Random Randomness: The Friday Edition

1.  Does anyone use Craigslist?  I’ve only been on there a couple of times and get overwhelmed with the massive amounts of information and I also can’t get rid of that lingering thought that if I use it I might end up being portrayed by Dana Delaney as the dead chick at the bottom of the stairs in some really bad Lifetime movie.

Any advice for using it safely?  What’s been your experience?

2.  Adrienne From The Comments Who Doesn’t Have A Blog asked me yesterday about the pig in the puppy.  When Gretchen and I were on our road trip, we kept seeing signs for “King’s BBQ, Home of the Pig in the Puppy”.  We didn’t pull off the road because we were on a schedule, but the curiosity is killing us and may require a special trip back just to stop in, do the hokey pokey, and see what it’s all about.  I’m guessing (hoping?) it’s smoked pork dropped in hush puppy batter and deep fried.  For some ridiculous reason that sounds good to me, and as I’m typing this, I’m trying to figure out how to get Mr. CPQ to head over there with us and give it a taste test.

Survey says it’s not going to take a lot to get him to jump on that bandwagon.

3.  I’ve been using the white board on my refrigerator to list the kids’ chores for the day.  I’m moving them out of the “I’ll let you sit on the couch and play video games” portion of their vacation and into the “I’m training you to be productive so you can grow up and get a job and support me in my old age” phase.  I’ve found that writing down what’s expected to get done that day helps all of us.  I don’t have to nag, they don’t feel nagged, and they can choose what they want to do and in the order in which it gets done. When they’re ready to check off an item, I do a quick inspection to make sure it’s done quasi-properly, and then I let them have the dry erase marker and check to their heart’s content.

My mom did something similar for me when I was a kid.  She would write my to-do items on a piece of paper and hand it to me, and I would then figure out how and when I was going to get it done.  Somehow reading it on that scrap of paper made my chores feel somewhat less draconian and I was more accepting of my mother’s authority in that way.

I am so weird.

And have serious control issues.

And a great mom.

4.  I have been warned that I would bring bad karma upon myself if I didn’t let others know about giveaways on other blogs, so I am reforming my evil ways to let you know that my friend Lynn is having a fun drawing on her blog for a new mixer, and Kellie is also doing a giveaway in celebration of her 1,000th post.

Meredith HAD a giveaway because it was her 1,000th post as well, but I just remembered it closed last night so you’re out of luck, but go over there anyway and say congratulations if you haven’t already because 1,000 is  ridiculously amazing achievement.

5.  I have no 5, but you know how I am about lists that don’t end well-numbered.

Have a nice day.


26 responses to “Random Randomness: The Friday Edition

  1. Yay! I am the first comment! 🙂 I use Craigslist all of the time. (selling and buying) There are a few quirks with how people are on there and I would be more than happy to help you if you would like. If you are selling something http://www.mync.com is also a great place to post.

    As far as chores and $$$ -We use Dave Ramsey’s Junior Peace Kids http://bit.ly/d8IIh8 with our crew and it works really well.

  2. CPQ – Because we homeschooled for many years I ended buying a school size white board. I talked my husband into trimming it and painting the trim with white – it’s a stellar look. And even though my children have long graduated and moved on to the college realm we still use that white board all the time. All the time. To do lists, schedules, notes, everything. Love it – wouldn’t live without it.

  3. Good Friday morning!

    I have tried to use Craigslist to sell a couch before. It was a nice couch and I NEVER had any interest. I even tried to GIVE it away…no takers.

    I finally just loaded it up and took it to the Salvation Army. I just needed it out of my house.

    I have friends who both sell and buy from Craigslist and love it. I think you have to be a “consistent and persistent looker” and not be easily overwhelmed with the massive amount of junk listed on the site. I think this is the crux of my problem. By nature I am not a “hunter”. I’m more of a buy-it-at-the-deli-where-its-already-laid-out-for-you-to-see kind of girl.

    Goodness I am chatty today.

  4. I love Craigslist….I have used it to sell an antique grand player piano, re-home a pet…and have also used it to find our NEW pet – a 6 year old Golden Retriever. We knew we wanted a dog, not a puppy, and wanted one already housebroken. She is great! I have also used it to find a guy who poured a concrete patio for us, who then referred us to our stucco guy. I’ve also bought patio furniture!

    CL is great, but do be cautious – I think most of the people who use it are fine, but there are a few who are not so honest. Good luck!

    The pig in a puppy sounds yummy….and I love white boards!!

  5. LOVE Craig’s list! Our boy’s bedroom furniture is from using CL. When we tried to sell our 2 ‘nearly dead’ vehicles at Carmax, Brian posted them a little highers on Craig’s list and we had buyers the very day. One was on a Sunday and the guy came with cash and both buyers came with friends/family members who were notories. After moving we left free boxes at the end of our drive, posted it on CL and were gone by noon. I’m always looking around the house for things to sell on CL. I have a “regular” lady who buys my kid’s clothes from CL. I meet her at Pier One in the parking lot. Met the nicest people from it. Course I NEVER do any transaction without Brian. Never was nervous, but like having a weightlifter husband greeting the people at the door. Can’t say enough good things! I could go on and on, but you’d fall asleep during my post (or already have). 🙂

  6. I cant get Craigslist to work for me either – it just seems either sketchy or overwhelming. Which I realize is exactly what you said, but I feel the same way 🙂 Happy Friday!

  7. Going to King’s BBQ is a must!!!
    When I was little and my dad would take my sisters and I to camp out on the coast we would always stop at King’s! When I was a child (you know, like 9 years ago) I would get really excited to hear the music in the bathroom because it was about BBQ and green beans.
    Never ate a pig in the puppy though….sounds delicious!

