The Bachelor: A Recap Song

To the tune of “I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner” and with a Southern pronunciation of a certain word that appears on cans of sausage-shaped potted meat products.


Oh, he chose the scary blonde chick named Vi-eeener

Even though it’s really plain to see

That no sane person thought she was the “weiner”

And everybody really loved Tenley.

Have a nice day.

15 responses to “The Bachelor: A Recap Song


    I ADORE ADORE ADORE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  2. forgot to change my name in the previous comment! 🙂

  3. YES! Can I just say, “Uggggggggggggggggggg!” Thank you. I feel a little better now……. what….a….dope.

  4. Too funny! You are so creative! Hope you have a great day too! 🙂

  5. Ha-I wrote a few thoughts on The Bachelor on my blog today too. Not nearly as creative as your very catchy song.

    And may I just add that Jake-Dancing with the Stars? Ewwww.

  6. I NEVER watch network TV (except for Lost)…but Iwas unexpectedly drawn into this and had NO idea that it was so popular. Where have I been…or do lots of people (women) watch this show secretly…and …at the end…they just have to express their opinion???
    It amused me greatly as I found myself telling my 16 year old son to be quiet and to quit saying it was “scripted and fake”.
    “Can you not see that those are REAL tears?” was my reply. “How would you feel if i told you that pro-wrestling was fake?”
    I am very naive and believe lots of things…is it real or fake? I seriously don’t know!

  7. Laughing my head off.

    I quit watching the Bachelor about 7 episodes ago. Discovered there was really no need to view it because I get the play by play each Monday night on Twitter. 😉

    I do remember Vienna though. I would have NEVER thought she’d make it to the home visits much less the finale. Wow.



    But you’re a clever, clever girl. 😉

  9. So funny and so true. I didn’t even watch the show, but saw the last 5 minutes last night and have heard all about the season. What is he thinking?!?!?! It was at that point I realized how thankful I was that I didn’t get sucked in every monday night for the last 12 weeks!

  10. Your recap song is the only perfect thing that came of that train wreck last night.

    So mad he picked the sausage. WIll now be refering to him as SPAM.

  11. I didn’t watch, but my friend s made sure I knew what was going on! Loved your song!

  12. WOW…you are one talented chic!!

  13. Let’s subtitle this one “Why Whimzie’s Glad She Didn’t Get Sucked Into This ‘Reality’ Show.”

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