How I didn’t get mugged by the blog lurker who invited me to her house

Alternatively titled: It’s a small world


She lives five minutes from me.

We have the same sunny soft yellow painted on our walls.

We shop at the same Kroger.

We go to the same library.

She knows where I buy my falaffel and turnip sandwich because it’s not far from her house.

And the kicker?

Lurker Rachel and I go to the same church.

At a bloggy meetup last fall when I heard that one of the other bloggers also attended my church (it’s very large), I asked her, “So, whose Sunday School class are you in?”

She replied, “Yours.”









Rachel’s and my path have intersected for many years, and we had so much fun asking, “Do you know…” questions and laughing when we realized how much we had in common, except for when it came to our gardens.

Because mine is nothing like hers.

She has no fear of the wavy lines and asymmetry in her garden, and I am so bound by straight and balanced.  She had hydrangeas by the boatload, and azaleas and gardenias and these purple things that she told me the name of and I can’t remember.

And she had tons of pansies which were still very much alive because she, gasp, waters them, and all mine are dead and I’m not jealous about that one bit, no ma’am.

Pansies are one of my favorite flowers because they’re a great way to get color in the yard early in the season when it’s still cool.  Every time I see a pansy I remember our wedding day.

To get to the church where we were married, one had to drive by a nursery and that morning they had set out their first pansies of the season with a ginormous sign out front that said, “The pansies are in!”.  While we were standing on the platform during that part of the ceremony where you’re supposed to gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes while someone sings a song, I started to get a little misty.

Mr. CPQ was highly concerned that I would turn into one of the women on America’s Funniest Home Videos that simply collapses from the overwhelming emotion of the day, and so he was trying to distract me and whispered to me, “Guess what?  The pansies are in.”


The most romantic day of our life together and he’s talking about pansies?

I got tickled that he pulled something so random out of thin air that I stopped crying and started laughing and the crisis was averted.

I didn’t have time to tell Lurker Rachel that story because we started talking about on-line dating (she wants her sons to sign up for it – this is a woman who is READY for grandchildren) and antique shopping.  As I was getting ready to leave, I asked if I could take her picture for the blog and she preferred to not plaster her picture all over the Internet and remain anonymous, but she did let me shoot this picture of her dragonfly necklace which she said was not like Kristin’s shoes, but it spoke to her personality.

Did she know I also liked dragonflies?

It is a small world after all.

Have a nice day.

15 responses to “How I didn’t get mugged by the blog lurker who invited me to her house

  1. So fun! And I LOVE the dragonfly necklace as much as her beautiful garden…

    I think Rachel needs to start a blog.

  2. wow…creepy…we really are all 6 degrees a apart…so it’s fun to see the links and how our paths cross when we never even know it.

  3. We have a similar wedding ceremony story, but it really is just me telling Hubs what to do. Fortunately, he remembers it as me taking care of him and not being bossy. LOL

  4. I don’t think I can be considered a lurker anymore. I have posted comments on your blog and three others this week!! I’m out of control. I’m glad you liked the necklace, I changed necklaces three times before you arrived
    trying to find just the right one, apparently I did.

  5. How neat! That garden/yard is Southern Living worthy, for realz.

  6. Thanks for bringing Rachel out of the lurky-closet. I was a beneficiary of her sweet comments this week. Just don’t compare my garden to hers. She’s got the magic touch.

  7. So glad you lived to tell the story : ) I’m impatient in the garden and am ready to put out some plants but I know I have to wait until May. Still a little too chilly here at night. Her garden is lovely…thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow. I didn’t know real live people could really have gardens and yards that looked like that. I thought those were reserved for fake magazine people.

  9. Sorry to post twice (is that allowed?) but I noticed no one mentioned how sweet it was of Mr. CPQ to notice your anxiety during the wedding ceremony and think to help you out with a touch of humor. Of course he was taking the chance that you wouldn’t get the “unstoppable giggles.”
    When given the choice between uncontrolled laughter during the ceremony and fainting, I’m thinking fainting is the less embarrassing of the two. But, yea for you Mr CPQ, your action was chivalrous and demonstrated true love.

  10. purple flower is dianthus-very pretty indeed

  11. I’m really confused now… I thought I knew who she was, but the one I know that came to our get together, that’s in our class, that has pretty flowers… has a blog. Am I thinking of the wrong one?

  12. You’re so funny, CPQ! Sorry I didn’t get to chat with you this morning at SS! And btw, we had only been there for about a month or two. Plus, we like to sit in the back. No mortification (is that a word?) necessary. 😉

  13. What fun to have Rachel walk up to me at church on Sunday & say, “I’m Rachel & I don’t blog.” I thought, “I KNOW you are Rachel…” Then she pointed to the dragonfly necklace! Now I know WHICH Rachel!

  14. I’m beginning to think all blogs lead to NC. Glad you had fun. And yes, she has a gorgeous yard, and I like pansies, too, because they actually grow in CO, despite the snow, drought, and wind.

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