Ask Sus: Achieving New Lows in Blog Posting

Sus, your posts the last couple of days have been pretty lame.  What gives?

Oh, Dear Reader, you noticed?  You were so kind not to mention my complete lack of creativity fueled by lack of caffeine.  FedEx still has not arrived and I have resorted to dunking a tea bag in hot water and sipping it out of my Starbucks mug which is wrong on all sorts of levels but denial has always worked well for me and I’m not going to stop now.

Sus, are you really that addicted anything else going on?

Well, I did start a new job this week and it has thrown me for a little loop.  I’ve taken over a recruiting assistant’s job for the next three weeks (please, dear Lord, let it only be three weeks) and a) I have never done it before; b) it requires me to use unfamiliar technology created by the likes of Bill Gates who employs smart people whose sole function in life is to irritate the mess out of me; and c) I don’t do well with change.

The long and short of it is that I’ve spent most of Monday and Tuesday staring at the phone and willing it not to ring.

But Sus, weren’t you trained for your new job by the outgoing assistant?

Why, yes, I was.  It was for 30 whole minutes on the assistant’s last day.  Now, you tell me, on your last day of work would you rather be training somebody or would you rather get it over with so you can go eat the cake your coworkers brought for you in the conference room?

I think we all know the answer to that one.

And did I mention my training was last week?  As in 5 days ago?  My brain is the size of a fruit fly’s.  By the time Monday rolled around and the emails started pouring in and the phone began ringing off the hook, I’d done forgot everything.

Sus, that was improper grammar.

I know it was improper grammar.  I was just checking to see if you had stuck around.

Sus, you really need to go now.  Your work line is ringing.

Do I have to?

Sus, you need to.

But they’re going to ask me to do things I don’t know how to do.

Buck up, little camper.

I want my mommy.

Have a nice day.

19 responses to “Ask Sus: Achieving New Lows in Blog Posting

  1. Loved this…you know, doing something new is good for the brain. Kinda like a brain workout. So think of this new job as reversing the aging process. No knives or needles required.

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  2. I love this! I may have to copy this idea sometime in the future (I’ll give credit, of course!!) because I have ALSO been a bit less than blog inspired. Dredging the bottom of the barrel on the ol’ blog ideas. grrrr.

    I hope your coffee arrives soon, and good luck with the new job!

  3. Well, first I’m surprised that a recruiter’s phone is ringing off the hook. Guess your economy is better there than here. I have a friend who is a recruiter….not so good….

    Buck up and go to Starbuck’s. It’s good for you. Don’t let anyone tell you any different(ly). Are you wearing your cute new shoes?? That will help too. And put on some lip gloss. See?? All better!

  4. Look, low or not at least you’ve posted something…I get so low I go days without posting a THING!!

    Hang in there, Ethel, it’ll all come out in the warsh…

    Love ya!

  5. And I’m guessing your boss is still a taskmaster, eh?

  6. You can do it, Sus! Hang in there. I’m sure the job stress is directly related to the coffee deficit. Once your TH beans arrive, you’ll be a rock star.

    You thew that grammar stuff in there for me, didn’t you?


  7. Change your perspective…the next phone call could be the person who will help your company find the cure for cancer, CP, RA, diabetes, heart disease, COPD, leukemia, or CF…

    Bring it!

  8. Just catching up on all 12931234234 posts that I missed during my webby hiatus.

    Tim Horton’s.


    I need to find your guy in Michigan. So he can hook me up. Pronto. Does he also send the donuts? Because then he’d be in sole possession of our entire life savings.

  9. Fed Ex there yet??? Feeling your pain – I’ve been looking for my prescription for ADD meds for 3 days 😉

  10. Awww….sending you a humongous hug laced with some strong, dark coffee.

    Which reminds me….I need to google Timmy’s. Is it really all that?

    • Look at you being brave outside of your comfort zone!

      Just think of it this way….learning new stuff keeps your brain young. Think of it as Botox for your brain.

      Is this helping at all?

  11. I didn’t mean to reply to Jen’s comment. I’m not sure how I did that.

    But yes, Jen, it IS all that…and maybe just a little bit more even.

  12. Not only was your training five days ago, but you’re still doing that lack of coffee thing. Not a good combination. OH! But don’t they have coffee at work??

  13. I think you should recruit yourself to be a middle man (woman) for Timmy’s coffee! Looks like you could really make a good commission!

  14. I feel your pain. Our Director is leaving Friday and I’m getting a crash course this week in doing his job until they hire a replacement. Soon, please let it be soon.

  15. lavidacoffeegal

    Did the package arrive?

    I keep meaning to tell you that you should have a back up can.

    I always have a little can of coffee way in the back of the pantry for when I run out of beans.

    It’s saved my caffeinated rear many, many times.

  16. OOOOHHH, I hate that feeling of not being perfectly sure of the new requirements and routine, etc, and you are being VERY brave…at least, you haven’t quit and run off to Cancun. Hang in there.

  17. Way to go, brave girl. Just use an authoritative voice and they’ll totally think you know what you’re talking about. Works with my kids, anyways.

  18. Praying the FedEx gets there before the Priority Mail that I shipped to you today. You can do it. Jesus can help.

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