Tuesday Tidbits

1.  It’s the last day of school and the boys asked at breakfast to do something fun after I pick them up this afternoon.  Apparently “fun” means hanging out at the bowling alley (THE ONE WITH THE ARCADE, MOM) and wearing other people’s smelly shoes and because I schedule fun at least once a year in an effort to keep them off the therapy couch when they’re twenty, I have agreed.

And will spend the rest of the morning mentally and emotionally gearing up to slip my feet into those shoes.

And also looking under couch pillows and in all my purses to find $547,000 in quarters.

Because I do love me a little arcade Skeeball.

2.  Before wrapping this year up, I attended open house for 5th grade and it didn’t appear that our reputation had preceded us because we were warmly greeted by our new and unsuspecting teachers.  I made a detour at the end of the evening to the boys’ 4th grade teachers to personally thank them for a good year and for not expelling us.  It was very hard for me to say goodbye to J’s teacher because she went above and beyond this year in working with him and her encouragement and unflappable demeanor made such a difference in his attitude toward school.

Or maybe it made a difference in mine.

3.  I had lunch with Kellie yesterday celebrating the end of school and the beginning of summer.  We went to Cuban Revolution and had their fried green beans as an appetizer and some Cuban sandwiches and ropa vieja.  Kellie then decided she NEEDED dessert so we walked across the street to Tyler’s for brownies (Kel) and apple pie (me) buried underneath a very large scoop of vanilla ice cream drizzled with caramel sauce.

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

Have a nice day.


15 responses to “Tuesday Tidbits

  1. It was a lovely afternoon wasn’t it?

    I have to say, the last time I had the fried green beans, I dipped them in guacamole and they were better. Next time…(although I know avocados aren’t your fave)

    I love to bowl, but I get the shoe germs part…it did help me to see that they have this spray the spray in there…its probably just lysol, but it made me feel better.

  2. Did you not know that even though the boys bowl, you DON’T have to??? Yes, I discovered this little secret! We have free bowling here this summer. Two games per day per child. Yikes! Once I realized I didn’t have to bowl and put on those shoes, I was good!!

  3. Happy last day of school! You’re a fun mom, Sus.

    One of these days I’m going to crash your lunch party with Kellie. One of these days…

  4. When Daughter needs tickets for a prize at the counter with the over-priced miniatures, I say “Step aside and let Mama do the Skeeball.”

  5. Well, you could invest in your own shoes (heehee)…I bowled last summer for the first time in eons when my kids were home along with 1’s boyfriend. He said he wasn’t a great bowler and I went on and on about what a crummy bowler I am. Then I rolled four strikes in my first four frames. He totally thought I was a ringer and refused to believe it was blind luck.

    Course the second game convinced him he was mistaken. Have fun. Schools out!

  6. Great idea to schedule a fun outing to celebrate! Did you win?

  7. Ooh, I love skeeball! I think I embarrass my kids because I love it more than they do.

    I do like to bowl as well. Though Wii bowling is much safer for us all, as I’ve been known to chuck the ball behind me.

  8. I also am a fan of the skeeball!! C’mon CPQ they spray that stuff in the shoes…surelyTHAT makes you feel better??

  9. Skeeball. I knew you were my friend. 🙂

    And that lunch sounds divine. Yum.

  10. The BEST Cuban food in the Triangle is definitely at Havana Grill in Cary (http://www.thehavanagrill.com/HTML/index_inicio.html).

    Soooooo delicious!!

    and I am a credible source since both of my parents are Cuban 🙂

  11. Skeeball App on iPhone – totally addictive. Especially for a skeeball enthusiast!!! Also, you earn “tickets” which you can redeem for “prizes” in your own little loot collection!!! The kids and I sometimes tussle over who’s turn it is to play in waiting rooms or the bank drive-thru line, and also we have minor diasgreements as to what contitutes good use of “tickets” (son – Stick of Gum! Awesome…..Mom – stuffed Panda Bear toy! Much better.)

    Hee hee! Glad you enjoyed your celebration!

  12. CPQ – I’m thinking a trip to Cary for some Havana Grill sounds good….

  13. Also, I came over here for some blogger inspiration…and you haven’t posted yet this morning…

    What? Is it the first day of summer vacation or something?

  14. Repenting over my jealousy of a tasty lunch with LVCG.

    You ARE the fun mom. And it takes so much effort to be fun at times, so I tip my hat to you.

    And wish I had some dessert. BTW, on our anniversary, D and I went to our favorite restaurant for lunch, and we were brought a beautiful platter-sized brownie, covered with both warm caramel and vanilla ice cream. I might’ve wept.

  15. bowling is not my favorite activity in the world, but maybe that’s because none of the alleys here have skeeball. that might be a horse of a different color!

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