Your PSA for the day

I have a serious case of blogger’s block due to the fact that I have to go to “the lady doctor” and I can think of nothing else until I get that little unpleasantness behind me.  I was going to skip it but I was at dinner with a 41 year old friend Sunday night and she said, “Surprise! I’m pregnant!” and while I am delighted for her, I am also renewed in my resolve to march through those doors so I can get the prescription that keeps me from making a similar announcement thus sending Mr. CPQ to the emergency room for heart treatment.

I’m also dreading the appointment because it’s my first visit since turning 40 and they’re going to tell me it’s time for a mammo-cram but I’m going to put on my big girl britches and deal with it because my diabetic Italian neighbor who sends me all her sugary food is currently undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer and every time I see her turban-wrapped, bald head I’m reminded that a few minutes of discomfort may one day save my life as it did hers.

And I have a lot to live for.

Have a nice day.

P.S. to my six male readers who I hope have stuck around until the end:  I’m going at the insistence of my precious husband who loves me enough to be mean and say things like, “Please go.  I want to grow old with you.”

You have more influence than you think.


24 responses to “Your PSA for the day

  1. You do have a lot to live for.

    And my appt. is May 4th. I’m glad we made our appointments together. Well, not together, but simultaneously we made the calls.

    Way to check something off the Stuff I Have to Do But Really Don’t Wanna list! I’m proud!

  2. i got my base line early due to two types of breast cancer history. it’s a squisher that’s for sure but obviously you birthed children and it’s less pain than that. just breath and imagine a happy place.

  3. It’s better than the dentist, right??? I can say this because I’ve already had two mamograms, well, actually three because I had to go back for a re-do once. Which, just so you know, happens a lot and if they call you back, don’t freak out. Really.

  4. I didn’t think getting a mamm was that bad at all. I go to a women’s hospital with a digital machine (which cuts down on them having to redo it). Seriously, just count to 2o and it’s over. Switch. Count again. Nothing to it. Less than a minute of pain that hurts a lot less than I thought it would. (And I’m a big baby). The machines they have these days are so much better than what used to be. You’ll wonder why you were even worried about it when it is over. I waited until 45 for my first one and was terrified. But, I actually laughed at the end b/c it was so much less then I feared. You can do it.

    (I also laughed because I was nervously sweating and had to “peel” myself off of the platform on the machine. Really, what else is there to do but laugh? And sweat some more. ;))

  5. The Mammo ain’t no thang. I’ll get the Squash and Squish every five minutes if it would spare me a second in those stirrups. Seriously….those are nightmare material.

    I really need to make my phonecall…but I don’t wanna. I really don’t wanna.

  6. The mamo isn’t so bad. It’s quick. And when its over and you get a good report you really do breathe a sigh of relief.

    Do you have fun plans for later. At least reward yourself with a starbucks or a peach milkshake from chik fil a.

  7. Just wrote down in my calendar to make this call. Thank you.

  8. I do hope you have a splendid day. I kind of think we women all need a really wonderful zippity-do-da kind of day when we have to go to the female doc. And the mammogram will certainly give you a little peace of mind.

    Treat yourself well today – in all ways!

  9. I’m proud of you.

    And also, I will totally laugh with you and feed you chocolate bread (and any other treat you may like!) should you ever have a baby announcement in the future.

  10. And with the words “the lady doctor,” I stopped reading. I’m going to pretend that the rest of your post dealt with the terrible math error in your Chick-fil-A giveaway, and that the random number generator actually came back with the number 9 three times in a row.

  11. My appt. is next week, already rescheduled due to the whirlwind trip to SO CAL.

    I put it out of my mind ~ until you brought it up, that is. Thanks.


    I’m just sayin’

  12. Thanks for the reminder/conviction that I need to be making some appointments – for myself – in the upcoming months. It’s so much easier to make those appointments for the kids as I love sitting in the waiting room reading up on “fluff” magazines.

  13. It’s on my list! Arghh, would y’all stop badgering me?!

  14. Take care of the Ta-Tas!! Treat yourself to a little Asian man’s summer roll…I hear they are really good!!

  15. I agree with Amber above, definitely less offensive than the stirrups.

  16. So we’ve got imnotned and me. Who are the other 4 males?

    Congrats on taking care of your ladybits, CPQ.

  17. You know you have to post about it.

    Go get a peach Chik-Fil-A shake afterwards for a reward.

  18. You can do it!!! Just for a little encouragement…I had to have a mamo, pap, upper endoscopy, colonoscopy and root canal all with the same week. Let’s just say that the mamo was a breeze!!
    So go and stand tall and proud to have those babies squished…then go and get a peach milk shake!!!

  19. I had the yearly smash0gram last night and it wasn’t bad at all. I go to Raleigh Radiology at Cedarhurst and they also do the digital scans so it is easy and never had a re-do. They gave me a card last night to refer someone and I would get a Starbucks gift card for two. Wanna?

  20. It’s what makes us tough. Besides, we lose all dignity at childbirth. After that, it’s just self preservation… literally!

  21. Good for you! Had my first one last year and got a call back-which happens a lot so don’t freak out! I didn’t think it was bad at all.

    And BTW, I saw yesterday that they have peach milkshakes at Sonic and I thought of YOU!

  22. Beautiful pic!!!

  23. way to put the ‘I can’t believe we have to do unpleasant things’ tasks into perspective.

  24. I went last month. And I have to go again next month. I’ll take your sympathy now…

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