Catching up

Popping in to say that I’m still on my crazy work schedule but yesterday I was told there is a planned end date so I am exceedingly happy about that bit of news.

Two more weeks, Susan.

You can do it.

I spent four and a half hours yesterday at the mechanic’s shop getting something technical done to the brakes/rotors/whatever on my Suburban.  I like this particular garage.  It’s the one that Mr. CPQ takes his car to for repairs and whatnot and they know that when I come in they just need to show me where the coffee pot is and they don’t even come ask or tell me what’s wrong with the car because they know I’ll just say  “Huh?” so they call my husband and tell him while I sit there and flip magazines.

I’m just telling it like it is, people.

I can navigate the carpool line and possibly run small countries but CPQ doesn’t do mechanical.

I didn’t do much magazine flipping yesterday.   The shop has an office in the back for their customers’ use so I took my laptop and proceeded to have the most productive four hours of work in the last six months.

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you’re not distracted like you are at home by the giant desktop computer that sits mere inches away from your work laptop.

Anyway, that’s all the news I have for today.


No adventures.

No funny funny ha ha.

What’s going on with you?

Have a nice day.


10 responses to “Catching up

  1. You know, I’ll bet you really COULD run a small country!
    Today I’ll be at Duke visiting my MIL who had brain surgery yesterday. And also stopping at Nordstrom on the way for the free Clinique gift! Hopefully taking a break from the hospital and eating lunch at Elmo’s Diner. Yum.
    When’s your cross country adventure?

  2. The productivity difference in a few uninterrupted hours is amazing! My service guy will laugh at me if I ask if they offer internet. They offer tire displays and an assortment of car parts to entertain customers while they wait.

  3. It has never occurred to me to sit and wait while work is being done on the van. If I get the oil changed, I go to the place next to dunkin donuts so I can read and have coffee. It it’s major work, my husband drops it off at the place by the train station and then hops the train downtown, and then swings back by on his way home. Wow. What a concept!

    If you do one day run your own country, I have a few ideas: all mechanic’s shops need to be next to a starbuck’s and a nail salon. Drive-thru pharmacies also need to be prepared to hand over motrin, margaritas and dry cleaning. I’ll let you know if I think of anything else!

  4. That’s great that you did get SO much work done, but I know I am worse than you. I go to such places/appointments just so I can have that “no brain action” of looking through a junk magazine even for a few minutes.

    I know…..I lead such an exciting life! 🙂

  5. I’m impressed with your dedication.

    I would have spent the entire 4 hours perusing facebook photos of people I didn’t even like in highschool.

  6. I’d like to live in that small country.

    As for me, it’s feed, burp, change, rock, feed, burp, change, rock, smile, sigh, moan, feed, burp, change, rock… Oh… and take care of those other two…

  7. What am I doing? Catching up with you on IM. Not doing stuff on my list that needs to get done before this afternoon.

  8. I have successfully taken pictures of that was completed by 4 children this year.

    Next step, the garbage can!

    I kinda wish I was doing what Candace is doing today. sigh.

    Would love to know who works on your ride. My brother-in-law mechanic up and moved to Florida, so I’m hurtin’ over here.

  9. I don’t do mechanical either. Mostly our place is like yours, with a direct line to the hubs. I’m pretty sure that was part of our marriage contract. Congrats on all you accomplished!

  10. Four hours, huh. The smell gets to me after one hour in a mechanic’s place. That said, four uninterrupted hours sounds like bliss, whether working or not!

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