10 on the 11th

Playing along with Meredith, one day late, but she’s cool about stuff like that.


10 Random Thoughts

1.  Sometimes I lie awake at night wondering if I’ll ever get some weird disease like exploding head syndrome.  I know the chances are slim, but I’m also the girl who got triplets on one 50 mg. dose of Clomid.

2.  I removed and replaced the boys’ toilet seat lid yesterday.  I am both proud and horrified, and we will never speak of this again.

3.  The boys had a sleepover last night.  They spent most of the time in separate rooms on different computers playing against each other on-line.

4.  Lest you think all my boys do is play computer games, they also shot up half my supply of Diet Coke with their BB guns as well as lit fires in the driveway.

5.  I’m wondering if it’s too late to go for the girl.  See #4.

6.  I then remember #1 and banish all such thoughts.

7.  I have moments where I wonder who my blog lurkers are.  Moms?  College kids?  My third grade teacher?  George Clooney?  Whoever you are, it makes my day to have you here.

8.  I made four dozen chocolate chip cookies two days ago and they’re all gone.  They were quite possibly the best batch I’ve ever baked, and the difference was I decreased the amount of brown sugar by 1/4 cup in the recipe on the back of the yellow, name-brand chocolate chip bag, and increased the white sugar by the same amount.  They were still soft and yummy coming out of the oven, but the next day they were perfectly crisp.

9.   Two of my staple foods, Dean’s French Onion Dip and Jose Ole Taquitos, have been recalled.  Adios, lunch plans and the bulk of my freezer.

10.  The ACC Tournament starts this weekend, which means that half of North Carolina’s workforce is going call in sick on Friday with “tournament flu”.  We are serious about our basketball in this state, and I’m looking forward to watching and cheering with everyone else, hopefully from the stands if I can score tickets from a friend that can’t go.

Have a nice day, and Go Duke!

(Sorry, Jack Chaney. And Sam.)


34 responses to “10 on the 11th

  1. What is it with boys and fire? They don’t outgrow that either.

    If we were neighbors my hubs would be right out there in the middle of things in your driveway.

    I’m impressed with your diy!

  2. Boys, fire, and wanting to put holes in things. What is that??

    My sweet husband gets a $10 gift certificate to Dick’s Sporting Goods…every.single.time he will say, “well, looks like it’s time to stock up on ammo.” When asked why..he replies, “you never know when you need to put a hole in something.”

    Not really complaining..it’s one of the reasons I married him. 😀

    Love your list..congrats on the toilet seat and using two different kinds of pliers. ( I didn’t know there were two different kinds 🙂 )

  3. As the mother of an 11 year old girl, let me tell you that the grass isn’t always greener! (Didn’t I share that wisdom on my blog yesterday?)

    My boss is at the tourney. He’s a Deacon. I’m a Wahoo…and just thankful that spring sports have arrived!

  4. You lost me at the “Go Duke,” but I guess we can still be friends 😉

  5. #8 and 9 and some of the reasons I love you. And #4? not ok with me. Why would they shoot something as precious as diet coke? That’s just wrong.

  6. Just this morning I was thinking about the need to replace our toilet seats. It’s crazy how scary they have become with only one little boy in the house… can’t imagine 3.

    Tournament? What Tournament? I’m boycotting this year and filing a petition that reads: “Get your own stinkin channel”
    (I’m not bitter.)

  7. When I filled my Clomid prescription, the pharmacist leaned over the counter and whispered to me that she was expecting Clomid twins, but hadn’t told anyone yet. Be prepared, she said.

    Duke, really? I had no idea. You’re not even from Jersey.

  8. I have a problem with french onion dip. The problem is that I eat way too much of it and feel really sick. It’s like I can’t stop. The delicious yumminess is addictive. Same thing with Dill Dip. And sometimes bean dip. And queso…ok, maybe I just have a problem with dips in general…:)

  9. Well, I’ll have to try your cookie adjustments. I’ve almost given up on chocolate chip cookies. Baking at altitude is NOT for the faint of heart.

    Laughing that they boys shot your Diet Coke supply. That’s pretty funny…

    If you haven’t tried the Mississippi Sin Dip (on my recipe blog) you absolutely must. It uses french onion dip, green chilies, bacon, cheese, cream cheese…and is delicious. You just need to wait for the recall to end before you try it because I don’t want to visit you in the ER, Sus.

    Oh, and I posted that cookie recipe on my my recipe blog too. Seriously, there were delish.

  10. My husband was obsessed with DUKE when we first met! When I watch them I feel all warm and fuzzy.
    (sorry TMI)

  11. CPQ – I think I’m a lurker! I don’t know if I’ve ever commented on your blog, so if I haven’t, know that I LOVE reading your posts! Thanks for bringing the humor out of everyday life 🙂

  12. CPQ, I think you mean Go University of New Jersey at Durham? 😉

  13. As a dedicated lurker on many blogs, I can confirm that I am either a college kid or George Clooney. I’ll leave it up to you to decide which one.

  14. At least the boys weren’t burrowing before starting fires and shooting guns. My son has recently discovered a massive cistern under my garden shed. It’s his new ‘club’.

