

  9. So beautiful!

    I just got caught up on all the Jamaica posts….I was laughing out loud.

    Looks like fun was had by all. And your trip back sounds so familiar! I thought I smelled smoke once but it was actually just some fumes from the exhaust from take-off. Once I thought a guy who stayed too long in the bathroom was a terrorist and I positioned myself outside the door so I could attack him when he came out. Then about 10 min. later I realized that he had already returned to his seat and was minding his own business. And sometime I will tell you about the flight from Nairobi when I flew with about 30 young men from Pakistan who scared me to death!!!!!!

    So glad you are home safe and sound.

  10. I agree… you need a Weep-O-Meter to give us fair warning!

  11. Oh, I love this.

    And he’s lucky to have YOU. I’m sure the reminders come daily through the funny, real, deep, and self-giving ways you love him. 😉

  12. You two are so fun! It seems weddings are our only occasions for dancing….will have to try clearing the dining room. Maybe my guy will wear his old navy whites, too – for nostalgia.

  13. At least it was just dance lessons and not skydiving or flying lessons!! Mr. CPQ might look a little different…ha ha.


  14. We like to cut a rug in our kitchen. Out on an actual dance floor? Not. Gonna. Happen.

  15. Love it! Jim and I took swing lessons with several couple friends and we had so much fun! I think we laughed as much as we danced! 😀

  16. so sweet! I love this a jillion.

  17. I love me some dancing. And my Southern Baptist daddy cringes a little everytime he hears I’ve been…even though the alien I’m dancing with is the husband that he allowed to marry me.

    Precious post.

  18. oh how sweetalicious, you and Mr. Handsome CPQ.

    I’m tellin’ there’s nothin’ like a great man to hold you and twirl you around…

    y’all are too precious

  19. GIRL, I love love LOVE to dance. Of course, my good little (former) Southern Baptist self is a much better dancer after I’ve had a glass of wine too. 😉

  20. Awwwwww….i’m married to a non-dancer…sad face…I try to tell my boys that girls just love a guy who can dance…and it’s true. Good for you!!! I’m glad you danced!
    I did persuade my husband to take ballroom dancing lessons last year but that was short-lived…sad face again.

  21. my husband and i took ballroom dancing lessons when we were engaged and it was phenonemal! i loved it- and love hearing about your dancing fun!

  22. Since we’ve been dancing together since we were teens, we love to dance at wedding receptions & often spontaneously start dancing in the kitchen. The 1st time we did that w/the grandkids here, they were shocked, but now their parents do a private jig in the kitchen too so it’s “normal.” What fun!

  23. Lurve this post: slightly sweet & crispy on the outside & warm & melty in the middle. Great pic!

  24. This one belongs in a magazine.

  25. Meaning, this is so good it needs to be published.

  26. I love this! Those “functions” were fun, weren’t they? Thought of them a couple of weeks ago when I actually went skating at the Caddo Valley Skating rink. Casey and I cut a rug in the house fairly often. We don’t make it to dance floors much…maybe that needs to be a date night soon.

    And may I say there are few better songs to start with than “Neon Moon”. Still one of my fave two-steppin songs!

  27. Gretchen described it perfectly. So, so sweet. But I think I actually snorted visualizing Gumby on crack.

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