Top o’ the Morning to ya’

We did a little wearing of the green around Casa de Carpool yesterday to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  I thought our laundry situation (meaning a near complete lack of clean clothes) precluded Tommy from wearing green, but at the last minute he found his green Crocs at the bottom of the shoe basket and all was well.

There was a teacher at my boarding school who wore orange on St. Paddy’s with a sign saying “I’m Protestant”.   I used to think she was a killjoy, but now I think she just wasn’t at the top of her laundry game either.


Kellie had invited us over for a little seasonal celebration and I think by now we’ve all learned that when Kel says, “I’ll bake a little something” it means no one will leave disappointed.

She made these adorable rainbow cupcakes with different colored layers and LOADED them with vanilla icing topped with a chocolate coin.  My kids thought they had died and gone to heaven because their mother rarely takes the time to decorate their cupcakes.

It’s enough that they got baked, people.

Everyone took turns petting Pat Penny the Bunny, then Tommy and JJ took off to play Lego and Nerf gun wars with The Boy, and The Girl sat with Travis and helped him play an I Spy game on the computer.

Kellie and I crashed on the couch in a brisket sandwich/soda bread/Irish cheddar/cupcake/coffee coma, found some blankets and pillows, and drifted in and out of consciousness until it was time to come home.

Have a nice day.


12 responses to “Top o’ the Morning to ya’

  1. ok why did you call the bunny Pat? And I am cracking up picturing you and Kellie napping! 🙂

  2. My, you’ve had a busy week to be on vacation!

    Nap?! What’s that?

  3. Pat the Bunny was a favorite in our house too. Makes me think of baby days.

    That whole last paragraph sounds like my kind of day!

  4. I think your boarding school teacher was a hoot!

  5. That sounds just about like the PERFECT day. If you all ever NEED someone to come taste test anything…let me know.

  6. Kelli must have a little Martha Stewart in her. My kids are thrilled when there’s batter enough left over after ‘tasting’ to actually bake cupcakes.

  7. Sounds like a pretty darn good St. Patrick’s Day.

  8. I am completely stealing that cupcake idea for next year!!! 🙂 We had a boring green cake.

  9. Hey, the cupcakes weren’t green? I’ve come to expect extraordinary things from Martha, I mean, Kellie.

    Just sayin’

  10. Oh how I loved and my kids loved sweet precious ‘Pat the Bunny’…it’s as exciting as finding at you’re pregnant when you receive that book!

    OK, that day sounds amazing and I told Kel over at her place that I’m ridiculously jealous that you are neighbors. I’m gonna ask Adam if we can move!

  11. I’m so inviting myself to one of these get-togethers someday. I’m green with envy. Perfect for St. Patty’s Day.

  12. Protestant, huh? Too funny. Sounds like a wonderful day. Too bad I wasn’t there to make it the perfect day. 😉 Those cupcakes should be illegal, I’m thinking.

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