It’s a holiday weekend and no one is going to read this anyway

I’m going to attempt to write a blog post that isn’t in list form today.

Though you can count on the heavy use of italics.





I woke up tired this morning because I spent all night dreaming of wandering the subway station trying to buy one blessed little ticket so that I could get to work on time.  I climbed miniature stairs, scaled a wall, walked miles of hallways, pushed all sorts of buttons, and received a jillion tickets all to the wrong destination.

Maybe I really didn’t want to go work.

Maybe my meanderings were just a cathartic rehash of all the things I did yesterday in an attempt to avoid mopping my kitchen floor.


Speaking of mopping the floor, today I’m using an eye appointment to avoid doing so.

Oh, that dividing line looks like I’m trying to sneakily make a list by not numbering.

Which I am.

About two months ago my eyes got the memo that I turned 40 and they began to fail me in situations that required close proximity viewing.  I have found myself adjusting the focal distance between my eyes and reading material and it’s getting to the point of ridiculous so I’m biting the bullet and heading over to an optometrist’s office this morning to talk about bifocals a prescription adjustment.

Oh, this wounds my pride.


Speaking of pride, I love a patriotic holiday and I’m planning all sorts of fun things for this Memorial Day weekend.  I found red, white and blue star-shaped marshmallows for a hopefully non-toxic redo of s’mores, we’re dusting off the ice cream maker for some homemade vanilla ice cream, Sunday afternoon we’re catching a minor league baseball game, and Mr. CPQ has a slab o’ meat primed and ready for the grill on Monday.

Doesn’t it sound dreamy?

Have a nice day.

20 responses to “It’s a holiday weekend and no one is going to read this anyway

  1. A wise person once told me that dreams were the brains way of taking out the garbage. So I was always glad to have a bad dream to know that all of that was thrown out.

    LOL! I read your blog in my inbox every day. Hope you don’t feel disappointed, that I don’t comment every day.

    Have a super-fabulous-can’t-believe-God-loves-me-THIS-much-it’s-a-miracle kind of holiday!

  2. Your weekend plans sound like so much fun!

    If you like your eye doctor, would you please email me the details? I fired mine before I secured a replacement.

  3. ugh. it’s time for my eyes to be examined too…and I’ve had glasses since 6th grade, my eyes FEEL 50. I can already tell there will be adjustments for this prescription.

    Meat. MMM.

  4. I know how you feel.

    My eyes are still changing, and I’m not quite 40 yet. I just got my prescription bumped 10 months ago and I can tell I need a focal adjustment already.

    I blame it on the computer.

    I love that its a three day weekend, that I will actually be in town, and that I have only a few things that must be done!

  5. I started seeing spots during the NFL playoffs. I of course knew I had a brain tumor. My ophthalmologist did all kinds of tests, freaked me out, even leaving the room to get “one more thing”. While I was still blinded from all the goop & bright lights, he proceeded to tell me all this very technical jargon (he sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher….WONK wonk WONK wonk wonk”) and then asked me if I had any questions. I said, “so basically I’m getting old”. He very professionally replied, “Yup.”

    Sorry for you, but happy to know I’m not alone! AND that I don’t have a brain tumor.

  6. Lists are goin’ around lately. Nothin’ wrong with ’em. Just sayin’ 🙂
    I’ve long ago adjusted accordingly to the lack of perfect eyesight due to age -ing, {ahem} and am now doing the whole mono vision thing. So far so good. At least it takes away the need for those “oh, you’re THAT OLD” reading glasses.

    Your weekend sounds fabulous!

  7. Can I come mop your kitchen floor so I don’t have to work today? I actually do housework/straighten/clean anything when I’m procrastinating. INN knows something’s stressing me out when I start cleaning.

    Oh, and lists are a constant in my world and there’s nothing, ever, ever, wrong with list-making. Our daughter took a pad of paper and pencil out to the mall last night (celebrating last day of school at ColdStone) and said she was writing down everywhere we went. I’m molding the next generation.

  8. i had my eye appt yesterday, & he said that everything looks healthy, my script hasn’t even changed in 4 yrs, etc. he then took me right down off of my healthy little high by saying that it will prob all start to change again when i enter my 40s . . . uh, thanks, doc, for that uplifting dose of reality. i simply asked him to not utter that evil # until it’s time.

  9. I think I’m gonna go back to a dreaded, but needed, painting job — cause you just keep reminding me of all those UGH appointments that I really should be making.

  10. Sounds like a great weekend…I love homemade ice cream. I’m hanging out at my moms and will be celebrating my nephews 4th birthday.

    My hubs is off to the silk capital of the world today-about an hour and a half from Shanghai. I’m sure he will be able to find me an appropriate souvenir : )

  11. I climb tiny stairs and scale walls for meat slabs. Yummy.

  12. Your new bifocals read: perscription adjustment, could cost you a pretty penny…because designer glasses are the ONLY way to make that pill easier to swallow.

  13. I had grilled cheeseburgers, corn on the cob, and watermelon for dinner, in honor of your love for this patriotic holiday AND the patriotic holiday itself! You inspired me!

    And I buy the “cheaters” at Ulta, or wherever has cute ones. It started when I only needed them for reading the bible, and progressed to reading anything at all. I’m currently in the market for a pair of sunglass cheaters. Let me know if you spot a pair.

  14. You headed to the MC’s game on Sunday?

    We are talking about going!

  15. Lydia Stevenson

    When we were in the good ol USA last, hubby and I went together to the eye doctor. Hubby went in 1st and came out dejected. Dr. said that he needs bi-focals which hubby promptly refused. My turn . I told said Dr. that hubby and I are the same age so I am not proud bring on the bi-focals, to which he replied you don’t need them. heheheh score a major point for me.

  16. I love your one-word sentences. For I am wordy. Hope the s’mores were rockin’.

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