  15. You should just go find yourself a little girl to adopt and be done with it. No scary Clomid involved. There. Problem solved. 🙂

  16. The other night Rick and I sat in adjoining rooms doing video chat with one another. The kids thought it was great and kept running from room to room to switch computers.

  17. Have you ever thought that #1 (the exploding head part) may have something to do with the inherent dread involved in owning a pressure cooker?

    And re: #8, how dare you dis The Chewy. Heresy, I say! In order to repent, you must say six “Hail Altons” and make a batch of these new recipe cookies to send to me.

    Strictly for scientific independent verification, of course.

  18. I had to read number five two times, before I looked a number 6 and realized and came to my senses.

    And I think I need to try some of those cookies, and the stuff you made today.

    Oh! And my Boy will love you more than he already does when he finds out your pulling for Duke.

  19. Lurker over here, I’m a mom of older teenagers and I adore your blog.

  20. You want to know who I am? I’m the mother of a 19 year old boy who occasionally, very rarely actually, comes home from college to visit his parents and then he and his dad go into their respective bedrooms and get on their laptops and play computer games together. Drives me nuts!

    I’m also the mom who looked around her house one day recently and noticed that everyone except the dogs had on earphones. My son was on said laptop with his earphones, my daughter was listening to music through hers, and my husband was watching a DVD with his wireless headphones. I just walked around the house and said ugly things about them, scotch free!

  21. Jeff and his brothers were sent outside with guns, ammo and instructions from their mother to kill a certain bothersome chicken. Instead, they killed her one prized rooster. Hope your boys are at least improving their aim.

  22. When my husband was a young man, he was outside playing with his BB gun one afternoon and thought it would be fun to shoot at the big air conditioning compressor oustide (in his defense, I guess it did look like a large metal box container/target). Well, as you can imagine, he had pretty good aim and shot up the fan, causing the air compressor to shut down in a huge cloud of smoke and a terrible dying noise. My father-in-law was also outside at the time working in his garden, and my husband says he STILL remembers the look on his face as he popped his head up from the tomatos he was planting and bellowed a few choice words. He asked my hubbie – what were you doing shooting at that??? And my quick-thinking man answered – “I was trying to aim at the dog!!!!”

    As if that was better???? (and he is a dog-lover and a wonderful pet owner, so no PETA concerns readers!!!)

    Anyway, the entire air conditioning system had to be replaced, and my mother-in-law still remembers the cost of this incident. So, although I adore Diet Coke and hate to see any unnecessary destruction of perfectly good soft drinks – I guess they could be “aiming” at worse things around the house!!!

  23. Regarding the toilet seat. I have 2 boys, ages 6 & 8. I’m just gonna go ahead and throw my DH into the mix, for last I knew, he was still standing to pee as well.
    I placed a container of bleach wipes on the back of the toilet and instructed anyone with a penis that they had to wipe down the toilet seat AND the floor around said toilet every.single.time they emptied their bladders, which contain at least 4x the amount of urine that a females do…but that’s another story. Bottom line? The bleach wipes get used. I find the empty container faithfully. And yet…..yet there is still amber colored drops of some liquid all over the toilet seat and….you guessed it….on the floor. Either they aren’t too bright, or it’s just some dismal Y chromosomal abnormality.
    Whatcha think?

  24. Hi, I just wanted to stop by and tell you again, how hysterical your comments are on June’s blog.

    You know, boys might blow up crap and start fires, but try 3 daughters all PMSing at the same time. I’ll take the bombs and the fires. It would probably be less scary.

    Love your blog. I’ll be back.

  25. go ahead. call me a lurker. no little boys at my house, just one big one of the married variety. yowza, you’re not alone.

  26. girl. you got lots ‘o comments today!

    i love random thoughts…especially when they involve cookie recipes!

  27. Yeah, it’s a good thing we don’t have bbguns or any other firearms. For hormones are raging.

  28. Oh my goodness. Exploding head syndrom. Yet one more thing to worry about.

  29. Not George Clooney, just me here, happily married mother of Clomid twins. I love your blog, too. Have I told you that? Your joyness makes me smile and keeps the distance between here and NC feel like across the street.

    I got the DVD of Up in the Air today from Netflix…we’ll watch it tomorrow night and then debrief.

  30. So your telling me it doesn’t get any better with boys?? UGH!!

    Glad for March Madness in this house!!

  31. Hi Susan,
    I am a “lurker” on your blog but remember you from OBU days (I was Anders then). Love your blog!

  32. Girl, look at you with all your comments! Wonder if you’ll even have time to read mine….;)

    It must be all the talk of toilet seats (been there, done that. Blah.), soured clothes (been there, still doing that), & Taquitos that bring ’em in.

    I took 50 mg of Clomid when I got pregnant with our first. So that statistic that I thought never happens really DOES happen. Huh. Good to know.

  33. You’re far braver than I for #2. With three boys in the house, that’s a task best left to the man.

    Oh, and you can thank HisGirl/S4J and Google Reader for my #7ness.

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