A clown walks into a Starbucks….

I received an email Friday morning from a local blogger Kristin wanting to know if we could get together to MIRL at Starbucks.  I’m all about mid-morning caffeination spur of the moment and had to be in that part of town anyway to meet Mr. CPQ for lunch, so I gladly accepted her offer and met her around 10:30.

I knew we’d get along well because she walked in the door wearing some killer shoes that she had literally just bought across the street because (and I quote) “I was PMSing and thought that they’d make me less cranky while we sat here talking.”

Even better than the shoes was the matching iPhone cover and the fun chunky necklace she was wearing.  She totally had a chi-chi look going on and I felt completely inadequate in my $2 KMart flip flops, but then I drank my grande, extra hot, soy, no water chai latte and got over it.

We had just settled ourselves at the table to gab when a French Canadian clown walked by and asked us to watch her things for her while she went to the bathroom. Since we were not in an airport and therefore out of TSA’s jurisdiction, I felt semi-comfortable watching her things.

And to thank us for being jolly (her words), she made us balloons.

And then Kristin looked at me and said, “So things like this really DO happen to you, huh?”

I can’t make this stuff up.

Have a nice day.


The winners of the Chick-fil-A giveaway are Jennifer, Jackie, and Tracey.  Congratulations to all of you.  Jennifer and Jackie, drop me an email and let me know your address so I can mail it to you.  (Tracey, I’ll catch up with you at church this weekend.)


Timestamp: 2010-04-12 13:11:22 UTC


27 responses to “A clown walks into a Starbucks….

  1. Love the shoes!! Laughing about the clown!

  2. Im laughing my rear off right now. I was in the middle of writing about our meeting, read your post, and now since I clearly can’t top this, may have to think of something else to write about.
    Maybe next time we meet we’ll encounter a mime or something.

  3. LOVE your pink coat! Love soy chai lattes. Clowns creep me out. I’m glad you were ok with it (her). She seems nice enough. I just don’t think you can be too careful with clowns. I’m going to have check out that quad camera feature on the iphone. looks fun!

    Also—–FYI, no problems so far with the wifi ipad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m thinking it would be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for you!!!!

  4. I have no words…….except maybe I can’t wait until the day I, MIRL, you and see what happens!

  5. FUNNY!

    That little clown in the corner creeped me out a little.

  6. Thank you – I am excited! Just sent you an email.

    Your coat is adorable, and those shoes are fabulous….guaranteed to make PMSing a little easier.

  7. I demand a recount. And possibly an appeal to the Supreme Court.

    I blame the hanging chads.

  8. I knew this story and this post STILL makes me laugh!

    I am so glad that you and Kristen had a MIRL. And with the addition of the French-Canadian clown you’ll never forget it!

  9. YEAH! Am so excited to be a winner! See — it does pay to post comments on stranger’s blogs. I just sent you an e-mail. 🙂

  10. haha the clown cracks me out. How random!

    oh and speaking of random, why don’t those random things ever pick my #? 🙂 lame.

  11. wooohoooo! Thank you so much for the peachy milkshake! You have NO IDEA how this has made my day!

    CPQ, I know I’ve said this before, but YOU MUST WRITE A BOOK! The only place I’ve ever seen a clown IRL is the circus. See, this stuff only happens to you! (and I’ll shamelessly ask again..when you do write the book, I would like to be the book elf that hands you stacks of your book to sign for the peasants waiting in line.) 😀

    I’ll find you on Sunday!

  12. I was sad to see that I didn’t win the giveaway, but very happy to realize that it was the great JennO that won- one of my all time BFF’s!!!!!! Yay JennO!!!!!!!!

  13. Oh.. and the clown? That’s just awesome. Stay jolly, CPQ. 🙂

  14. If you didn’t have accompanying pictures I’d think you were hitting the cold medicine again.

    I disagree with Chaney. I don’t think clowns are awesome. Not a fan of clowns. And clowns without makeup? She’s not even trying.

  15. Those shoes are kicky! Clowns are creepy.

  16. Glad you had picture proof, for that was a pretty freaky story. 🙂

    And, killer shoes and phone cover props for Kristen. :thumbsup:

  17. Speechless.


    Lurve the coat.

  18. I am so jealous!!!


  19. That’s a hoot. I actually had a professional clown come to my wedding! I have the pics to prove it. He and his clown partner (didn’t even know HER) held a balloon arch that all the guests walked through after the ceremony before they went to the reception– random. He was invited, but not as a clown… long story.
    I love the shoes too.

  20. Ugh. I missed a giveaway.
    I was all giddy about the zebra shoes, but now I’m back to depressy mode again….

    And clowns are weird and creepy. If she had asked me to watch her things, I would have run screaming from the Bux.

  21. I saw those shoes today while shopping at TJMaxx!!! I hope she bought them there, because they have great prices!

    I used to take my kids to Starbucks when they were toddlers for a whole hour of Cotton the Clown. She played the guitar and sang songs and told stories. I miss the toddler years.

  22. wow! totally crazy!

  23. So things like that really do happen to you. I can quit wondering now. Thank you.

  24. I would love to have coffee with anyone wearing shoes like that… because I bet they’re FUN!!!

    And the clown? Cracked me up.

  25. I had to come and see my friend’s shoes and may I just say that they are SO her. She always looks that beautiful and trendy – ALWAYS! And is a sweetheart. I love that the two of you met up and the clown part! Love that, too! Sounds like a fun date.

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