No coffee = No catchy title

Typically I set Fridays aside for fun days.  I try to meet a friend for lunch or go window shopping or wander the craft store and perpetuate the pain of being an inadequate knitter by buying more yarn.  Today is a little bit different from others in that it will be my last Fun Friday alone until the end of the month because the boys will be tracked out of school for the next three weeks for their end of quarter break.

Don’t cry for me, Argentina, because this means I’ll get to sleep in every day and hang out with my kids, thus making EVERY day Fun Friday, except without the ladies who lunch and the wandering of the craft store because the boys do NOT do craft stores without significant bribing, and their choices for lunch aren’t really the types of places where a lot of quality bonding time happens with my girl peeps.

I’m not quite sure what we’ll be be doing this break but I have a few things I’m mulling over such as a kids’ cooking school experience and some day trips to nearby historical spots.

The boys have in mind Target, the Lego Store, and sleepovers.

As you can see, we have a little negotiating to do.

Just remember, children, to keep it friendly.

I don’t negotiate with terrorists.

Have a nice day.

15 responses to “No coffee = No catchy title

  1. I have been spending lots of time in the craft store because I have been scrapbooking. Hubs just phoned from out of town and I informed him my ‘creativity’ is going to remain on the kitchen table since he is basically only home for a one day weekend before going out of town again. I’ve discovered I can spend days in the craft store….I’d forgotten how much I love them.

    You can come eat truffles in my sunroom anytime : )

  2. “I don’t negotiate with terrorists, I eliminate them” (isn’t THAT what you meant to say Jason Bourne)?!

    (I hope this comment doesn’t garner either of us a phone call from the may delete it if it compromises our futures as the Mothers of our children) 😉

  3. You lost me at the title.

    How in the world can you even TYPE without coffee?

    You are amazing.

    I’m hoping our kiddos can spend a day or two together over your spring break.

  4. I’m with Kellie and ROFL at the “I don’t negotiate with terrorists” – you are my daily dose of humor for sure,girl.

  5. You are good. For me no coffee= no post.

    I am loving your posts this week!

    My daughter wants to learn to knit. Fortunately her 10 year-old friend is teaching her. I’m still trying to figure out the difference between knitting and crochet.

  6. You can always knit three more voodoo dolls and use them to force the boys to watch The Complete Jane Austen Collection.

    Two birds, one stone.

  7. I love imnotned! Hey- didn’t your kids just go back to school after being home for MONTHS?! And I assume from the schedule and high-end frogs you’re paying this school to send your kids home for weeks at a time. You are such a better mom than me!

  8. 4 me, coffee = mildly humorous and intelligent post with iffy titles; no coffee = an absolute mess! You have my admiration!

    Enjoy those Fridays! Either way, they sound good. And heavens no, you are not as old as my mother-in-law; although she was a teen mother, so she’s not that old either. I think knitting is an extremely young, hip thing to do. Unfortunately I’m right in that bubble between old and young and I’m of the generation that learned to knit in Girl Scouts and so it went the same direction as selling cookies and making macrame hangers for flower pots. I just don’t do those things anymore!

  9. “Target, Target, Target! Cha-cha-cha-cha-cha-cha!”

  10. Enjoy your break. Maybe we can get the kiddos together

  11. Did you realize that you mentioned two musical theater songs within one paragrah?? I am impressed, not as impressed as your impersonation of a cruise director in the upcoming weeks. Good luck with that…I have a feeling that Target and Legos might just win out. Not that I don’t have confidence in your negotiation skills.

  12. I think a “safer” rendition of my recent recipe to do w/the boys would be to use Crescent rolls, rolled out instead of phyllo (it is difficult to work with… & not being able to find a date ANYWHERE on that box, I used it even though I couldn’t even remember buying it… & after a taste of this glorious dessert, I tossed it in the trash because the dough was obviously OLD!) You could definitely use craisins instead of raisins, & had I thought of it, I would have done that. Hope your “cooking school” is fun!

  13. Not Ned stole my comment.


    Because while you don’t negotiate with terrorists, nothing says we can’t stick ’em in the faceless monkey. 🙂

    That last part sounds slightly bizarre and all kinds of weird…..but I’m leaving it in just to see what kinds of google hits you get as a result. You’re welcome.

  14. One of our local malls has a new store called Cookology. It’s set up with tables and has classes for the young and old and in between…looks like fun, and a mess that I wouldn’t have to clean up.

  15. I just think you’re the coolest mom ever. Those boys are lucky to have you 🙂

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