Ranger Rick Date Night Tip

Alternatively titled:  Remember who paid for your movie ticket.


Mr. CPQ and I went out on a date Saturday night to the movies.  It’s rare that we go to the movies on date night because our local theaters have some weird thing going where the show times are exactly when we want to eat dinner and some of us don’t like eating dinner too early (him) and some of us don’t like eating dinner too late (me because then we’re up all night regretting having ingested onion rings so close to bedtime.  Hello, middle age.)  There’s also that little matter of having to munch on popcorn and a coke when we go which only adds to the issues of when and what will we eat before or afterwards, and is your head swimming yet with how complicated it is to take me out for a simple evening together?

“But Sus,” you might say.  “Just skip the popcorn and the coke and you’ll be fine.”


You would think I could be disciplined enough not to eat the popcorn, but have you met me?

Yeah, neither has Discipline.

Anyway, Mr. CPQ solved the issue for me this weekend with a trip to a theater nearby that served dinner WHILE you watch the movie and it was all very fun except for the part where we got there a little late and had to sit close to the front, but even that wasn’t too bad because it was a  Clooney flick and, let’s just be frank, you can never be too close to George Clooney.


So there we were, me and my man, nurturing our marriage and spending time cozying up to each other and our plate of nachos, watching George get his heart ripped out by some callous woman who clearly did not appreciate what she had before her.  It was gripping drama, and I was so wrapped up in what happened that somehow I forgot that I had not come to see this movie with a girlfriend my manners because as George sat on the edge of his bed, teetering at the edge of the abyss of devastation, I may or may not have said aloud and with feeling within earshot of my husband, “I’ll take care of you, George.”

Clearly, the dinner affected my judgement.

Next time I’ll stick with popcorn.

Have a nice day.


18 responses to “Ranger Rick Date Night Tip

  1. Awww…did the voice in your head accidentally pop out thru your mouth? It’s okay. I hear he likes tirimisu. ;-). Btw, b/c I’ve been to NC, I think I might even know the theater! Don’t tell me any differently, please. I want to bask in the connection.

  2. I don’t think you lost your judgement, as much as you were showing your compassionate and merciful side.

    Was the food good at the theater? Or was it just “munchie” faire? Not that snacks can’t be “good”, but did it really feel like “dinner”?

    Inquiring minds want to know…

  3. I totally relate to the popcorn thing. It is a dilemma. I can’t watch a movie in a theatre without popcorn.

    So sometime I will maybe tell you about the time I met George Clooney. I am sensing you could appreciate the story : )

  4. Y’know I loveth the onions and yes, middle age prevents late night consumption!

    At any rate, I’m glad you had quite a combo date w/ dinner AND a movie. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go to one of those places!!

    Hmm. Need to see what’s near me…

  5. You can never be too close to George Clooney. Love it.

    I just wrote a similar, but not really, post. Your Saturdays are much more exciting!

  6. Ah, date nights. I remember those. Most people think I’m praying for my MIL’s full recovery from (minor-ish) back surgery because it’s the right thing to do, but really, I just need to GO OUT.

  7. I think your movie date night with George, I mean, your husband, sounds awesome! 😉

  8. OK your title threw me, was it:

    Ranger Rick date nite (comma) tip
    Ranger Rick (comma) date nite tip

    It makes a difference…I am pictureing the creepy creature from my childhood magazines sitting with my CPQ.


  9. I completely understand the conundrum of which you speak.

    Before the movie. After the movie. Onion rings. No onion rings. Popcorn. No popcorn.

    Wait. What am I saying??

    Always with the popcorn. Layered with butter, please, Mr. Teenager Man, Sir, layered with butter.

  10. haha you crack me up with your forgetting to filter what you say in front of your husband. I can’t relate, I would never do that. I say it about the guy on Criminal Minds (Morgan – you know the one? he’s like a mix of 50 different ethnicities i think and DANG but he is fine. . . )

    Before I met Adam, I would never have DREAMED of going to the movies without eating popcorn. Now we just sneak in candy. Which is second best to me, but at least he lets me have candy right? 🙂

  11. I’m with you ~ can not go to a movie without popcorn! Hunry or not. It’s just not right.
    Just sayin’

  12. Movie night with George (and nachos). Love it. Did Mr. CPQ love it?

  13. Joyce met George Clooney?? GET OUT! When she shares the story with you, can you tell the rest of us??

    Totally get the non-filter. My filter stops working when Michal Vartan shows up. Oh.my.goodness.

  14. Laughed all the way out loud, so hard in fact that I snorted…

    and accidentally quoted you out loud in my fit of laughter…

    which woke up my husband who mumbled,

    “Who’s George, and why are you taking care of him?”

    and promptly fell back asleep.


  15. I agree Joyce met George???

    I’m guessing your husband laughed a bit at that. hahaha

  16. LOL!!! Literally. Zach just yelled from the other room: “Mo-om! What are you laughing about?!”

    Too funny. And this is why I had to quit watching movies with Denzel Washington. And Will Smith. And — with the exception of LOST — the hunky Arab guy who plays Sayid. Apparently I have type … a type that looks NOTHING like my husband. Fortunately, he’s okay with that.

  17. I found the ending to that movie just tragic! It was so wrong and now I don’t like the actress…(I know she was acting but she did it a little too well.)

  18. I will fight you.

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