When Pigs Fly

Yesterday I had the urge to get out of the house and away from the piles of unwashed laundry so we took off for parts unknown and wandered the North Carolina countryside in search of a little BBQ place in Carthage that had been recommended to us.  We found it without too much trouble – drove in on the main road past Goober’s Motors (I kid you not), turned left at the courthouse and went about a mile.

The day was windy and chilly (and yours truly didn’t check the forecast and said “Wear shorts”) and we should have had our meal indoors, but no one goes to the Pik-N-Pig to eat inside because it’s outside where one finds all the action.

The restaurant is located approximately 50 feet from a private airstrip and it has a lovely back patio where you can eat and watch planes fly in and taxi up for a quick bite to eat.

That’s right, children. Go run in front of aircraft while we wait for the hush puppies that are bigger than my head.

The tea was so syrupy sweet the spoon practically stood straight up in the glass, and the waitress left us a pitcher on the table so we could refill to our heart’s content.

If you’re a local reader, I recommend the trip down there.  It’s about an hour and fifteen minutes from Raleigh and the experience is worth the drive.  Word of caution: If you decide you want to go there  for lunch, be sure you have a little change in your pocket going jing-a-ling-a-ling because it’s not that the Pik-N-Pig is expensive (it’s not) but it is CASH ONLY.

Had I been by myself we would have been out of luck, because I never carry money other than what’s rolling around in loose change in the car’s center console.  Fortunately, Mr. CPQ was with us and he is responsible and doesn’t set out on journeys unprepared.

Unlike me who one summer drove 1,500 miles to Oklahoma with three children and only $2 in cash.

Who’s the goober now?

Have a nice day.


26 responses to “When Pigs Fly

  1. Oh how I wish I lived near the Pik n Pig. You truly make it look so inviting. I wonder if you lived here and wrote about your adventures if it would look just as fun here. Here’s my take on yesterday….We set about walking to the park, the boys were on their bikes (5 and 8 yrs). We are drinking coffee…it’s a cool and windy 47, but feels SO much warmer…just lovely. The boys stop at the stop sign ahead like they have been instructed to do for the last 8 years…when a pick up truck drives past us and stops right up closely behind the boys (as opposed to next to them) that we start yelling at the man, who ignores us and proceeds to pull away. My husband then chases him down (picture 45 year old man carrying coffee) and threw his coffee at said truck because it wouldn’t stop….10 year old daughter is now crying because of scary man (or scary daddy?) and wants to go home….and now daddy wants my coffee since he “lost” his own, or maybe something a little stronger…..happy Sunday! Hmmmm…not the warm fuzzies of the Pik n Pig…

  2. and why does it look like there’s chicken on your plate, and not pork?? holding out for the pig in a puppy?? i am!

  3. What a great, spontaneous adventure!! The best part is the outside entertainment. Love it! We had a pig pickin Sat. night and when I went heat up hush puppy leftovers on Sunday, my 11 year old told his siblings that they would get cancer from the hush puppies. One day he also told us that there were worms in sushi.
    I was asking Brian –where on earth does he get his info. Brian calmly told me that it is from the Dr. Oz shows that I DVR and have let him watch a few. oops. With fried foods – everything in moderation kids. Although I can’t do worms. 🙂

  4. My mouth is watering – I LOVE hushpuppies! And I would have been hungry, t00…never have cash!

  5. We’re heading south for Easter and I cannot wait to have some bbq. It won’t be the Pik n Pig but it will be wonderful. NJ does awesome pizza and the best bagels anywhere but bbq is not part of their daily diet like it is down south. And don’t even get me started on the tea.

  6. The foodie in me would like to thank you for this post. The hush puppies and tea alone are enough to make me drive to NC!!

  7. I LOVE those kind of hush puppies…hate the small, hard, very round kind.
    How funny to overlook the air field…that made me laugh!

  8. Yum. And I love the title.

  9. Thank goodness for the 1/2 c of green beans, there to balance it all out. 😉

  10. That looks SOO good! I’m totally referring my Braggite friends!

  11. First off, your commenter Adrienne’s story? Too Funny!!! 🙂
    That plate of food looks so yummy. And I always tend to take off with no cash and my husband has a cow, I have my debit card what could possibly go wrong? Famous last words!!

  12. That sounds delicious! and fun all at once – the perfect combo! They have a restaurant on a small airstrip here that I took Adam too one anniversary. But it was a big mistake because I got no attention whatsoever. . . . he was all distracted by the airplanes landing right next to us. Like that’s cooler than me or something.

  13. Shshsh… don’t tell Mr. NEM about this please.
    Unless there are some good outlets on the way.

    Or I could just fly my private jet in and let him grab a snack. 🙂

  14. I will say that I used to never carry cash because it was too easy to spend and only used my debit card. Since doing the Dave Ramsey 12 week torture class (actually, he is funny and it was kind of like going to a comedy club), I only use cash. When it’s gone, it’s gone. So….after the lovely park scene, my husband says to me “Do we have enough weekend money left for pizza???” Pathetic and funny at the same time! And because I know you’re curious, yes, we did get pizza–at a real live pizza restaurant!!

  15. Have I mentioned the time my New England born-and-bred husband visited the South and ordered…a hushpuppy? That’s right – just one.

  16. Cash? What’s cash? I actually would carry it, but then I would actually have to pay the children back all the IOUs that are stuck in their piggy banks from when I “borrow” money from them.

    My excuse to non-repayment: “No cash, do you take a check? No? Well…out of luck today, mister.”

    It works for me.

  17. Gotta show this to my DH! He is constantly looking for some obsecure bbq joint we haven’t tried. We drove to Wilson (about an hour away) a month or so ago to eat at one of those famous bbq places. Mama Dip’s in Chapel Hill has the fluffiest hush puppies I have ever tried. Okay, my stomach is growling now!

  18. Oh, what a great endorsement from Mr. BBQ’s wife! We’ve been wanting to try it. I’d drive down there for the spoon standing up in the tea…that’s my kind of tea! And I’m a tea snob. It looks awesome.

  19. My mouth is watering! That sounds worth a drive across the country!!

  20. They put a pitcher of sweet tea on the table? Ooh, that sounds like heaven to me! We will have to try this place if we are near there this summer.

  21. Does the Pic N Pig have Coca Cola Chocolate Cake? Or did you even have room for that part of the menu. Sounds like we might be making a trip on Saturday.

  22. Sorry I just realized I misspelled Pik N Pig…oops

  23. I want to go there.

  24. Lauren Richardson

    hey! I haven’t checked in for ages… just read this and wanted to say it makes me smile to know that someone else does not carry cash! that used to be a good thing, kept us out of the fast food joints.. till they started taking plastic! my husband always has cash and gets me some… it’s always sitting in the drawer in the kitchen… wouldn’t want to lose it, I guess… =)

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