In which I ramble with no clear purpose about gardening

My grandfather loved his vegetable gardens.  He had two; one in the back yard and the other one beyond the gate and on a strip of land between the fence and the edge of the hill that sloped down to the highway below.

I don’t know if that strip of land belonged to him or not.  Granddaddy wasn’t the kind of man who’d let a little title dispute stand between him and a crop of sweet corn.

When I could tear myself away from reruns of Captain Kangaroo, I’d head out to the garden and watch him work in his blue and white overalls and floppy hat that kept him shaded from the hot Texas sun.  He would talk to me about the importance of chopping the weeds out and making sure the plants were well-watered.  I’d nod and sit on the grass and complain about the heat and generally be flighty and unhelpful.

When my grandfather died, I felt the need pick up the garden mantle and thus directed Mr. CPQ to dig up a patch of grass in the back yard and plant some seeds for me.

I’m all about outsourcing whenever possible.

We had a great little garden for several years that grew carrots, peppers, squash, tomatoes and herbs and then we moved to our current house which is unfenced and resides smack in the middle of a deer migration path.  Sadly, I have been unable to plant a thing in the yard that hasn’t been munched within twenty minutes of sticking it in the dirt.

Undeterred, I’ve moved to planting annuals in pots on the back deck and since the weather has just warmed up enough to get past freeze warnings, this weekend Mr. CPQ and I went to Lowes for the our annual Selecting Of The Flowers Day.

While we were there, I met Rachel who recognized Mr. CPQ’s distinctive white head of hair and my pink jacket from last week’s post about my Starbucks’s clown encounter and she came over to introduce herself as a blog lurker.  She was beautifully dressed with perfect hair and she could not have been more gracious and I was so discombobulated that I forgot to ask her if she also was a blogger because I would have loved to link to her blog if I could.

And by the way, Rachel, I’m glad I ran into you right after church and not three hours later when I was wearing planting clothes and had dirt in my hair.

And you created a monster because there’s no living with Mr. CPQ now that he’s been recognized.

After she left, I was kicking myself that I didn’t ask her for gardening advice because while I may stick a few seeds in the ground and call myself a gardener, let’s face it, I’m no Mr. Green Jeans.  We ended up bringing a variety of flowers home and the only two I know by name are geraniums and marigolds.  The rest we’re just calling “that purple one” or “the yellow wavy thing”.

My grandfather would be so proud.

Have a nice day.


23 responses to “In which I ramble with no clear purpose about gardening

  1. I LOVE gardening! Too bad I don’t live closer because I’d love to help you. I have run out of room at my own house and feel the need to start on my neighbors’ yards! We’ve been pulling weeds and mulching all weekend. Would love to outsource that!

  2. I don’t garden.

    Well, I do garden, because I love to plant stuff. But then there is that minor detail of needing to give them water.

  3. I selected my flowers for the front steps and porch planters yesterday. I didn’t run into you because we shopped at that other home improvement big box store. I also have deer families grazing daily in my yard despite the incessant barking from my beagle, so I also must purchase that large bottle of stink to spray on them. My husband doesn’t understand why I will spend $20 on something that smells so bad! The reason, honey, is that I like to have beautiful flowers and the deer don’t mind walking up my front steps and nibbling them down to the dirt! Good luck with your planting!

  4. I’m all for outsourcing too. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be supervising while my hubby plants some yellow wavy things and tiny white feathery things in our pots. Because we don’t have a wide open yard open to the deer, but we have a postage stamp with pebbles and boulders.

  5. i learned gardening from my grandmother too. and i have a massive deer problem. though if you are really interested, i have found some stuff that you can stick in the ground and they don’t eat. it’s pretty too. not edible veggies or anything, that would be too nice, BUT pretty flowers nonetheless. anyway, blessings abound on your flower planting journey!

    i’m making the annual journey to our farmers market for the back deck annuals. . . . which by the way can never include petunias or those cute sweet potato vines, because the deer eat them right off my deck. oh well . . . maybe i should do some kind of post venting my deer and gardening issues. hmmmmm. . . . . . .

  6. I leave the gardening to Adam, mostly. It appears that I make him do all the domestic tasks such as cooking and gardening. What do I do you ask? Umm . . . take pictures of him working?

  7. I’m coming out of lurking behind the bushes to let you know that your blog is one of the ones I most enjoy reading!

  8. Anna Grace named one of Lydia’s deers “Vanessa” about a year and a half ago when we made the trip up north to visit. I still think it’s kind of funny. Especially considering how much disdain my friend has for her pesky deer friends. The juxtaposition of Anna Grace’s excitement and Lydia’s disgust was amusing.

