School’s out for summer

Before we talk about our end of year adventures, I feel like I need to issue a little warning that careful consideration must be made before undertaking certain activities and that one must factor in their own personality, risk aversion, tastes and preferences before hurtling into the abyss of the unknown.

Lest you think I reference yesterday’s journey into the heart of the strip mall bowling alley, let me clarify that in this instance I’m talking about my ill-advised decision to place myself in the hands of the sushi chef.

I was running errands yesterday (picked up my dad’s Father’s Day gift and happened to find my Mother’s Day gift while I was at it – SCORE!) and had just a few minutes to eat lunch before collecting the kids from school so I stopped at Tasu for some sushi and saw that Tammy was working so we were chatting and I didn’t want to waste time looking at the menu so I told her to just bring me the chef’s sushi/sashimi lunch.

In retrospect, I should have changed my order the second I saw her eyebrows lift.

Because when my plate arrived I did not recognize a single solitary item on it.




So I ate it anyway and proceeded to have the heebie jeebies for the rest of the afternoon until I arrived at the bowling alley and decided to meet the queasiness on the front porch by chasing it with some chili cheese fries and a Diet Dr. Pepper.

Ahhh, all better now.

We had a great time bowling and talking smack about how bad we were and, in the end,  Tommy prevailed by two measly little points.

And JJ won the style competition.

And Travis won “Best Accessorized”.

And I won Skeeball.

Have a nice day.


12 responses to “School’s out for summer

  1. Seriously, I think your courageous ability to eat weird foods is so amazing. If I could just get over my fear of mayo,’ or foods I can’t recognize, I’m sure I would be just like you.

    The boys look so happy to be out of school!

    And congrats, Tommy, on your win!

  2. Sushi and bowling alley do not go together! When faced with a chef’s choice situation, I request more of what I like and ask for no quail eggs and such.

  3. Well, you never know until you try it right? Your bowlers all look happy and handsome : )

  4. Such cute pictures of your boys and what a fun way to celebrate! Your sushi eating is VERY brave to me!! 🙂

  5. Your boys are cutie patooties.

  6. Not too sure about the sushi and cheese fries in one afternoon! Love the pics of the boys at the bowling alley. Have a fun summer and look forward to reading your adventures.

  7. What a fun way to end the school year & loved the pictures!

  8. You just got done telling me you are drinking one small cup of black coffee a day and now you’re chasing it with chili cheese fries? what gives? ha! Although if I was drinking black coffee, I’d have to chase it with something too! Oh, and HAWKS WIN!!!!!

  9. Looks like you got the bowling alley all to yourselves! I didn’t have to go bowling yesterday on my daughter’s last day of 5th grade, she did however request dinner out at Kanki. I obliged.

  10. Lydia Stevenson

    I think your bravery to “interesting ” food has alot to do with your growing up years. Many an American might freak out at what my kiddos eat, squid spaghetti comes to mind. We do avoid the Polish blood sausage here, no visuals needed it is exactly as it sounds. YIkes.

  11. I’d like to introduce you to my friend, the white food group. We have favorites here, such as Wonder Bread, mac and cheese, rice crispy treats, and flour tortillas with cream cheese.

  12. I totally pictured the scene of you looking at the plate, shrugging your shoulders, and digging in.

    you are my hero, reindeer girl.

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