At the swap meet

The women in my Sunday School class got together Friday night for a clothes and accessories swap party.  We were all supposed to bring something that was still current and/or something that we didn’t love but someone else might.  I carefully went through the closet pulling things out, unsure how well received my clothes would be.

I mean, not everyone loves six-year-old Race for the Cure t-shirts as much as I do.

I settled on a few dresses and skirts that I used to fit into I had tired of wearing and at the last minute also grabbed my gold lame (I can’t find the accent – pretend there’s one over the “e”, and the irony is not lost) jacket and tossed it on the stack.

Michael Jackson called and wants his costume back

I bought that jacket on a shopping trip with Cheryl and she was desperate to make me over made me try it on and proclaimed that it was perfect for me and because I have very little fashion sense of my own, I took her word for it and brought it home where it has hung in my closet for the last 15 months.

In my defense, I did try to wear it.  Truly, I did.  But when the children laughed and Mr. CPQ stood in stunned silence as I entered the living room,  my confidence crumbled like a week old cupcake.

I was so hoping that one of my friends at the party would take it off my hands fall in love with it, but alas, all they did was howl talk about how perfect it would be for a party and they made me take it back home and promise to wear it for New Year’s Eve.

Which I will do.

If we’re in Vegas.

Have a nice day.

24 responses to “At the swap meet

  1. Are you sure Cheryl is your friend???? hahaha! WOW! I’m sure she’ll be happy that you ratted her out!

  2. You could wear it in NYC too, just sayin’

    oh and p.s.-saw your comment-gmta : )

  3. That’s hilarious 🙂 I always buy ‘fashionable’/trendy things and then dont wear them . . . oops

  4. If I could fit in it, I’d swap you for it! I have a great pair of harem pants that no one will let me wear… 😉 But, alas, I am too fat (for now). Kinda explains the hilarity of the harem pants… (Someone gave them to me when I was pregnant… which would be with my 2nd, so that would be TWELVE years ago… and I promised to wear them… and I still have not…feelin’ the guilt…)

  5. Oh I would definately keep it! I mean, you never know… your future DILs just might have the perfect place to wear it and then think you were/are the coolest MIL ever and way before your time in the fashion world.
    Could happen.
    I’m just sayin’

  6. KC @ Average: More or Less

    And there’s always that chance you’ll be invited to a mafia wedding.

  7. I have some gold lame’ sandals with beads hanging off of them. I think I should send them to you. Because whenever I try to wear them, my family refuses to be seen with me.

  8. Perhaps they would have taken it, if you had the matching glove. ;>)

  9. “MJ called and wanted his costume back”….bwahahahahaha

    Now I’m going to have to watch Ocean’s 11 just to get that out of my head!

    I’m wondering where you would wear the gold jacket?

  10. who says you have no fashion sense? – you knew enough not to wear that coat out in public!

  11. Shut up. I just saw a drag queen the other day with the matching heels and purse.

    I wish I had thought to get his/her/whatever number. You totally could have Good Samaritaned that puppy off your hands.

  12. I think all of us were duly impressed, but just didn’t have anywhere to wear something that glamorous! Due to the proportions given to me by my Creator, I cannot wear that brand so I didn’t even try it on… But you never know, by the time your boys get married, that may be the most “in” garment you could wear! Unless they decide to have an Aug. wedding….

  13. Funny! I keep my old Race for the Cure T-shirts too. Why is it I can’t turn those into dust rags like I do other shirts? Come to think of it, I only turn my husband’s and son’s shirts into dust rags. I just can’t do that with my own – especially shirts my best friend and I ran 3.whatever to earn!

  14. I seem to remember someone, who has a delicate brain, that is planning to be in the Fifi drag queen contest in July. Maybe she would swap something for the jacket.;-)

  15. The Baptist State Convention called and they need a keynote speaker for the women. In Texas.

    (You know you can wear that thing to my house for New Years Eve, then wear it over to Cheryl’s house and you will have gotten your money’s worth. And I will have good blog fodder for the 1st day of 2011)

  16. that’s hilarious! and i think the comments might have been just as hilarious as the original thoughts. hilarity must beget hilarity.

    (is that a word? oh well. . . .)

  17. I’m just glad you didn’t pay full price for it! I’m in the “hang on to it because you might need it one day” camp.

  18. Lydia Stevenson

    I am pretty sure it would go great with the stirrup pants and legwarmer look that has apparently embraced Europe. I bet it would go for good money over here!!

  19. Dear Lord, it’s happened. Words fail.

  20. I saw a guy wearing that jacket and bronze face paint in New York. Being still like he was a statue. So, if you’re looking for some extra tip money this summer…

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  23. You are too funny, CPQ. I know the feeling, when you come out in a new outfit and the family howls. I had to throw away one outfit when my son saw me and said, “What’s with the get-up?”

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