Monday Musings

1.  I’m really ready to get a handle on my new job responsibilities so that I can stop having crazy anxiety dreams.  While slumbering last night I was treated to all sorts of ways to crash an airplane;  I was ditched into the ocean, a river, and then, just for kicks, into the front of a terminal building.

It’s either anxiety or the extra slice of sausage and pepperoni consumed thirty minutes before bedtime.

With the Dunkin Donut Chocolate Munchkin chaser.


2.  Mother’s Day was delightful.  We went out for Mexican food after church and then the boys treated me to two delightful hours at the Lego Convention that was in town.  I learned about a whole new brand of crazy as we filed past exhibit after exhibit designed by AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego) and their NLSOs (Non-Lego Signficant Other).  I just didn’t know that this kind of underworld existed, and now that I do, it kinda’ makes my head hurt.

3.  I keep thinking about and chuckling over this post of Melanie’s.

4.  My summer vacation trip is 70% planned.  We’re hitting Cadillac Ranch and having lunch at the Big Texan in Amarillo with my sorority little sis on our way to Albuquerque and Santa Fe.  From there we’ll go to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam and Las Vegas before turning around and heading back east via Pike’s Peak (with a stop to say hello and share a cup of coffee with Meredith).  The details get a little fuzzy from there and I’ll work on them in the next couple of weeks as I research the best path to take back.

5.  I won Mary’s Starbucks card giveaway, and it arrived this past weekend.  I had to laugh because she knew I was coffee-less last week so she priority mailed it to me and wrote across the envelope “MEDICAL EMERGENCY”.

I clearly don’t have a lock on being overly dramatic.

Hope your week is full of great things and sweet dreams.

Have a nice day.

P.S. Nicole, I hope you did well on your finals.

21 responses to “Monday Musings

  1. Lego convention. On Mothers day.
    You are the best Mom!

  2. Well, when you cross the Hoover Dam, make sure you stop. After college, Jack and I took a three week trip out west and when we drove over the Nevada/Arizona line, we were confused about why everybody was stopping at this big bridge thing. We were clueless. And we totally missed it. Hours later, I think it dawned on us.

    A little Chaney trivia for you. 🙂

    Happy Monday!

  3. Oh, and Sedona, AZ, is super, super fantastic. If you can squeeze it in…

  4. Hmmm, Amarillo is only 90 miles from my abode. Hmmm …

  5. Can’t wait to see you!

    Legos on Mother’s Day – you are an awesome mom! Always thinking about your boys!

  6. I learned about the Lego underworld a while back. I can’t remember if we were flying to London or St. Lucia … that makes me sound like an exotic world traveler, when in reality it shows I’ve only flown twice in the past five years. ANYWAY, the in-flight magazine did a whole piece on this guy who works as a Lego artist. Not designer or planner, but artist. He holds exhibits all over the world of his work and it really is amazing! They showed his office/studio. Made me really want to organize my kids’ toys better.

  7. and how long does this little driving adventure take you??? now THAT makes my head hurt! you should do a contest, “how many miles do I put on my truck a year?” holy cow!!

  8. Are the large toddler legos the gateway to this Lego cult?

    Enjoy your dam visit! Sorry, I couldn’t resist. Also, I’m casting a second vote for Sedona.

  9. There’s a flying saucer restaurant in Sedona…the kids would love it, with the outer space theme.

  10. Amy’s comment reminded me of my visit to the Hoover Dam. (I was 17)

    After the tour was over, the guide said, “I hope you enjoyed your dam tour.” My family was the only one that laughed. 😀

    Highly recommend the tour….fascinating!

  11. oops..forgot something…

    Kyle delivered the card. Thank you so much!

    Have a delightful day!

  12. So glad to hear that you got the mail! I really don’t think you’re overly dramatic. I think it’s more that I’ve hung out with S4J too much. Hopefully, your coffee also arrived in the mail. Raising a Chick-fil-a peach milkshake to that!

  13. Maybe it’s because I’ve been the mom of boys for almost a decade now, but I actually think I would enjoy the Lego Convention.

    But you may not tell my children that due to the fact that it could be used against me at a later date.

  14. Oh I wish you could come by and mirl with me! But I live in southern Arizona and it doesn’t look like you’ll be coming our way. But if you do end up taking I-10 in, lemeno!

  15. I have two things to say:

    Mmmmmmm. Dunkin Donut Chocolate Munchkin.


    Are there really Adult Fans of Legos who have significant others?

  16. Hey you got a Starbucks card just in time for the half price Frappaccino weeks!
    I have some family from Albequerue and Santa Fe. I can ask what the best places to eat are if you’d like. I though of you when I saw the ads for the Lego convention 🙂 I wish I’d been there instead of the ER where I spent half my mother’s day with my daughter 😦

  17. Either you know a few Nicole’s taking finals in college or that was a (very successful) attempt to pull me out of lurk-dom and comment again!

    With little sleep, a 24-hour library schedule and countless grande caramel macchiatos (I knew there was a reason I picked a university with a Starbucks **in** the student center), I survived finals week!

    Your blog definitely kept me laughing, even on my most sleep deprived days!

    ps. I love legos, but because I grew up with only sisters they were scarce in my house. We had a bucket of mis-matched legos, but never one of those build-your-own-rocket-ship kits. Maybe I’ll invent Barbie-brand Legos, making sisters everywhere happy.

  18. Thanks for the linky love.

    Glad you are going to the Big Texan. You have to get the peach iced tea in the boot. Best peach tea I’ve ever had.

  19. I believe the “best path to take back” would be through the ridiculously gorgeous pacific NW (which includes Oregon & Washington). What say you, Jewels???

  20. You made me laugh out loud describing the priority mail envelope! SO glad you’re coming to CO!!!

  21. you know, I’m only 4 hours from Vegas. if you’re finding yourself in need of company you just keep that in mind.

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