Confession is good for the soul

I went to the boys’ basketball game Saturday afternoon (where I may or may not have offered more sidelines coaching than a mother should) and settled onto the bleachers with a friend of mine whose son plays on another team.  I leaned over and said, “Don’t hug JJ after the game because you’re going to smell the soured uniform he’s wearing that I found in the washing machine fifteen minutes before we were supposed to walk out the door.”

She laughed out loud and said, “That makes me feel so much better. I thought I was the only one that did that.”

Because I’m all about laughing ministering to the needs of others, what can you confess to and make everyone else feel better?

Have a nice day.


29 responses to “Confession is good for the soul

  1. Quite often my children smell sour. I try to blame it on our hard water, but we got a filter last year. No one knows so my secret’s safe with me!

  2. H Lo witnessed this years ago: I once repackaged a frozen lasagna (as if it were homemade) to deliver to a family with a new baby.

  3. On Mar.5 I posted the lovely pictures & recipe of my new Austrian Apple Strudel on my blog. After tasting a bite of it, I threw it in the trash. Now how’s that for a confession?! I didn’t post that as a follow up on the blog BECAUSE I think the only thing wrong w/it was that the phyllo dough was OLD… I looked all over the box for a date & couldn’t find one. But I did not remember purchasing it, so I think it had been in that freezer for a mighty long time. Not one to give up, I plan to try it again w/fresh dough (the filling was yummy!)

  4. I sent my 3 yr old to church in my middle schoolers socks last week.
    Once I fed the dog treats for two full days because I didn’t make it to the store for food.
    AND, I put princess panties and a maxi pad on my son last year for a whole day when I ran out of diapers. I also gave him Dr. Pepper in a sippee cup. Shall I go on?
    You’re welcome. 😉

    • It’s going to take a lot to steal Comment of the Day away from Kristin what with the princess panties and the maxi pad….

  5. I have fed the cat tuna for days because I didn’t have cat food. I used to give my son frappuccinos because he would never poop. I mean for years this kid would not poop. Surprisingly, he slept great! I cannot, however, top the princess panties and maxi pad. That is classic!!!!

  6. Hey, I came over here from thelordfamily blog because your comment on her post about scrapbooking made me smile/got my attention/had good rhythm.

    Seriously, I thought, “That girl has great writing rhythm. How can she thinks she’s not creative?”

    So here I am now, reading your blog, enjoying your rhythm, hee hee, and the fact that you’re a good communicator and writer. Maybe I’m biased because I’m a writer too, but I tend to think that good writing requires creativity. 🙂

    Anyway, I’m not trying to say you should scrapbook (I’m the one who hosts and co-produces the scrapbook show, Paperclipping, that she was responding to). I just wanted to let you know that I like your blog. It seems like a good way for you to tell your stories.

    I’ll go subscribe to your RSS feed now…

  7. Oh, my confession…

    I sent my son to school with a bag to hold a metal plate and goblet for his 6th grade medieval feast last Friday. I swear I did not know that I still had one of my thongs in that bag from the last time I had used it.

    I admit to being the cause of his most embarrassing moment so far, as he pulled out the thong saying, “What’s this?” to his friends, unfolding it before them, until he realized exactly what it was.

  8. OH.MY.WORD.

    I can’t even comment because I’m laughing so hard from Kristen’s comment!!!

  9. You people shock me! My children are currently at school (albeit a few or 10 minutes late,) perfectly dressed (although one may be wearing her older sister’s tights and another may be wearing shorts in 50 degree weather) and with their backbacks (which their parents may or may not have looked in over the weekend.)

  10. LOL . . . The Hubby once asked me why I bought vinegar by the gallon and why is it next to the laundry detergent. . . Because I know myself that well to know that I WILL forget that last load of towels for 2 days and a cup of vinegar in their second ‘go round’ will take that smell right on outta there! Ha
    Just sayin’

  11. My washing machine just died yesterday. I wasn’t planning to buy another until April. I think I’ll be pleased if we only get to “sour” on the smell barometer.

  12. I made a pie for my in-laws to impress them – yes…we were newly married. But I forgot the pie crust. Who does that???

    Also….I’m gonna be booted out of the soccer field for yelling at the kids. We parents are told not to use “verbs”. How on earth can I not yell “Go, Lindsey! Go Reece! Kick the ball!” How can I not???

  13. confession: my children often annoy me. okay, more than annoy me.

    at 22 and 19 you’d think it would get better. but it doesn’t.

  14. I’m feeling better already. But i’ll share in the interest of motherhood, encouragement and a good laugh.

    There are at least 8 loads of laundry sitting on my couch. It started as one measly load about a week ago and it has grown to epidemic proportions. I keep going in there to start folding, but its just too overwhelming. When do you think they will come up for a medication for those who need a little laundry folding boost?

    Also, I just finished my healthy lunch of a turkey and lettuce wrap with low-fat mozzerella cheese and tomato, and a side of fresh fruit salad.

    Then I sent my children upstairs, quickly ran to the freezer with a soup spoon in hand, and took the biggest scoop of chocolate ice cream one could get without actually having to use a bowl.

    Some use ice cream cones. I like to save the calories, AND a clean dish.

    Whew! Confession is good for the soul!

  15. This is so funny!

    I am currently on the computer reading blogs instead of homeschooling my children.

  16. OK, I love this post. A lot. But I’m going to need some time to sift through the large quantities of stories I have to choose from! 🙂

    Let’s just start out with this one: my small group came and cleaned my house while we were on our anniversary get away (hallelujah and praise the Lord for that!) But let’s just say it took 5 people working for 3 days to get it clean. And there may or may not have been more loads of laundry to do/fold/put away then you can count with both hands. You do that math.

  17. Last Thanksgiving, I made pumpkin pies. Without the pumpkin.

    Not so tasty…

  18. I bribe my children with candy, extended bed times and even cash to play with my hair or rub my feet.
    I hide chocolate.
    You may find me hiding in the bathroom eating said chocolate on desperate days.
    I allow, and at times encourage, my son to pee in the yard

  19. I might be someone who has “cut one” in the automotive aisle of Walmart, only to scurry back to the sweet smelling yarn aisle.

    • I have NEVER done that. Ahem. I have also never “cut one” in the car and blamed it on the baby’s “poopy diaper” so the kids wouldn’t blab to everyone that mom “cut one” in the car.

  20. Let the barn door be opened!

    I shut my children out on the porch today so I could complete a conference call without the background to “I win, no, I win, no I win, NO, I WIN.” It’s a see-through French door and they had jackets on, but I confess.

  21. I wash just about every load of laundry twice because I start out with good intentions and then once a load has washed I forget about it – for a day or two – so I have to wash it again. Otherwise we’d all smell sour, but with CLEAN clothes on! Fortunately my husband hasn’t complained about the water bill, but imagine how much lower it’d be if I’d do the laundry right the first time!

  22. Kristen’s comment takes the cake. I mean- how can you possibly top that?

    You just can’t.

    Stinkin hilarious!

  23. I’m crying! Literally crying … and my poor husband had just gotten to sleep. So much for that. My confession: I’m not laughing silently any more.

    Okay, a real confession … only one? I pretend I need to go #2 just so I can spend more time in the bathroom reading books. My family thinks I have very active bowels. Shhh … don’t tell them I’m faking it!!

  24. i’ve waited WAY too late to try to confess, be funny or clever…but oh my goodness this sure did make for excellent pre-bed reading!!


  25. New Every Morning stole my answer.

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  27. I’m way too late to bother confessing but goodness that was great reading! I feel so much better.

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