Tuesday Tidbits

1.  I made a new recipe last night called Creamy Paprika Chicken.  It had potential, Kit Deluca, with the cup of sour cream added in at the end, but turns out the spicing was a little flat.  The kids gave it a thumbs down, and I’m back to the drawing board.

Teach me to wait two weeks between grocery store visits and have to resort to freezer-burned chicken.

2. I found a lizard tail on the carpet this morning.  Have not found the lizard.

3.  I’m glad y’all all told me not to freak out if they called me back for a repeat squish and squash.

They did.

And I freaked out.

And then I remembered y’all said not to.

So I put on cute shoes and went about my day.

4.  I’m going to go see Rachel the Lurker’s garden later this week.  She sent me an email talking smack about how pretty it was so I’m going over to take a look and I will report back to you later.

Assuming she’s not an axe murderer.

5.   You know.  5.

Have a nice day.

21 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. long time listener, first time caller – oh, sorry, that’s what I say when I call talk radio. Long time lurker, first time post-er. Now, I’m a nervous wreck about you seeing my yard, perhaps I over sold it. I was out this morning at 7AM feeding the flowers and pulling weeds IN MY BATHROBE! How neurotic is that? Of course, I discreetly slipped inside the house when I saw the neighbor’s garage open in anticipation of the mister going to work – didn’t want the vision of me bending over in my bathrobe, pulling weeds burned in his brain all day as he tried to earn his daily bread.

  2. if it makes you feel any better I get called back every. single. time…now my doc just gives me the referral for a diagnostic from the get go…so pleasant…

    have fun in the garden today!

  3. Thank you for #5. I don’t really know why 5 seems so much more organized than 4.

  4. But 4 is an even number. I see therapy in your future. Coffee therapy. Can I be your guru?

    When you see Rachel, tell her to come out of lurkerville and leave me a comment too. The 1st step is the hardest

  5. Just commenting so you’ll know I really am reading. Hugs!

  6. I caught up on Twitter to see the shoes, They are FAB!

  7. I’m SO more concerned about the missing lizard than the call back.

    Just sayin’

  8. How do parents of boys just calmly say, “have not found the lizard”??? I’d be freaking out and evacuating!!!!

  9. It helps sometimes if you go to a hospital with digital mammography.

    And let me tell you, even if they say, “We see something, let’s do an ultra sound.” Don’t freak out. They are just very careful. I was practically hyperventilating the first time they did that to me. It is better for them to be sure.

  10. great reference in Tidbit 1.

    take care of you.

  11. I’m having trouble making the leap from Creamy Paprika Chicken to missing lizard bodies. Are you entirely sure that was freezer-burned CHICKEN you used?!

  12. I think you need to fire your cat.

  13. You had me at ‘Kit Deluca’!!! bwahahahahaha

    Now, that scene is looping in my head…might have to watch the movie after LOST tonight…except that my doc told me that I MUST get 9+ hours of sleep EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT until May 5th. (I report back to him on that day to find out if I was just sleepy or really falling apart.)

    Hi Rachel…so glad your not invisible!

  14. I read this post, in the morning, and had to come back and just say that the lizard tail has haunted me ALL day. Did you ever find anything else???

    • I found the very much alive tail-less lizard this afternoon in the laundry room.

      He was promptly escorted outdoors where he will remain until the cat brings him back in again.

  15. You’ll always be my Pretty Woman. Trying to sound all natural as I say, “sorry about the lizard tail”.

  16. And back to the cramogram stories we go. Maybe it’s good I haven’t had Internet access for three days.

  17. 1. That chicken sounded like a “big mistake. HUGE.” You should go shopping now. (I heart Pretty Woman)

    2. Found a live lizard climbing up the curtain at my Grandma’s in Arkansas. I was home alone.

    3. Called my Great Uncle from across the woods to come kill it.

    4. Amber and Gretchen weren’t axe murderers. Phew.

    5. I’m OCD too.

  18. I guarantee the rest of that lizard can be found near that weird cat covered in pollen.
    Not that I’m speaking from experience…

  19. I sure do love a random 80s pop culture allusion. It makes me feel like I’m in on some kind of private joke (even if everyone else got it, too).

    Anything with a cup of sour cream at the end gets the thumbs down from my captive dining audience. Sounds yummy to me, though.

    Do lizards regenerate? Can’t believe it survived without the tail. Did it leave a trail of lizard blood on your kind of new carpet? This disturbs me in many ways.

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