Mr. CPQ came home with a box of Corn Chex from the grocery store and put it in the corner cabinet where other cardboard enclosed carbohydrates go to become hopelessly stale.  I asked what had possessed him to bring home something quasi-healthy and he told me he wanted to recreate for the boys the same happy taste memory he had as a child of eating Corn Chex with sliced bananas.

I checked the label and there was no sugar in the first two ingredients nor was there a prize in the box. I don’t think happy memories are going to come from this little nostalgic experiment.

I don’t remember eating a lot of cold cereal growing up.  Mom was a hot breakfast kind of person so we ate scrambled eggs and black beans a lot.  When we did have cereal it was usually soupy oatmeal served in a tall glass and sipped while warm (very typical for a Guatemalan breakfast and delicious even though it sounds gross) .  I also liked cream of wheat and the sweet rice porridge they served us a boarding school, a recipe I’ve tried to replicate on multiple occasions but still can’t get it right.

My own kids aren’t big fans of hot cereal.  They turn their noses up at grits (I have failed as a Southern mother) and choke down the  occasional bowl of instant oatmeal, instead preferring Cap’n Crunch or Cocoa Pebbles.  I’ve decided that healthy cereal is not a hill upon which I’ll die because truth be told, mornings are a little rough for me all of us and I’d rather have everyone happy at the breakfast table rather than cranky.

I’m sure when they’re older they’ll choose shredded wheat or Kashi Go Lean, right?

Have a nice day.

12 responses to “Breakfast

  1. Well, if it doesn’t go over as a breakfast item, you can always add some pretzels, spices and nuts and enjoy Chex Mix while you watch tv.

    I’m now craving Cream of Wheat. Love it.

  2. I am not qualified to comment today, as we are scarfing down PW’s cinnamon rolls that baked beautifully after freezing, btw. I will regret this soon.

  3. I used to have cream of wheat almost every morning, I loved it, lumps and all!

  4. The thought of sipping oatmeal through a straw sort of made me gag a little.

    I was never allowed cereal with any sugar growing up, so now I love me some Frosted Flakes. I have a friend, however, who puts SUGAR on his frosted flakes. I’m pretty sure they’re already coated in sugar, but I supposed it’s a little like cheese: there’s no such thing as too much?

  5. I’m with Becca. I LOVE oatmeal. But *gag* through a straw? I’ll need to pass on that one.

    You know about my mom’s cereal rules. I still read the ingredient list on every box. And now I’ve added the “can’t buy it if it has HFCS” addendum. My kids love it when dad brings home the cereal instead of mom. Dad doesn’t read labels.

  6. I loved cream of wheat, eaten with toast smothered with melting butter! Yum

    As far as the chillin’s… mine (21,20,18) still reach for the cocoa puffs and capt.crunch as do their friends when they visit. Ha. They say they don’t have it at home.

    I do what I can to please the masses. 🙂

  7. We always ate plain cheerios growing up. Oh…when I went to college and could have Lucky Charms – even as dessert after supper – have mercy! One college Christmas mom wrapped a box of Lucky Charms under the Christmas tree. I guess she was feeling guilty for not giving us sugar cereal growing up. 🙂

  8. Being a product of a sugary-goodness cereal household, I tend to overreact and only let the kids do Cheerios. Maybe that’s why they always look forward to “vacation” since that’s when they get to eat the good stuff, e.g. Lucky Charms.

  9. Compared to me, you are Mother of the Year. Today the kids are off of school due to voting and we just finished our first meal of the day at 1:30 PM. Breakfast AFTER we should have had lunch. HOW SAD. On top of that, they are eating sugar in a bottle (aka syrup) over pancakes.

  10. I’m with Mr. CPQ. Corn Chex with bananas is DELISH! I prefer the “healthy” cereals myself. Always have. But I sure do love those prizes!

  11. A fun spin around the breakfast table of memories. Blackbeans for breakfast? No can do. And I love oatmeal (God bless Costco, I’m supplied through the year of our Lord 2050), but don’t think I could eat it through a straw.

    As kids, my mom would buy a mix of healthy (treebark-like products) for the week and then Cap’n Crunch and Fruit Loops for the weekend. Oh, joy for Saturday morning. Oh, and my dad, ever the practical one, would MIX the leavin’s of three boxes of ceral into one, to make more room in the pantry, and then expect us to EAT a blend of Cheerios, Special K, and Rice Crispies. So wrong.

  12. So now I’m craving some Cap’n Crunch 🙂

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