Monday Musings

I got home around 12:30 this morning after one of the most turbulent airplane rides of my life.  Our part of the country was under a tornado warning (eight confirmed) and the line of  storms stood between me and the runway.  The pregnant woman next to me was raising hands and asking Jesus just to let her live until the baby was born and I was praying I wouldn’t toss my cookies in her lap.  The woman to my right was snoring.

Either she had some mighty faith or she’d snuck a little something into her drink.  At that point, I wanted WHATEVER she had.

My trip with Momologuer was so much fun.  I failed to bring adequate footwear, my hairbrush, toothbrush, socks, and my phone charger, but didn’t forget my Visa or the six changes of clothes for 48 hours.


I was so anxious to get going that I also forgot to pack appropriate outerwear for Chicago weather.  I was thinking warm and springy thoughts, and as I was walking out to the car in my lightweight cotton twill jacket, Mr. CPQ said, “Aren’t you taking a real coat?” I hemmed and hawed about it taking up room in my suitcase, but grabbed a leather coat that was hanging by the back door just to placate him and OH MY WORD did it ever save my bacon.  It was freezing slightly nippy and the wind was so strong that I could literally feel it blow through the seams of my shoes the whole time we were there.

My flight out was uneventful.  I had the usual can of tomato juice to accompany my salted peanuts which is weird because I never drink tomato juice on any other occasion and, quite frankly, find it a little disgusting in any other setting.  I read a book that Whimzie had recommended to me, but I had to close it up 20 minutes before we landed because I sensed it was about to take a turn that would take me to the ugly cry and I didn’t want to alarm my seatmate.

Momologuer met me at the gate and we took the train into town and felt perfectly safe until a fellow passenger saw our suitcases and felt compelled to warn us about people faking heart attacks and picking our wallets.

I’m sure the Chicago Board of Tourism was ready to hire him immediately.

We kicked off the weekend with high tea at our hotel where we ate dainty things and plotted our takeover of Michigan Avenue. Both of us were busy last week and didn’t have time to set out a clear agenda for the weekend other than getting together with strangers I had met on-line and getting a pedicure.

From there we hit the pavement and started our journey towards tired, aching feet.

More later…

Have a nice day.


13 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. People have such different reactions to turbulence. . . I would toss my cookies, no doubt. AND I love tomato juice on an airplane, why is that?

  2. I’m flying tomorrow…just said my prayers : )

    I always have a ginger ale when I fly. My hubs makes fun of me and its a total mental thing but somehow I just know that having a ginger ale will prevent me from ‘tossing my cookies’

    That high tea looks like my kind of day. Oh, and my hubs is famous for ‘forgetting’ a belt, shoes, tie, etc. when he travels. As in ,
    ‘I was in Naples and realized I ‘forgot’ my belt so I had to buy one.’

    You could have totally done that in the coat department. File this trick away for when you go to Italy…you can ‘forget’ to bring shoes and you’ll just have to buy some : )

  3. The thought of a well-intentioned stranger warning you about urban cons makes me giggle. He clearly didn’t know that you’re a seasoned world-traveler who could take on Bad Bad Leroy Brown any day!

  4. Fun, Fun, Fun! Except the part about the turbulent plane ride home. I HATE THAT!!! Glad you made it home. Can’t wait to hear more.

  5. Good golly, Miss Molly! You know, I think adventure follows you. Hope you were good to the Visa gods, and I mean that in a totally non-idolatry way. 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness…I was about dieing over the men and their coat issues. Just this morning my daughter was going to track practice and her Dad was taking her, as she got into the truck he says “Where’s your coat?” She says “Dad I have like 3 layers of clothing on.” He says “No go get a coat!”
    Too funny!!! But sometimes they are right.

  7. pshaw…who needs a toothbrush, socks, hairbrush, or a phone charger…you were a woman on an adventure. The essentials were covered (and your rear end was too thanks to Mr. CPQ.)

    Glad you had fun!!

  8. I heard about the crazy tornado night, and thought about you. So glad that you’re safe and sound…and with lots of purchases to show for the scare.

  9. A pedicure and tea with some lovely mom friends sounds amazing to me!! Throw in a little shopping and I’d be downright giddy!
    Glad you had a nice time.

  10. Glad you girls did this. Looking forward to the next installment of the Chicago adventure story.

    Glad you took my advice on whatever book I told you to read. Was this one I’d recommended in this decade? Just kidding.

  11. Glad you made it home safe – turbulence is pretty freaky!

    Also, cannot wait to hear more about your attack on the Magnificent Mile!!! Love visiting Chicago – couldn’t live there (too cold for my Southern blood) but adore visiting and plotting my tracks around the great shops!!!

  12. Lydia Stevenson

    My daughters seem to always “forget ” earrings when we go on long trips. Because I don’t want to pay for, or hear the crying again to get those little holes put back in their ears, I buy them new ones. It is now a big joke, and we usually buy earrings whenever we go on a trip, whether they forget them or not. Call it a family tradition , and they have a lovely collection from all over the world.Glad you made it back home.

  13. What fun! Can’t wait to hear the rest of the story…

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