3 Things Thursday

1.  I didn’t post yesterday because I opened my work email to discover that overnight my workload had doubled and it took copious amounts of carbohydrates and a box of Kleenex a while to process this new paradigm and while Mr. CPQ is I am grateful for employment, it has come at a very busy time in my social calendar life.  I may be hit or miss for the next week or so until I can clear my in-box.

Not that it will affect your life in any way, shape, or form but typing those words out in black and white gives me psychological permission to not blog.

And yes, I’m weird.

2.  My sweet friends Candace and Jack had their baby.  Congratulations to them!  I love reading Candace’s blog (she’s my personal Beth Moore) because she’s an encouragement and inspiration to me.  Her open and seeking heart is a beautiful example of a well-lived faith.

3.    Speaking of inspiration, I went to see Chicago in concert Tuesday night and, people, they’ve still got it.  Mind you, they’ve still got it while wearing orthopedic shoes and sporting a hip replacement or two but the sound is as brassy as ever and the lyrics still tug at your heart and transport you back to the day when you sang to yourself in the mirror holding a hairbrush as a microphone as you cried over the loss of a boyfriend.

Or the hopes of a new one.

Please tell me that wasn’t just me.

Chicago, you’re a hard habit to break.

Have a nice day.

16 responses to “3 Things Thursday

  1. I admire a woman who can hold down a job and raise children. That takes something that I don’t have (at least that’s what I tell my husband–ha!). God will bring you through it my friend.

  2. Oh it definitely wasn’t just you : ) We’re going to see The Eagles in a couple of weeks…they’re playing for the opening of the new Giants stadium and yay for corporate boxes in the new stadium!

    Good luck with managing work and family and your social calendar…do you know your travel dates? I’m sorta planning my travel around my husbands travel and may be passing thru…it would be fun to meet in person.

  3. Thank you for the words of encouragement and love, Sus. We are so blessed to count you as a friend. I ♥ CPQ!!!!

  4. Nope. Not just you.

    It was a purple Conair hairbrush, matched my streaked blue mascara.

  5. I had a double cassette tape player…so that meant I could switch between Chicago and Air Supply in 3.4 seconds.

    And my poofy bangs bounced as I rocked it.

    You betcha.

  6. “I wanna have you near me. I wanna have you hear me sayyyyyin’ no one else in the whole wide world….just you girl.”


    And Saturday in the Park ranks as perfect song. Just sayin.
    I haven’t been feeling the blog bug…don’t know why…so I can certainly be gracious with your absence.

  7. Chicago was the first concert I ever went to. It was 1987, and I still love them! Even if they’re old geezers.

  8. A hard habit to break indeed…

  9. I used the finial from the top of my canopy bed. Because I usually couldn’t find my hairbrush.
    Just like Larry.

  10. Did you see my tweet that night?? Girl, I love me some Chicago, to this day!!

    Sorry for your workload but yes, be grateful for the extry bit of income….sometimes I pray for a job I can do from home!!!!!!

  11. I”m with Whimzie. The finial of my canopy was the perfect microphone. And my curling iron with bristles.

  12. Green with envy – I so wanted to go to that concert.

  13. I have always loved Chicago….why do my friends make fun of that?

    I don’t get it.

  14. I love psychological permission.

  15. I bet a Chicago concert would be awesome! I’d know almost all of the songs (unlike the Taylor Swift concert I just went to where I only knew about 40% of them)

  16. I absolutely LOVE the fact that you tell us what you really think and then cross it out and give us the “appropriate” answer!! You have a very comical way of writing what you really think.

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