Through my viewfinder

It has been a while since I downloaded pictures from my camera.  Here are few that made me happy.


1. Travis took possession of my camera while a recent trip to the zoo.  This one was my favorite.

Glad to see he understands who’s boss.

2.  Accompanying me on my zoo trip was Squishy Baby.  She delights me.

Notice her mother lurking in the background.  I think she knows she needs to keep a watchful eye on me around her child.

3.  I have new shoes.  They’re wedges and make me approximately 6’5″.

And they’re blingy.

4.  I made granola bars that were healthy tasty.

Here’s the recipe that I used and modified because CPQ doesn’t do wheat germ (subbed 1/4 cup flax seed and 1/4 cup sesame seeds) and Mr. CPQ doesn’t do pitted dates (subbed dried cherries/blueberries).

5.  I saw this in the store the other day, and yes, I bought it.

19 responses to “Through my viewfinder

  1. You are fortunate that there aren’t any ‘unusual’ pictures of yourself in there. When my kids get a hold of my phone and snap pictures of me – it is always with me stretching, yawning, my face completely distorted. Down right awful! You can’t imagine how fast I hit the ‘garbage’ button. With my luck…I would send those pictures over twitter. 🙂

    Oh…..and love those shoes by the way!

  2. ahhh love pictures. cute shoes! After seeing Pioneer woman’s wedge pictures today (go look) and now yours, I see that I need to invest in some for this summer.
    Forgot to comment yesterday. Is it weird that when I first read the title I thought whiney said whiskey?

  3. Love those shoes!! Okay and every other pic too, but seriously cute shoes:)

  4. I have never understood why you ultra tall girls feel the need to buy shoes that make you extry extry tall and make me feel more like an oompa loompa than ever!!!

    2 of my best girlfriends are so TALL and are constantly in heels…sheesh. However, the shoes are too cute!

    That mama would have to watch me with Squishy Baby too…heavens she is precious!!!!!!

  5. you’re rockin the shoes. Not that I love bling or anything. hahaha

  6. Hey Susan,

    I have no idea what you blogged about but I am at the apple store checking out the iPad. they are AMAZINGA

    I think I am hooked!


  7. Woo hoo! Look at those toenails in those fabulous shoes! Love it.

    I can only imagine what the world must look like at 6′ 5″ tall. Wow.

  8. Shoe shopping memories, ahhh. Today, that trip seems like a million years ago.

  9. Have your toes always been that long are have you had them lengthened?

    And that’s not the Root Beer color you usually order, is it?

    Those are definitely Hot Mama shoes especially with your shiny toenails!

    Honestly, I don’t have a foot fetish but this comment is beginning to even creep my own self out a little bit.

    • carpoolqueen

      It is a little creepy that you know my favorite toenail polish color, and strangely comforting at the same time.

      And no, that’s not the usual. The lady in Chicago said I needed to break out of the rut/Route Beer I was in and go for something a little more va-va voom.

      It’s cute and all, but reminded me of the time the Chanel guy talked me into a REALLY RED lipstick and I regretted it the instant I walked outside, $36 poorer.

  10. I love the shoes!

  11. Cute shoes and pedi!! I’m wondering how others have such nice feet and mine are so shoddy looking. My polish is chipped and my heels feel like the sidewalk cement. I need some serious grooming.

    And love the shirt. I think I commented on that already somewhere? Or do I have ESPN and knew you were going to buy it and commented in my head?

  12. 1. LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes. Seriously….I think I need to get on the wedge-train and go get some for me. At current 5’3″, I need all the “wedge” I can get sister!

    2. Love the nice toenails too….seems I’ve been trying to squeeze in some “me time” to get a mani/pedi now for weeks – I too like Jen above have heels like sidewalk cement and extremely chipped nails. I even wore close-toed flats today to disguise it – and here in the deep South we are already having 85 degree heat. nice.

    3. Love that shirt too! I bet it is super-fun to wear and puts a smile on your face!

    4. Those boys have talent with your camera. Mine just mostly love to get weird pics of me from strange angles…..where I always look huge or mad!!!

  13. Those shoes are to die for! Maybe they would make me somewhere around 5 feet. 🙂

  14. So do you think they have some of those wedge shoes that I could put my orthodics in? Then I could be at least… 5’4′? and tower over… most 6 year olds!

  15. I love those shoes, too!

  16. I heart the new kicks!

  17. You have beautiful feet.

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