Road Trippin’

The kids and I went on a day trip yesterday toward the coast of NC to the town of New Bern to check out some historical sites.  I had never been there before and it’s been on my list of places to visit for the ten years that we’ve lived in this state.  I called Gretchen to see if she wanted to ditch school and bring her kids to go with us, and she politely informed me that it’s not called “ditching school”, it’s called a “field trip” and she’d be happy to come along.

She had never been to New Bern either, so we were kinda’ flying by the seat of our GPS, but I wasn’t worried because a) the town’s not that big; and b) Who cares? We were out of the house. We decided on hitting the highlights – Tryon Palace, the colonial capital of NC, as well as a visit to the drugstore where Pepsi was invented.

Truth be told, I was also hoping to run into Nicholas Sparks so I could tell him of my Official Sparks Boycott because I’m so tired of him killing off everyone’s love interest in every ding dang book  of his that I read.

The Pepsi place was interesting,  and the kids enjoyed sitting on the bar stools and watching the proprietor dispense their drinks.  He was very nice and did not kick us out when the boys ordered “Three Cokes, please”.

He politely informed them that….

From there we went to lunch at the Cow Cafe, a little sandwich and ice cream shop on the town square.  They make their own ice cream on the premises and I had hoped to let the kids watch them do this through the glass window, but sadly, they weren’t running the machines while we were there.  It didn’t stop us from eating.

The kids had ice cream for dessert, but Gretchen and I went next door to Port City Java where we got our ice cream in caffeinated liquid form and in a grande to-go cup.  Did I mention we didn’t factor in the cold and windy weather when we decided to grab our six kids and go on a day long walkabout?

We spent the rest of the afternoon walking around Tryon Palace (think Williamsburg on a much smaller scale), running laps around the courtyard while we waited for our tour to start (Gretchen and I won our respective heats, thank you very much), and wandering the intricate mazes in the gardens.  The kids most enjoyed climbing the cannons and pretending to blow each other’s heads off.

On the recommendation of the security guard, we ended our day with dinner at the 37th Street Pizzaria where we managed to not scare off all the other patrons as we trooped in with our clan.

And a great time was had by all.

The end.

Have a nice day.


26 responses to “Road Trippin’

  1. Wow! You are fast! I haven’t even pulled my camera from the bag to upload the pictures. I better get on it. 🙂

    I love my spontaneous friend!!!
    We sure had a blast!

  2. Looks like so much fun!!!
    I, too, have boycotted Nicholas Sparks. I cannot handle the sadness with every. single. one.

  3. Gretchen is totally right, it is called a field trip! You learned about Pepsi! What more of an education could you ask for……
    By the way, I love your writing. You are so funny, sarcastic and descriptive. Love it!

  4. That is super fun!!!!

    And what a great field trip!! And I’m with G…it’s not ditching school…even trips to Walmart are learning experiences when mama needs to get out of the house and not kill her offspring.

  5. Glad you had fun! I’m shuddering as i remember my last trip to Tryon Palace 10 years ago. It was 100 degrees, and the people working there were probably the rudest I have ever encountered. Sounds like there’s been a changin of the guard! I love Port City Java. Our tradition is that every time we go to Wrightsville, we stop on our drive home and fill up on caffeine 🙂

  6. Fun! See, it’s stories like this that make me miss homeschooling. Sigh….

  7. Ohh I love day trips and such adventures! What a sweet time you guys had.

    Especially the drive and catching up on each other’s lives. Can’t beat it!!

  8. I love the picture of the headless boy! I assume a canonball got him! Hilarious!

  9. Thanks for reminding me to get this trip on my summer roap trip to-do list. We will be visiting World of Coke for spring break and it only seems fair to see the birthplace of Pepsi in the same year.

    I love watching NC Weekend(or something like that) on PBS on Thursday evenings when they suggest all these cool places to visit in NC. I scribble them in my brain for later use but somebody keeps taking my notes. sigh

  10. Oh, fun.

    Don’t be too hard on Nickie. It’s all the Pepsi. :>)

  11. I don’t read Nicholas Sparks anymore. Its predictably depressing. Add Miley Cyrus to the mix and I’ll be skipping the movie versions too.

    I love a good day trip….looks like fun.

  12. Looks like fun. Our version of ‘field trips’ include day trips in Grandpa’s 18-wheeler and jaunts to the Dollar Store.

  13. Oh. My. Word.
    Could I sound more redneck?!

  14. I knew there was a good reason I couldn’t homeschool. I don’t think daily trips to the mall would be considered an educational field trip. Not matter how hard I tried.

    That looked like fun though even though I’m a Coke Believer all the way.

    Just sayin’

  15. What a fun & wonderful day you all had! Loved seeing the pictures! I am a Pepsi girl & LOVE a good fountain one. Tryon Palace in the heat of summer is… you just don’t want to go there. So your timing was good. I love New Bern: so quaint & some great restaurants down near the water (not as kid friendly maybe…) Glad you all had a great time!

  16. Fun! I’ve never been, but need to plan a visit.

  17. Day road trips are something my parents did often when my brother and I were young. I can recall my dad reading the Saturdy morning paper early and by the time my brother and I were up and the paper was read he’d have an idea for the day… Luray Caverns, Appomattox Courthouse, Chingoteague, St. Michael’s, and Harper’s Ferry are some destinations that come to mind. My mom would pack a lunch, and we’d be off within the hour. Wonderful time for a few dollars of gas and a picnic lunch! Thanks for helping me job those fond memories!

  18. oops, I mean ‘jog’ my memory…ugh.

  19. I love trips like this…last minute, but so fun. Loved the re-cap!

  20. I am with you on Nicholas Sparks. My mom keeps trying to loan me her copies of his books and I have to keep saying no. I cried through the first half of New Moon (the ENTIRE first half) so can you imagine what Nicholas Sparks would do to me? Eeks!

    I am so jealous of your day trip! It looks like so much fun!!!

  21. a pig in a what?? a bunny? is that what you said? oh please do tell us what that might be!

  22. I also boycott Sparks! I faithfully read the first four or so and finally caught onto: good character = death.

    I’m so glad to know I’m not alone! (I think “A Walk to Remember” was the last straw)

  23. When my parents lived in Raleigh, they used to love visiting New Bern.

    And yeah, isn’t one of Sparks books set in that town? My book club chose Dear John this time around. Dreading it.

  24. I am still upset about Nights in Rodanthe.

  25. You’re one of the fun moms, going on road trips and coercing others to ditch school–er…I mean, take field trips for meaningful education.

    So…was the pizza good?

    New Bern makes me think of Bern, which makes me think of our trip to Switzerland, nearly 15 years ago. Geez, has it really been that long? Anyway…is there a Swiss influence?

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