  9. We’ve spent an enormous amount on our yard this year. In fact today we’re having the sprinkler system repaired. JOY!!! I’d love to say I garden to feed my family, but I mainly spend wads of money of flowers and grass. Some flowers are edible right?

  10. I’m going with pots here too I think…we have deer and other interesting creatures so it will probably be pots. But it’s not warm enough yet. I get impatient but I remember from living here before that gardeners told us to wait until May. May??? That’s practically summer!

  11. My DH says that his wife is happiest when she is digging in the dirt… he knows me so well! And I could go absolutely crazy this time of year! I have to restrain myself or I would fill up my truck/car/wagon with all these beautiful blooming things. I did go to the herb fest in Wake Forest today… and priced things at 3 different places. But I want to do a little better planning this year before I start. You have lots of shady spots & mine is all full sun, so choosing is easier because I can just skip the “partial shade” ones. But oh, how I love ALL of them!

  12. I think you were watching Captain Kangaroo because you were REALLY looking for gardening tips from Mr Green Jeans.

    Of course, it turns out (upon research) that Mr Green Jeans was not actually a gardner (although he wore overalls, which in my humble opinion says “gardening clothes”) He was actually the handy man. really shouldn’t have coffee after 4pm…I’m a bit wordy tonight.)

    LOVED hearing about your being recognized!

  13. It was the can of Spam in Mr. CPQ’s hand that was the dead give-away. Pretty soon you guys are going to have paparazzi (blogarazzi?)

  14. Good luck on your back deck garden. I share your enthusiasm for outsourcing the heavy lifting 😉 And how fun, that you and Mr. CPQ are recognized from your blog when you’re out and about!

  15. I got an email from Lurker Rachel who ALMOST got up the nerve to leave a comment and ended up sending me the following email that made me laugh and I emailed her back and told her I was going to cut and paste and comment for her because it was so funny:

    “Oh my gosh, this will go down as one of the premier weeks of my life! Other weeks would include the week I got married and went to Bermuda, the week I had child one and the week I had child two (even though the delivery process was most unpleasant in both cases) and the week I won swim flippers and an AM/FM radio at a clambake. ( I was eleven).

    Anyhow, back to this week – seeing you in Lowe’s was like spotting a famous movie star -so the thought process went something like this – “Oh, my dear!! It’s HER! It’s Mrs. CarpoolQueen herself, in person!!! Should I go introduce myself and possibly humiliate myself? Oh, I can’t. Oh, why not – at my age, humiliation is just a pain that let’s me know I’m still alive.”

    You say you were discombobulated but so was I because I forgot to remember your last name. I only remember that I think you said your first name is Susan – so hello, Susan.

    Anyhow, back to this premier week I’m having. After meeting you on Sunday, you mentioned me on your blog on Monday, I can’t believe it, I feel special, I feel almost famous.

    I was so excited I almost came out of the closet and commented publicly on your blog. But then I said, “Rachel, get a hold of yourself!” So I resorted to an e-mail.

    I would love to have you come over and see my yard. It has been a work in progress for about 6 years. Right now it is so beautiful I could weep tears of joy. When you see it you may weep tears of envy so bring a tissue.

    You don’t have to be afraid- I’m not an axe murderer. I’m taking a chance that you are not an axe murderer either.

  16. Rachel needs to leave LIVE comments! She is hilarious!!

    We plant on Wednesday…cannot wait!

  17. Ohhh Captain Kangaroo!!
    And see I’m not the only one who thinks meeting you should be on some type of a bucket list!!

  18. Something has been lost on my generation…in both gardening and canning. Mama does it, Granny did it, her mama did it. But me? Those jars and boiling water just plain scare me. I do weed mama’s garden in the summer for her. It’s why she lets me come home and stay with her.

  19. Becca, you should take up deer hunting. Sit on the back porch with a shot gun and dare ’em to come any closer. Not sure if that would be considered organic gardening or not, but it might work.

  20. There’s no living with MrCPQ now?


  21. I used to lurve Captain Kangaroo! Well, his sideburns were a bit much. Mr. Greenjeans was so gentle.And I realize now how scary Slim Goodbody was.

    Cool on the famous Mr. CPQ/Rachel lurker MIRL.

    And my flowers don’t have to have names. They just have to be pretty. 😉

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  23. I never live long enough to plant things. Yeah. That’s going to be my excuse.

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