Random Randomness: The Friday Edition

1.  I am officially over the Western Omelette.  I have tried eight ways to Sunday to get the flavor combination just so but after this morning’s fiasco, I’m ready to part ways and wish it well.

2.  I broke down and finally bought the shampoo my stylist has been nagging me to buy to manage my big Texas hair and it has tamed it so much that it just hangs limply now and I don’t know how to style it.

Not that I knew how to before.

3.  I was looking forward to fixing an easy snack supper for the kids but the neighborhood boy is still here playing and I don’t want him going home and telling his mother that I feed my kids mozzarella sticks for dinner.

4.  Only two more school days left and I feel fairly confident in saying, “Yay! We all passed!”

There’s a little bit of family history of not getting through 4th grade on the first try so I was sweating it.

5.  I’ve tried this new recipe for ice cream this week and got quadruple thumbs up from the family.

6.  Due to some mis-communication, I currently find myself with two gallons of half and half in my fridge and no clear vision for how to get rid of it.

And I don’t need a clearer vision of my thighs to understand the negative implications of this situation.

7.  I finished The Help last week and I really liked it.  I’m two-thirds of the way toward fulfilling my commitment to Whimzie that I would read three books that she recommended to me.  Next on the list is The Heart Mender by Andy Andrews (and if you haven’t read Andrews’ The Traveler’s Gift, you’re missing a gem of a book).

8.  I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in a month.  I hope this doesn’t mean I’m over this hobby because I have enough yarn for eighteen more projects as well as three pieces still in the basket waiting to be finished.

Lack of closure has always been an issue with me.

9.  After years of drinking coffee with a cup splash of cream and two Splendas, I have switched to drinking it black.  It was a little bit of an adjustment but after three weeks I’m used to it now.

10.  I’ve also switched from drinking a quart of coffee a day (and, yes, you read that correctly) to only a cup.

And that experiment hasn’t gone so well.

And may not last.

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “Random Randomness: The Friday Edition

  1. #3 . . . LOL. I seem to recall an instance just like this back in the day, only I went ahead and served up the cheese sticks with chicken nuggets, string cheese and those yogurt in a bag things and called it an appetizer dinner. Haha
    It’s Friday, after all.
    Just sayin’

  2. The coffee. Oh the coffee. I got that book Fat Flush Plan. That is tough. I am so impressed that you are still doing it. Hence the small black coffee I presume. Wow. That just doesn’t sound fun. Healthy maybe, but…I don’t know if I’m ready to do that. Well, apparently I’m not, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be ready. Some people really just eat to survive. I really eat because I like to enjoy the food. I like to cook. Hence the need to lose 15 lbs. hmmmmm. Say something else inspirational, like I just lost another 10 lbs. in a week. That might (not) do it!!

    • Nope, still stuck at ten, and if the needle doesn’t start moving southward soon, I’m going to lose the last of my willpower.

  3. 1. For dinner last night the kids and I ate chips and salsa, sharp cheddar cheese, and nilla wafers.

    2. Will be adding the chocolate ice cream recipe to my to-make list.

    3. Really liked The Help and am now reading Sundays at Tiffany’s.

    4. VBS painting/decorating may kill me before it’s over.

    5. 😀 (Lists need 5 items!)

  4. Black coffee….. it just seems so sad and lonely.

  5. I need to know about the shampoo brand…
    I DON’T need to know about the recipe…(since ice cream is my favorite food in the world & I JUST started my “weight loss” program!)
    We had homemade salsa (Pioneer Woman recipe) & chips one night this week for dinner…
    Love your term, “lack of closure”… that is EXACTLY what I have always struggled with!

  6. More randomness…I saw this and thought of you:


    Free sample of Starbucks VIA.

  7. I can completely relate to the neighbor boy/snack dinner dilemma. Putting things like that as well as that is why I keep coming back to your blog. It is like an outworking of my own consciousness.

  8. How did you manage to start drinking your coffee black? I really need to do that but my flavored creamer and I have, well, a lovely history together.

    And if it makes you feel better, I actually did feed my children mozzarella sticks for dinner one night this week.

    And Bagel Bites another.

    Someone—quick! Pass the Mother of the Year award ovah here!!!

    • I always drink my coffee black when I have dessert, but my morning cup was the hardest one to switch. I started by decreasing the amount of Splenda, then slowly decreasing the cream, then went cold turkey one morning and didn’t look back.

      And try not to say Southern Butter Pecan too loudly around me.

  9. Who can knit when it’s 95 degrees out?
    Unless your next project is knitting a swimsuit that fits perfectly. 😉

  10. oh I loved the Help 🙂 And I totally agree, who could knit in the heat anyways?!

  11. this:
    There’s a little bit of family history of not getting through 4th grade on the first try so I was sweating it.
    made me do a spit-take.

    catching up slowly on your blog. totally missed you!

  12. Wow. Black coffee. Isn’t there a Squeeze song about that? Just wondering.

    Going for 10 by July 10th. I know we’ll be known as the big Americans, but I’m doing my best to keep weighing less than my husband. My anniversary celebration, which included s’mores cake and portabello mushroom macaroni and cheese did little to help things along.

  13. I’m very honored that you’ve read two of the books I’ve recommended to you. And I’m very happy that you’ve liked at least one of them. Yay!

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