Monday Musings

We had a great weekend at Casa de Carpool, except for the part where the cat brought a not dead snake into the house and Mr. CPQ had to bravely ride in on his white horse and rescue me from said snake by stomping on it and then leaving the bloody mess for me to mop up.

I will NOT complain about that because I know how much Mr. CPQ hates snakes and it was a true measure of his love for me that he would overlook his own discomfort to save his wife and children from the clutches of the six inch foot slithering creature.

And the laundry room needed mopping anyway.

We took the kids out for dinner Friday night to Red Bowl Asian Bistro and JJ was not pleased about going because he doesn’t eat Asian, but once we walked up to the front door and saw that they served Chinese food he was fine with it because in his little head, Chinese food is very different from Asian food, and how I don’t know, but we went with it.

Saturday was the boys’ basketball game where we were able to witness the horror of that rite of passage where your child forgets what end of the court he’s on and takes a shot on the opposing team’s goal.  Fortunately, the shot went wide and we ended up losing by 20 points anyway so it really wouldn’t have made a difference.

Saturday night, Mr. CPQ and I went out on a date and did enormously exciting things like shop for new socks for him.

Sock shopping must be a big deal for men because we stood in front of this display for quite a bit of time and he did some hemming and hawing over Blush versus Bashful but truth be told, I couldn’t tell one whit of difference in color among those eight hundred and forty-six million pairs of hosiery.

I did have to laugh at these, though.

Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Sunday we went to church and then spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out the garage.  Travis has been wanting to ride his bike, but it needed a little work, so we took it to the repair shop to get the brakes fixed and when they saw that it was a “special” bike, they did the repair for free.  That was an unexpected kindness and it made me weep when Mr. CPQ told me, so I didn’t want to pass up the opportunity to thank them publicly. 

Trek, you have a big heart, and you’ve made one little kid (and his mama) very happy.

Have a nice day.


25 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Sounds like a wonderful/normal kind of weekend. Love those! And boy do we need to clean out our garage. For so long I’ve been saying we’ll do it when it warms up a little bit. Well….I no longer have any excuse at all. 🙂

  2. Oh, I so hate snakes. I would die if one of my animals brought one in the house. Die die die! Good for your hubby!

    I sooo need to clean out the garage.

    Love the bike story – made me weepy- in a good way. so sweet.

  3. I am not a fan of snakes. Hubs loves them. I haven’t seen any up here so far. I am also not a fan of the possum. I have seen many of them. Ewewewew.

    I love the bike story…kindness like that makes me feel teary in a good way.

    Have a nice week…oh, and definitely stop in Belgium on your way to Italy for some frites : ) They serve them with a mayonnaise sauce and they are the world’s best.

  4. Your stories are so exciting! first I’m completely terrified about think about a live snake in the house, then I’m dieing of laughter at thinking about you taking a picture of those undies (?), and then I’m crying about the bike shop!
    Love it all! (well not really the snake part)

  5. More charges to add to MrCPQ’s man-card removal dossier.

    * Afraid of snakes
    * Spends more than 0.012 seconds picking out socks
    * Has a wife who refers to his socks as “hosiery”

  6. Imnoted’s comment made me laugh! Obviously, a close friend!

    Your post makes me glad:

    1. I don’t have a cat.
    2. I don’t have a child who plays basketball.
    3. I didn’t go shopping with you. MY EYES! MY EYES!

  7. I want to know who the woman is that would actually find that purple thing attractive on her man.

    That was almost as scary as the snake.

  8. blush vs. bashful- chuckle!

  9. I am so glad I’m a girl. Boy stuff is so boring, and yet amazingly complicated…in all its Papi pink.

  10. Come to Papi?

    [oh gosh. could. not. resist.]

    The snake? YIKES. The bike? Oh my goodness. How sweet. If it weren’t for Papi, I’d probably still be teary.

  11. Reminder: you promised a pic of T on his bike.

    You bought those purple beauties for C for Father’s Day didn’t you?

  12. Do you shop for socks at Spencers?

  13. i think the sock part was the funniest! love it!

  14. Love the bike story – how wonderful!

    And thanks for the Trader Joe’s tips. I came home with two bags of goodies today and can’t wait to start testing stuff. And the 99cent pizza dough!? Score! I am going to have to figure out how to get over there more often.

  15. Blush versus Bashful

    Where do you shop for socks? We have black, brown and navy at our house.

  16. You had me at Blush and Bashful. So, what is Mr. CPQ’s signature color?

    What exactly is a Papi? Do I really want to know?

    And the bike. Love it. The kids loved the pic on the twitters of him riding!

  17. i need a date night so badly, even perusing the undie section sounds pretty good….

  18. Oh sock shopping. The joys of being old 🙂 Not that you’re old, I just . . . nevermind.

  19. Such a good post, but it requires several comments:

    a. This one to my imnotned – your birthday surprise is ruined… I ordered your Papi in XXXL.

    b. Around here we’re thankful for the feral cats in our neighborhood that keep the snake population in check. Never got one as a present though.

    c. Trek rocks.

  20. DYING at NEM’s remark. I’m so glad she knows what Spencers is. 😉

    And did you get some Practically Pink nail color?

  21. Papi will be burned into my memory for a while. Ha!

    Sock shopping opposite here. It’s fast when you only like ONE specific kind. Either they have it or don’t.

  22. Your date nights are about as exciting as ours… when we get around to having one!
    That was so great of Trek!

  23. OK, so I was cracking up at your post…then I started reading the comments. Now, I have coffee to clean up. Funny people comment on your blog…very funny!

    blush and are hilarious!

  24. i love how the “Papi” was followed up so smoothly with “we went to church”…reason #782983 I love you!

  25. Wow, what a weekend. From snakes to basketball horror to cute little men’s undies. Your life has it all, girl.

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