These shoes weren’t made for walking

It was a labor of love to drag myself to the computer this morning because MY FEET ARE KILLING ME after standing on them for six hours at the dinner party I had last night in the most uncomfortable shoes known to mankind.  I had some comfier (spell check is telling me that’s not a word) ones, but I threw them away last year after they had been deemed “tragic” by someone who lives under my roof and who shall remain nameless (but I think we all know who he is).  I bought some slightly more stylish ones even though they were ridiculously hard on the toes but I justified the purchase by saying I’d never wear them for more than a couple of hours to church on Sunday morning, so they couldn’t be that bad, right?

Pressure cookers, knitting, and complaining about my feet. Just put me in the nursing home now and get it over with.

Anyway, let’s move on to the dinner because it was delightful.  The idea for this dinner was thought up by my friend Cheryl who wanted to have an evening where we could minister to the pastors and wives that serve on staff at our church who give so much of themselves to serving the body of Christ.  They are an incredibly fun, normal group of men and women who have invested their lives in mine for the past eight years, challenging me and counseling me and helping me find my own place of ministry within my circle of influence, and it was easy to say “yes” to Cheryl when she asked me and our other friend Karen,  “Do y’all want to help me cook for 40 people?”

Karen (l) and Cheryl (r)

Cheryl is nothing if not ambitious, and her menu plan proved it.  We served mussels and tomatoes and mozzarella  as a first course,  Italian wedding soup and salad as a second course, veal rolls and lasagna with meatballs for the third course, and chocolate hazelnut pudding and tortoni for dessert.

Everything came together beautifully and tasted delicious and there was enough to bring home leftovers, so I am one happy camper this morning and feeling blessed beyond words to have friends who let me come play in their kitchen and pretend that it’s mine.

Have a nice “shoes optional” day.


26 responses to “These shoes weren’t made for walking

  1. Bad shoes can ruin your day… doesn’t matter how cute they are. I hope you are running around again soon! 😉

  2. sore feet are a good excuse for needing a foot rub. And sitting on the couch with coffee.( And your friend has a totally rockin kitchen. )

  3. oh, where’s a pic of the shoes???

  4. Formal meal for 40 people is no small feat, I mean feet! There’s no doubt that you had appreciative recipients.

  5. being one of those blessed last night (so thankful they “grandfathered us in”), I would come give you a foot massage if you would like! (Of course, I’m not sure how good it would be with only one hand…)
    Everything about the dinner was fabulous: the ambiance, the FOOD… did I say, the FOOD?!, the sweet atmosphere, the wonderful wait staff & servers, the relaxing tempo, the opportunity to watch the young couples who don’t get out too often without all their little ones, being treated like royalty, all of it together making for a fabulous evening. But most of all, experiencing the loving service that you & Mr. CPQ, Cheryl & her DH, & Karen her DH showed with a loving heart (even with aching feet) & selfless giving. THANK YOU!!

  6. I won’t let my husband read this post. His professional opinion is that women should never where high heeled shoes, nor shoes with pointy toes.

    So I hide the ones I have and NEVER complain when I wear them.

    He calls me non-compliant.

    ( and I know he’s right on both accounts, but I’ll deny it if you quote me)

    That was a beautiful kitchen and a beautiful gift to give to those in ministry! Good Job!

  7. My husband calls pointy-toed shoes: Fence Climbers (Read into that what you will.)

    But all for the sake of blessing those in ministry! Now THAT is a ministry! …and very sweet of you all.

  8. My teeth are falling out so I feel like I should be at the nursing home with ya.

  9. The tables are beautiful…we need to see the shoes?

    What a thoughtful event…I could have stopped at the mussels-my favorite!

  10. my girlfriend and i have tried desperately not to talk like old ladies with our aches, pains, sleep issues.. blah blah blah. ha!

    you guys rock at ministering.

  11. Great job! The table settings were beautiful!

  12. In my best Billy-Crystal-as-Fernado-Lamas voice: “Remember, it is better to looook good than to feeeel good.”

    And I’m trying to figure out how to subtlety plant this “dinner for the church staff” idea into the head of somebody in our church.

  13. Hi my name is Amy and I am a shoe-a-holic.

    The problem is that you when you find out they are only 1 hour shoes you keep wearing them for longer thinking that it will be different next time.

    Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.

  14. I think it all looks just lovely! I’m sure everyone enjoyed the night. I know I would have!! And nice apron!

  15. Mmmm, that sounds so delish!
    Dinner partys are so much fun when given for peeps you love and appreciate and even better when they are “normal” haha

    Just sayin’

  16. You are the hostest with the mostest! I remember how many times you Mom pulled out lavish dinners for large crowds, from the Coban market! You learned from the Pro of entertaining!

  17. As a pastor’s wife let me just say that folks like you are my heros! What a wonderful thing you ladies did for your staff and their spouses. You probably have no idea how wonderful that made them feel. Now go soak those tootsies!

  18. I heard (every detail) from a very good source what a wonderful evening it was.

    If you add velcro black tennis {granny} shoes to your closet, I will most definitely have to come intervene.

    At least you’re not repeating yourself… yet.

  19. What a great way to minister and serve – I mean who wouldn’t feel loved being served that menu 🙂 delish!

  20. How wonderful that ya’ll ministered to our pastors and their wives! The menu sounds wonderful.

    Hope your feet are feeling better. Remember style over comfort!!!

  21. Check out that pot on the stove!!! I have to know, where your shoes high heels?

  22. That is such a precious precious ministry.

    And I’m sure the shoes were way cute….so it’s all about the sacrifice, baby.

  23. What a wonderful way to minister to those who put so much of their lives into ministering to us. I know they enjoyed it so much! Thanks for sharing this 🙂

  24. What a sweet way to say “thank you”! I, too, am a pastor’s wife and I had to laugh at your description: “normal” people…ha.
    I, too, entertained and served while hosting a big family brunch yesterday, so I feel your pain. It is always hard to serve but the benefits always out weigh the negatives!

  25. As I said before, love the shirt/tank combo. Sorry about your feet. Wish I had some of that meal right now. Guess I’ll go eat saltines instead. Sigh.

  26. Kudos! What a gift for both the givees and the givers.

    Can’t go into the nursing home just yet b/c I haven’t heard you talking about your bowels, and I’ve yet to see your kleenex in your sleeve.

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