Carpool Cat: The Pollen Edition

One of the advantages of being adopted is that I don’t have the allergy issues that my dad and my brothers have.  Bless their hearts, they walk around for most of spring (and summer and fall) with sinus pressure and watery eyes, popping Zyrtec as though it came out of a brand new Pez dispenser.  Mr. CPQ has allergies as well and after hearing talk of an itchy mouth all day yesterday, it seems as though he’s passed that little blessing onto  Tommy.

It doesn’t help that it is spring in North Carolina and that means the pine trees are assuring their survival well into the next millenium by releasing clouds of choking mist into the air that have settled onto every exposed square millimeter and colored my world a greenish hue.  It also doesn’t help that our resident psycho kitty has taken to the dust as though it were catnip.

See those bare spots in the driveway?

That would be where he has ROLLED IN POLLEN because apparently he doesn’t get enough jollies walking through the forest, scooping up all the field mice and bopping them on the head.

And once he’s finished sweeping the driveway?  This, THIS is what I’m left with:

I may have allergies after all; I think I’m allergic to cats.

Have a nice day.


21 responses to “Carpool Cat: The Pollen Edition

  1. So, your family has REAL allergies. My husband was complaining of his “allergies.” He was so conjested, coughing…allergies were SOOOO bad. Then along came Luke a few days later with the same allergy symptoms. Since we were leaving in 2 days for our fantastic driving expedition across the planet, I thought I better see what Luke was allergic to. (I know I ended that sentence with a prep., but I couldn’t help it.) So, the dr. gave me an antibiotic and a steroid for his “allergies” and gave me the same rx for my husband’s allergies (wink wink). ha!!! The meds did help miraculously enough. Although I will say, he’s back at his cute little habit of clearing his throat 887 times a day and sinus drip. I know–it’s not pretty.

  2. We’re slower with the springtime up here so its not bad yet. But I was south this weekend and sneezed a time or a hundred.

    On the bright side, the cat does look awfully cute in that last picture. And cats love baths don’t they?
    Have fun with that!

  3. Aaw, what a cute kittie! The pollen, not so much.

  4. That is some serious pollen!

  5. Mama told me the pollen has been really bad. I told her we don’t have pollen. Nothing blooms.

    I think your kitty and my kitty could be friends.

  6. If I was still living in Louisiana, I would say that your photos look like here. If I was still living in Pennsylvania, or Arizona, I’d say your photos are crazy!!!! Seriously, what is up with that yellow stuff? Eww! But right now, I’m living in Georgia. So, I say, count your blessings! Here, it’s not a yellow mist. Here, yellow snow has a whole new meaning!

  7. I’m loving me some Little Bunny Foo Foo (sp?) reference! I feel your pain, um I mean your sneeze..

  8. Looks like yellow san. On the windshield, doesn’t it. Two words: outside kitty. ;). Are you sure he’s not part Dachshund? Mine rolls in anything–usually anything includes something foul-smelling.

  9. That’s yellow sand. My fingers need more caffeine.

  10. The little bunny foo foo was cracking me up.
    The kids were mad at me today because I made them walk uphill, both ways to the little homeschool in the pollen drifts.

    We got home and my shoes were yeller. No kidding.

  11. Love the Little Bunny Foo Foo reference although it’s now stuck in my head.
    Was feeling sorry for your pollen woes until I looked out the window to see the dirt in sky. Yes, DIRT in the sky. It’s like fog only BROWN and GRITTY!

  12. Ack! This is the first year that I’ve ever had spring allergies (wondering if it’s the pregnancy’s fault) and the itchy mouth was about to drive me bonkers yesterday!!!! : )

  13. Achoo.
    And pass me a claritin, please.

  14. Your yellow cat is making me break out and wheeze just looking at his picture.

  15. Hey, your cat looks like ours! We have two, but one (the black one, of course) particularly loves a good roll in the pollen. I have to wet a hand towel and wipe him down when he comes in the house. Imagine how he loves that.

  16. What a pretty cat! 🙂 But maybe he just dreams of being a marmalade kitty? You never know!

  17. Hilarious! So glad my kitties are indoors!! and am making the dog stay on the porch till all this passes. it helps that she has company in the 80 lb. lab we are dog sitting.

  18. An indoor cat conversion would solve a couple of your problems (but may create a few new ones).

  19. I almost drowned in my own mucus last week.

    You’re welcome.

  20. My allergies improved 2000% when we moved to Colorado. Our spring “film” is white, not yellow. Unfortunately that white is in the form of SNOW.

  21. Wow, we don’t get pollen like y’all do. Never have I seen that.

    I’d wondered about the kitty. He doesn’t get much blog time.

    Just sayin’

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