Home again, Home again, Jiggedy-Jig

We made it back to Raleigh yesterday around 4:30 and since it was a beautiful day, Tommy and JJ  decided they would set up a lemonade stand at the end of the driveway and hit up all the neighbors as they returned home from their workday.  I wish they would have told me about the plan before it was set up and fully operational because I would have suggested they use disposable cups and not my water-spotted drinking glasses, but hey, they were being industrious and learning future job skills, and the neighbors needed something else to talk about.

That’s my ministry….making other people feel better about themselves.

The boys had pre-decided to split the earnings, but JJ forfeited his half to Tommy in exchange for future assistance in a video game battle against their buddy down the street.  Success in this particular game has eluded J and apparently $2 is a small price to pay for victory.

Come to think of it, it’s kinda’ like buying Spanx.

While they were out there, my neighbor stopped by their table and dropped off a box of Trader Joe’s chocolate covered shortbread cookies.  She’s a disciplined diabetic with a sweet tooth, so she buys cookies and cakes, eats one or two bites, and sends the rest over to our house for me the boys to eat so she won’t be tempted.

Her loss is my 15 pound gain.

Mr. CPQ called and asked if he could bring supper home, which told me that a)  he hadn’t cooked while we were gone and b) all the food in the fridge was dead, so I told him to bring pizza because we clearly had not eaten enough junk food in the last three days on the road and I didn’t want to shock the boys’ digestive systems by serving them something with vegetables.

I was going to pour the leftover lemonade with our pizza but I was told in no uncertain terms not to touch it because the lemonade stand was going to be open the next day and they needed the inventory.  I then spent the rest of the evening hand-washing and drying all my glasses.

Have a nice day.

11 responses to “Home again, Home again, Jiggedy-Jig

  1. So glad you made it home in one piece! I was just wondering how it went…pics??

  2. Do they know about the glass rental fee? Gotta read the fine print. :>)

  3. I love your ministry. And I love your neighbor’s too. Glad you’re home from your trip and still have your sanity!

  4. well, all the food in my refrigerator is alive…as in, it’s growing things and bolts out of their chili-necks. My Hubs keeps saying that Frankenstein is just gonna appear out of our fridge one day!

    Glad you’re home safely and pizza sounds so delish right now!

  5. You are such a cool mom! My girls are dying to do a lemonade stand, but I’m always a buzz kill. Your example has given me the encouragement to … think about it.

  6. That is TOTALLY like Spanx and now I can fully explain them to the male sex…thanx CPQ

    (do you see what I did just there…spanx and thanx…)

  7. My daughter sold rocks to the neighbors. Not painted, not sparkly, just plain ole rocks.
    Suckers bought ’em too.

  8. I’m a horrible mother.

    Never ever have I agreed to the lemonade stand.

    Or to selling rocks either.

  9. Don’t you just love kids!! I love the fact they were using your glasses. That is too funny.

    Glad you found your way home.

  10. It was a beautiful day for a glass of lemonade! Great job, boys!

  11. I don’t know what’s more clever…the videogame deal or the fact that Mr. CPQ covers his non-cooking tracks with finesse.

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