Come on, feel the Illinoise

I’m going to get wild, wild, wild in Chicago this weekend and go shopping, sightseeing, and pedicuring with my friend Momologuer, otherwise known as ImNotNed’s better half.  While she and I make it a point to get our respective families together at least twice a year (I’m working on arranging a marriage between her daughter and any one of my boys), we also try to carve out at least a couple of days where the two of us can spend quality time together and explore new places and generally not be responsible for anyone or eat at places that serve chicken nuggets.

ImNotNed was talking smack earlier this week about putting limits on credit cards to which I replied, “Sky’s the limit, right?”   He then informed me that last he heard, the sky was going for $14.95.

As if.

Knowing the two of us, that’ll be more along the lines of our latte limit.

While we’re there I’m hoping to meet up with Adrienne From The Comments Section Who Doesn’t Have A Blog as well as my friend that I tried to set up with the possible felon.   The rest of the weekend is gloriously unscheduled and open for traipsing wherever our hearts and VISA can take us.

I’ll leave you with a few of my favorite pictures from this week to peruse, and I hope your weekend is wonderful.

Scuba diver at the NC Aquarium

Kure Beach Pier

Squishy Baby

The view from our dinner table at Sanitary Fish Market

On the ferry where I didn't let go of his shirt for fear of him going into the ocean

Had a little more confidence that these two wouldn't go over the edge, but gave them quarters to spend in the lounge to keep them occupied, just in case.

Outer Banks, NC as seen through my dirty windshield

At the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

The Hatteras Lighthouse as seen through the Lego Photo App, courtesy of Travis

Stoplight on the bridge to Manteo. Weird.

Scamming money off the neighbors

Have a nice day.


23 responses to “Come on, feel the Illinoise

  1. Love the pics of the impromptu trip to the coast.

    Totally thought that was Mr CPQ in the scuba gear until I read the explanation.

    So glad for your weekend w/ Momologuer. I know I don’t have to tell you to have a good time.

    Your entrepreneurs are as cute as they are smart.

  2. A weekend getaway sans nuggets sounds lovely! Love the pics! That stoplight is so weird, but my analytical mind is coming up with several explanations for it. Was that scuba guy crossing his eyes at you?

  3. Love the pics and OOOOoooo…. have fun in Chicago! Go all Ferris Bueler for me and twist and shout, baby!

  4. What exactly is a weekend with no chicken nuggets?

    Does not compute!

  5. Please eat a Chicago style hot dog for me. I’ve been in withdrawl for 12 years.

  6. haha have fun!! 🙂

  7. Oh for the love of all things girly and kidless…ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Say hi to Oprah for me! What a blast! I so admire your sense of adventure and Visa non-limitation attitude. Great pics.

  9. BTW: Girls, rock your boys! Let’s hear it for my Quiet Riot recall (before the 2nd cuppa coffee).

    And now I will have that song in my head. All. day. long. But you don’t care, do you, b/c you’re having an awesome time!!! Woot!

  10. Oh how fun! When are you coming to NY to shop and sightsee and pedicure and not eat chicken nuggets?

    Have a great weekend!

  11. Oh, you have to go to “the bean” in chi-town. Makes for very cool photo ops.

    But, don’t get to wild, wild, wild this weekend.

  12. Oh man, that sounds like fun! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    I love that Lego Photo App. 🙂

  13. “I’m working on arranging a marriage between her daughter and any one of my boys:

    Well that may be difficult, since I don’t think they allow nuns to marry.

    And now that I think about it, putting a limit on the credit cards just isn’t much fun.

    However, MrCPQ and I may have to call Visa and tell them that we were both were mugged by Thelma and Louise on their interstate crime spree.

    And that we overheard that they were on the lam, heading towards Chicago.

    And armed and dangerous.

    Now that sounds like fun.

  14. I always find comfort when the place I eat at has the word Sanitary in the title.

  15. Thank you for that song in my head.

  16. Oh, I know that Lego app well.

    I actually look better in Lego, so I encourage it’s use often.

    **Have fun and spend lots of money!! 🙂

  17. Reading your blog is like reading the Highlights magazine at the pediatrician’s office. What was it last time—-oh yes, the chick-fil-a apron at the fancy schmancy dinner party for the church folk. This time the dr. pepper can at the lemonade stand. hahahaha! If there are ever teams for playing I Spy, pick me!!!! See you soon??

  18. Oh, and the Sanitary Fish Market??? You are a brave soul. If they actually have to tell you it’s sanitary, do you think there might have been an issue at one time, way, way, way in the distant past, like way a long time before you got there?? Not like just yesterday? It wasn’t a freshly painted sign was it? No remnants of a ripped off orange “Hazard” label on the glass door? I hope. A brave soul with an iron stomach. Gotta love it!

  19. Have fun in Chicago!
    Love the death grip you had on T’s shirt.
    Love the Lemonade sign.

  20. Have a great weekend! Nice place to visit, but sure glad I don’t live there anymore…

  21. Is the Sanitary Fish Market really clean or is that sarcasm?

    Great pics!

    My daughter used to scam the neighbors selling ice water because I wouldn’t spring for lemonade.

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