Odds Are

Yesterday, in the rush of getting ready to leave for school, the boys mumbled something about needing a note signed for Science class.  I was busy packing lunches and didn’t have time to stop and write separate notes for all of them so I asked them to write whatever it was that needed to be approved and I’d sign it.

The notes presented to me read, “Mom says it’s okay for us to get a frog, a millipede, or a crab.”

I asked what the story was and they said that they had been studying frogs, millipedes and crabs in Science class this quarter and now that they were done, the teachers were going to have a drawing and whoever won the drawing could pick one of the critters and bring them home.

The only catch was that your mom had to send the note in to be a part of the drawing.

I did the math, figuring with thirty kids per class, odds were pretty good that they wouldn’t get selected and they were so eager to be a part of the drawing that I scrawled my signature across their notes all the while preparing them for the fact that they might have to deal with disappointment.

You see where this is going.

What I had NOT anticipated is that other mothers would be savvier than I and would NOT send in a note, because lo and behold, there were only THREE children out of sixty that had permission to participate in the drawing.

Two of which were mine.

I am obviously new around here.

I arrived at carpool to be greeted by the newest four members of our family.

Alex and Frogger -We’re unsure of their gender, so we’ve gone neutral with the names.

Krazy Kyle and Loca Lucy – Still unsure of their gender, but those are the names Tommy chose and I’m not going to burst his enthusiastic bubble or get close enough to them to check

They are African dwarf frogs which means nothing to me, but apparently to the children means “We must go and buy them 10 gallon aquariums”, so off we traipsed to Petsmart in the pouring rain and thirty-four degree temperature to find the cheapest thing I could find suitable housing and food for our chargelings.  The boys even scrounged around and found a care sheet for the frogs and I had to laugh as I read through the instructions and found that floating at the top of the tank might indicate a possible sign of illness.

Good to know what to look for as I was certain they wouldn’t survive the ride home given the amount of love and affection they were receiving and also given our general track record of keeping aquarium-bound creatures alive.

So I’ve learned two things:

1) Other moms are smarter than I; and

2) I don’t need to be playing odds on anything.

Have a nice day.


28 responses to “Odds Are

  1. is the cat going to think you brought home new toys for him?? ohmyword! i can’t believe only one other mom said yes. i wouldn’t, but i would think there would be nicer moms out there than me–like you! are there frogsitters for when you go on vacation??

  2. That’s really funny. I probably would have done the exact same thing.

  3. So funny! (not for you really, though! sorry!)
    About a year ago when rebuilding our deck, my wonderful husband stuck his head inside and called to our 4 -year old son – ‘Come & see this!’ “This” happened to be a poor Southern Toad he had found while digging the new post holes. Said toad soon became our new “pet”….I use that term loosely, because anything that requires feeding of “LIVE CRICKETS” each week is not my idea of a pet. Anyway, we had the same adventure to PetCo, costing about $100 to house, amuse (oh yes, had to have some fake logs, etc for him to entertain himself with), and feed this creature. And then guess who got stuck with the job of buying live crickets each week??? Of course…..Mommy. Who has had a weird and slightly debilitating fear of insects like crickets most of her life. For almost a year this creature existed in our playroom, and I had the job of buying his “feed” each week and praying to the Lord above that during the ride home the jumpy, icky crickets would not somehow come loose from their “bag” and jump all over me in the car. Luckily this never happened, as otherwise it probably would have made national news for a grown woman totally wigging out in traffic/carpool and running around the car screaming. I digress……but finally, before our annual beach vacation last year he agreed the kind thing would be to let the animal be released back to his home (thank you God….prayer is answered I think when specific enough and prayed urgently enough!!!).
    Best of luck with your new roommates.

  4. Every blog needs a frog.

  5. This made me laugh and I REALLY needed that today! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. OH…

    Well, I kinda feel platernal here. See, waaay back when my son was in kindergarten, we were elected to “foster” the frogs over the summer. Then, word must’ve gotten around to the next school he attended, because we had to…got to foster another African Dwarf Frog for the summer after 1st grade. Yeah…I think we still have some of the aquarium pieces.

  7. You get a gold star.

  8. Well…being the mother of the other child who came home with with something from class yesterday …I am glad someone else was as surprised as I was. I did not send in a note, so there must be a piece of paper floating around somewhere in 4th grade boy’s writing stating I am must be more than happy to have a dear fiddler crab make our house his home. Needless to say the crab promptly went to his dad’s house to live Tuesday night when my said child was picked up for dinner. 🙂

  9. SUCKER!!! I never have and never will sign that science note. Seriously. One friend still has the crab (not to be confused with “crabs”) from 3rd grade. She’s in 5th now. Seriously.

  10. Could I just say SERIOUSLY one more time. I love to be annoying.

  11. Haha. I don’t mean to laugh but they had MY full undivided or doubled (as it is) attention at signed note for science.

    Ah the lessons we learn at our dismay but their joy. Love it.

    Just sayin’

  12. Wow! We had to go and BUY our frogs at the PET STORE. I think you are really on top of things to get them for FREE! 😉

  13. Don’t feel bad..I’m about to send off for my free praying mantis and free butterflies.

    And..I actually pay money every year for meal worms to feed my baby bluebirds. (I don’t feed them, the mom and dad do…I just help them along by placing a large dish of worms on the top of their house)

    You the best mom, EVER!

  14. “YOU” should be “You’re”…hate it when I do that.

  15. Oh. Oh my. Newbie mom mistake. ;D

  16. Yeah because odd of winning stuff you DON’T want are always pretty good. Just think those other moms have very sad kids…

  17. Um. No.
    And No. Again. No.

  18. Ooo… Good luck with that.

    Anna Grace, when she was three, started asking for a dog. We told her she had to be six years old to have a dog. It seemed reasonable at the time, but October’s birthday is coming up and she’s totally been holding us to it for three years.

    How am I supposed to take care of an animal when I can’t even keep plants alive?

    Anyway, like I said, good luck with the aquarium life. It seems like something that you have to have with three 10 year old boys. It just fits.

    Easy for me to say, huh?

    And ps- very funny post. You’re so witty, CPQ.

  19. um, aren’t you glad it was frogs and NOT millipedes?!! heck.fire. woman, count your blessings!

  20. hahaha seriously I agree with Tiffani that frogs were the best option of all of those! 🙂

  21. Yeah I would have been one of the Moms not sending my note in. Sorry you didn’t have more time and an extra cup of coffee to think this through better.
    At least the boys are happy!

  22. I’m thinking you should print out your own “wikipedia” info sheet that encourages you to release them into the wild after, say, 6 weeks.
    You could always compare them to our ducks 😉

  23. Too funny! The things we moms get ourselves into even when we’re really trying not to. What did Mr. CPQ say? My husband would have given me the look and then I’d be frustrated with the constant inner battle between wanting to be a good mom and wanting to be a good wife. Ugh!

  24. The good news is that they should be quiet pets.

  25. This was a bright spot in my day & had me laughing aloud.
    I never plan to go to Vegas, but if I would, I ‘d have to remind myself not to take you with me….
    If your little critters need any company, once it gets warm I can give you all the frogs you want!

  26. Something similar happened to us in January, but it involved a goldfish but no note. Every child got one no matter what. We now have a beautiful 10-gallon tank and other fish. The original goldfish kicked the bucket.

  27. You rock. Totally. I would be so grossed out at the mere thought of having a reptile in the house that I’d not sleep for weeks. Or until they were dead. Whichever came first.

  28. Hello, it’s Pollyanna here to say, on the other hand, maybe this will make T forget about his plan to get a rat.

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