In which I ask my brothers if they’re okay

Dear brothers of mine,

This is your little sister.  You remember me, right?  The pesky girl who you tormented as we were growing up?  The one you dangled the dead rat in front of her face?  The one you grilled mercilessly about her boyfriends?  The one for whom you bought the radar detector as a graduation present? The one who typed your term paper?

The ONLY sister you have?

I haven’t heard from you since the tornado outbreak on Monday, and I’m assuming that no news is good news however people keep asking me how you are and I would like to tell them something rather than just give a shoulder shrug and say, “Well, you know how boys are; They don’t call unless they have to.”

I would get in touch with you but you all have this pesky little habit of letting phone calls roll to voicemail and not calling back, so I’m calling you out on the Internet and publicly shaming you into calling me and letting me know you’re fine.

And because I know you, in case you have lost my phone number, Mom has it and would be glad to give it to you.

And if you need Mom’s phone number, send me an email and I’ll give it to you.



Your little sister who loves you more than cake.

Have a nice day.


8 responses to “In which I ask my brothers if they’re okay

  1. Hope everyone is fine…my hubs is never without his phone. Which, btw, can also be annoying : )

    Have a nice week!

  2. I think brothers can be difficult because they’re boys. And sometimes that’s what boys do.

  3. More than cake. That’s serious love.

  4. Or don’t do Whimz.
    I finally stopped trying to reach my brother in California after every major earthquake/flood/fire/tsunami/mass murder/display-of-general-whacko-CA-behavior. Either he’s okay or an insurance investigator will call. I don’t have the carryover minutes to keep up.

  5. I’m praying…

    and hoping you’ll be giving them a sisterly slug in the arm and calling them names for giving you a fright very soon.

  6. As the oldest of three, and the only girl, I feel your pain.

    Brothers+Lots of fun and having a good time when we’re together=Awesome!

    Brothers+communications skillz= Not so much.

    Let us know what’s up!

  7. We just found out all Jeff’s family is fine. Hope yours is too. When we were young, my brother would hang me upside down by the feet over the toilet with my head 1″ from the water threatening to flush me. I empathize with you on the brother torments.

  8. Way to call ’em out!
    I have only 1 brother (not counting all the ones by marriage) but he was enough for my Dad to say (all the time) he’d rather raise four more daughters than one more of him. Ha
    Gotta love ’em

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