Three Things Thursday

1.  I don’t know if a Victoria’s Secret delivery truck was in an accident or if someone is declaring their freedom from bondage but for the last two days I have been driving over bras in the middle of the street that leads to our school.

It has certainly added to the general level of hilarity in the car.

2.  I was surprised by the plumber this morning at 8:12 when he arrived 48 minutes ahead of schedule.

Or maybe I should say that he was surprised by the sight of me.

3.  I made a rookie mistake and took the kids grocery shopping with me yesterday and somehow all the ingredients for s’mores ended up in the buggy by the time we got to the checkout line.  They spent the afternoon collecting wood and googling “how to build a fire” in preparation for our after dinner dessert experience but none of us stopped to think that it had been raining for five days and all the wood they collected was soaking wet.

So we roasted the marshmallows in the carcinogenic flames of the newspaper.

And they were still delicious.

If not toxic.

Have a nice day.


11 responses to “Three Things Thursday

  1. We roasted hot dogs over a pile of burning trash once.

    Don’t think too long about that.

  2. You could join the rebellion, collect the bras, and burn them…I’m sure the flames would take care of the marshmallows.

  3. My daughter made s’mores in the microwave the other day and then added bananas and strawberries to them. I HIGHLY recommend them! 😉 Plus, they are healthy that way! 🙂 hehe

  4. WE once roasted mmellows over the flame of our gas stove.

    I don’t recommend it.

  5. We have made smores in the microwave, over the gas stove and over a candle. I think the candle is their favorite!!

    And I too have scared many of “men” who came to my door at 8 am, unexpectedly, of course!! I really like to see their faces when I get my act together and look normal. I keep waiting for a “wow” but haven’t gotten one yet! Likewise, aren’t you always surprised when you look your absolute worst and people recognize you??? How can that be??? I look sooooo different once I’ve taken a shower, dried my hair and put on make up….don’t I??

  6. There’s nothing like underwear in odd places to spice up your day, eh? Interesting…

  7. Did you feel like you were in an alternate universe?? Plumbers early, bras in the road, next you are going to tell me that the plumber didn’t show his butt crack…

  8. It’s one way to get the dads to drive the kids to school by telling them there’s lingerie viewing in it for ’em.

  9. Wow…so much goodness to comment upon, even in just the 3!

    1. Bras are expensive. I might’ve gone street-diving (as opposed to dumpster diving) to gimme a new one.
    2. At least it wasn’t an 8-12 “window”, after which they come by your house at 12:15.
    3. I just bought s’mores fixin’s today! Hoping our PNW wood will dry out. Doing them in the microwave just leaves us a little bummed out. And it’s messy.

  10. I had a similar morning and it related to bras AND early arrivals. It involved our landlord showing up early (as in before kids go to school early) and me running to put a bra on before he got the most surprise “good morning” of his life.

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