I love to ride my bicycle

Someone was very happy yesterday that his big red bike was working.

He started pedaling down the driveway making it known in no uncertain terms that he wanted nothing to do with me.

“Mommy, you go inside.  Travis ride his bike all by himself.”

Nothing to do with me, that is, until he started heading toward the side of the road and couldn’t quite figure out how to steer his way out of trouble.  And then that sweet little boy’s voice yelled,  “HEY-ULP, MOMMY, HEY-ULP!”

And so we learned about brakes.

He rode for an hour, down the street and back up, then wanted to head towards the highway.

He’s a wanderer like his mama and can’t ignore the call of the open road.

I had to put the brakes on that plan, but something tells me he’ll sweet talk me into a road trip before the week is out.

Have a nice day.


28 responses to “I love to ride my bicycle

  1. That is so cool that he has a bike to ride! Our son doesn’t have quite the trunk control to sit in a position like that and make his legs actually pedal but oh how he would love that! Or would have when he was younger. Now at 21, he’d rather he could drive a car but he’ll have to stick with being chauffered as again, not enough control in his body to control a car. I just hope he someday make enough money he can have a “fancy” accessible van with a driver other than his mom 🙂

  2. What great pictures! And such a great smile! He definitely looks like he is enjoying his ride : )

  3. His excitement about riding is so sweet!!

  4. That is the coolest bike ever 🙂 and i love his smile too!

  5. Get your motor runnin… head out on the highway… looking for adventure… and whatever comes Travis’ way…

    I think he was born to be wild, momma. 🙂

    Love the bike, love the pics!

  6. I love the smile on that sweet face! What a great vehicle!

  7. I was just thinking about your boys this morning..I haven’t seen them in a while (and I miss seeing them!) So…YAY for the bike pics. He looks like he’s having a blast.

  8. Awesome bike….awesome smiling boy…awesome Southern accent!!

  9. Toot, toot, chugga, chugga, big red bike!

    Keep pedalin’, T! I’m thinkin’ bike road trip to see Aunt Amy, how ’bout you?

  10. P.S. Your mom is going to take you to a very bad place today. Stay strong.

  11. Oh yeah, I can see that sweet face being able to talk you into many things! He looks very happy on his bike.

  12. Thank you, Whimz for such a wonderful song choice for the endless loop in my head today…

    Go, T, Go!!!!

    I love that sweet face.

  13. How cool! Maybe Travis could pedal on over and teach my girls how to ride a bike. They’re both such chickens. Way to go Travis!!

  14. Is there anything better than pure, unadulterated joy?

  15. So cool! He looks so absolutely happy!
    Love it!

    I think I could ride that bike. I think.
    Just sayin’

  16. Great pictures! Made me smile today!

  17. I agree with Gretch. His face is the definition of “joy”.


  18. And that’s what it’s all about, right there.

  19. i miss that sweet boy!

  20. What a good looking boy! He’s totally rockin’ on his bike. You have a lot to be proud of~ x

  21. I can’t tell from the pictures if he has his name plate license on the back? I love that.

  22. Love his smile and what a cool bike!

  23. He looks so happy, Sus. Makes my heart smile.

    You need to make Travis a playlist: Life is A Highway, On the Road Again, A Thousand Miles, etc. Get crackin’ on that. I’m sure you have nothing else to do today, right?

  24. What a great bike. It looks like your boy’s loving that open road.

  25. Precious!

    And now I can’t quit humming, “On the road again”.

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