  8. I’ve sold a few things on Craigslist. Including a car. But I’m scared every time that someone comes to pick up their stuff. I always make sure J is home. Other than that, no tips! Did you ask Craig for some tips for using his list? [snicker]

  9. Have had good experience with Craig’s List. Sold a few things on there and actually bought Adam’s truck on there..but it did take a LOT of careful looking and time.

    I tape a to-do list on the kids walls of their rooms to when they clean it b/c they get so distracted. So, I write: beanies in basket, books on shelf, pick up laundry…and it helps them get their rooms done faster and I don’t find them playing Legos or Barbies instead of cleaning!

    Happy Friday!

  10. My mother gave us lists and I think that is where I developed my love of lists. I did the same for my kids and they too love lists. Not particularly lists of chores but more like lists of what to pack for vacation, songs they want to buy off of Itunes, that kind of thing.

    I think a list is straightforward and there’s not as much complaining if we’re talking chores. Plus, there is something exceedingly satisfying about the cross off.

    Oh, and Craig’s List=serial killer in my mind. I know that’s my own issue but you did ask.

  11. We moved into the “training … more productive … member of society …” portion of the week yesterday and we’re still experiencing the backlash. The moaning, the eye-rolling, the heavy sighs. It’s almost easier to do it myself rather than do it while screaming, I mean employing gentle correction.

  12. I’ve bought & sold on Craigslist, with great trepidation! If I’m buying, first of all I’ve never bought from a man. I’ve either brought hubby with me, or forwarded all the name/address info to a friend & told them to call 911 if I don’t come back. When I’ve sold stuff, I try to make sure hubby is home when they come My friend does it all the time, & justs tells them I won’t be home when they come so it’ll be on the porch. “If you want it, just leave the $ under the pumpkin” kind of thing. She’s never once been burned.

  13. The irony of you writing about both Craigslist AND the boy’s chore list in the same post has left me incapable of choosing from the myriad of sarcastic remarks that have popped into my head.

  14. I look at Craiglist….and then give up. Seems to make my foot tap and insides shake too much from the multitudes of stuff. And I completely understand about the Pig/Puppy. I passed the “Best Butt in Town” somewhere in small town Alabama. Yes, PASSED it! I still think about it…8 years later.

  15. We gave something away on Craig’s List. And I think I even saw a child advertised on it once. Terrible.

    Lurve the chore list idea. I do something similar. It really works for the boy. The girl still feels put-upon, no matter what. Too-eth bad-eth.

  16. Oooh, I didn’t know about the bad karma thing if you don’t pass along giveaway info. Guess I’m in for it. But thanks for passing along the link to my mixer giveaway. Good things must be coming your way 🙂

    As for Craig’s List, I am a nervous nellie about it, but the Kahuna has both bought and sold a number of times and has had nothing but good experiences. We’ve met some interesting people with shared hobbies, as he’s sold extra koi fish and pond plants from our backyard ponds. Plus he’s gone and gotten free dirt, sold all the old office furniture for a company he used to work for that went out of business, etc. etc. You must give a full report if you decide to do any craigslist dickering. Inquiring minds want to know.

  17. My DH looks at sailboats for sale on CL every.single.day. We already have one, but he thinks we need a bigger one to live on permanently. YIKES!
    I helped my son sell a large Technic Lego set, new in box, on CL. We met the guy at the public library, in the middle with other people around us.
    We try selling things on the neighborhood trading post first, which is usually great since there are 500 homes in our hood.
    PS. Kellie, couches never sell! Don’t know why. I also tried giving a nice sofa and loveset to a couple who had no furniture and the guy said the couch wasn’t long enough to lie down!

  18. I went on there one time. I tried to find a couch in Chicago. Apparently, there are none. Or I just couldn’t figure it out. I think Craig needs a better list.

  19. I’ve been wanting to try it to sell some things, but haven’t tried it yet…

  20. I’ve had no luck with craigslist. I tried to sell something for my parents & attracted a major freak who kept sending me messages, which freaked me out. BUT my sister-in-law sells all kinds of things through craigslist & has never had issues. I just attract freaks, I guess. 😦
    (I’ve used some form of the word freak 4 times in this comment…sorry!)

  21. Craigslist : Use it all the time. Buying and selling. I never have anyone show up without hubby at home. Fast cash tip: look at the ‘want to buy’ section and see if you have something you can part with that someone is ready to buy.

    Kids & chores : ugh.

    Whiteboards : you know how I love my boards!

  22. we love craigslist!! just be smart and don’t meet anyone in a dark alley alone. lol

    the last thing we bought was a new point and shoot digital canon camera for $50! we decided that it’s possible it could have been stolen. . . the guy shows up with the camera, but he has nothing else and his “dog chewed up the cord and manual.” literally. that’s what he said. all he had was the camera itself. we use it and love it! haha!

  23. and 5 is, of course, well-numbered.

  24. I have browsed Craig’s List before, even inquired about something, but never followed through. The whole safety thing bothers me. You know, driving to a stranger’s house to give them money and trust them not to kill me and my children.

  25. Craigslist scares me.

    Because I’m a chicken. And because I had a creepy boyfriend in highschool named Craig, and I keep having visions of it being “his” list…and then that makes me even more scared.


    Oh…but I’m sure your idea of Craig isn’t as weird as mine.
    So I’m sure it’s fine.

  26. We bought stuff on Craig’s List. Wait. We’re talking about the one online and not just stuff on a list that your husband has, right?

    We had great Craig’s List buying experiences when we lived in Boston. Which is ironic, considering that’s where the Craig’s List killer lives. Guess we weren’t buying whatever he was selling.

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