Ramen Noodles

I did a little grocery shopping over the weekend and JJ asked me to pick up Ramen Noodles for him and I agreed because nothing delights me more than to realize he has inherited my love for salt packets and processed carbohydrates.  I’ve had a long love affair with Ramen Noodles going back to my freshman year in college.  My parents dropped me off at Hardin-Simmons University which was to be my home for all of four short months before I ditched the tumbleweeds that rolled through the dorm parking lot and headed east to Arkansas, chasing after a boy that I would eventually break up with.

But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Anyhow, my parents dropped me off at school with a hug and a check for my bank account that was to start me off on the rest of my life and for some reason I thought that was the money I had to eat off as well and so I set about to eat as cheaply as possible by purchasing Ramen Noodles and discount hot dogs.  I ate them twice a day for weeks, in my dorm room, saving as much of my cash as possible while going to class and looking for a job.

I was painfully shy and completely overwhelmed by this whole big new world, but after a few weeks at school I finally managed to make a friend and as we met in the student union one morning, I noticed she went through the snack line and slid her student i.d. to pay for her food.  I asked her if she had to set up an account to do that and she said, “Silly, everyone has their food plan tied to their i.d.”

Food plan?


I grabbed a sandwich and a coke and walked up to the cashier, but this time instead of pulling out my precious (and rapidly dwindling) supply of pennies, I handed over my card and held my breath.

She handed it back with a receipt and at the bottom of the receipt was my remaining balance.

HUNDREDS of dollars.

I ditched the hot dogs and proceeded to gain the Freshman 15 as I enjoyed spending my new-found wealth in the cafeteria and made new friends in the process.  Eventually I left those friends and moved to another school, but I never ditched the Ramen.

Some friends you just don’t abandon.

Have a nice day.


22 responses to “Ramen Noodles

  1. hmmm….mine never seem to have a remaining balance of ‘hundreds of dollars’…mine love to go out for Thai food or sushi. What can I say? The apple does not fall far from the tree.

  2. I lived on (and loved) ramen and tuna. Still love them!

  3. I ate Ramen noodles almost exclusively for lunch during a very lean period in my early-on-my-ownness. After a while, I couldn’t look them in the face. We had to break up. A few weeks ago, I bought some and introduced them to the kids. They love them. Ramen and I have made up.

  4. I’m speechless. You didn’t know your parents signed you up for the food plan?

  5. Aw…so am I like Ramen?

    My kids LOVE Ramen. I’m hoping they don’t burn out on at before college.

    I don’t like to crush up the noodles because in their unbroken state they remind me of freshly permed blonde hair and that cracks me up. The idea of hair in my soup doesn’t crack me up but it looks more like cartoon hair. Cartoon hair in my soup doesn’t sound gross.

  6. Ah, yes.

    Top Ramone. (what we call it at our house)

  7. My daughter went to a neighbor’s house for lunch and came back raving over what she was served. You guessed it… Ramon noodles. She’d never eaten them before (and she was TEN at the time.)

  8. I didn’t know you started out at Hardin Simmons. I’m so glad you ended up with all of us. It’s also hard for me to imagine you being so shy.

  9. I feel so bad that you suffered all those weeks without knowing the resources that were available to you. I’m really sure that there is a great spiritual application in your experience.

  10. I don’t think my two, ages 11 and 13, have ever been introduced to Ramen noodles. The boy wouldn’t touch them with a ten-foot pole, because they are, you know, noodles. The girl would probably love them and I think I will buy some today!

  11. And then you came and had to be subjected to the nastiness of Walt’s and, if you were like me, then you ate Ramen despite the food plan, because it was better than the mystery meat.

  12. Sorry to comment twoce but this is on another topic. Inspired by your shoe purchase trmpeted in the May 4 posting, I went out and bought myself a pair of “wedges” this weekend. I thought – if Mrs. CPQ can wear wedges so can I. LOVE THEM! thank you, without your inspiration I never would have taken the plunge.
    Now I just have to buy a few new outfits to go with the new shoes! 🙂

  13. In my dorm my friends and I learned to cook hamburgers on the popcorn popper, and mac and cheese in the hot pot. We were resourceful carb lovers.

  14. Corey loved those & now Miss R. loves them. For lunch today I offered her homemade baked ziti (from scratch), pasta salad (from scratch), salad (which she usually loves), or chips & homemade salsa (which she loves). And she said, “Mimi, do you have any of those noodles?” Meaning of course, the Ramen ones. She loves to cook them herself in the microwave. Since I didn’t, she had homemade ziti, boiled eggs, & kiwi… oh yeah, & ice cream sundae for dessert.

  15. Oh poor Carpool Queen, starving at college without knowing the riches of the cafeteria were at her disposal 😦 Glad you figured it out, though.

  16. One of my girls would eat R.N. every single day if I let her. The salt/fat content in it causes me to pause… and then say, “sure, since you can make it yourself.”

  17. Ramen noodles and dorm rooms just go hand in hand. And now I’m craving some!

  18. What’s reeeeeally ironic about this post is that I seriously JUST TONIGHT made Ramen for “the kids” (hadn’t in forever)…with a side of highly nutritious fishsticks.

    I mean seriously, what are the chances that you would blog about it on the same day I serve it up for dinner.

  19. Love me some Ramen!!

    My Juju could careless about it..but Connor would eat it daily. So proud of him. 😉

  20. My kids love ramen as well. I am so glad it’s cheap because they eat a lot of it.

    I have an amazing broccoli salad recipe that calls for dry ramen noodles and I love it!

  21. I have a recipe, too, Kellie! Mine’s for a ramen cole slaw, though. To die for.

    We did plenty o’ Ramen in our first years of marriage, too.

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