At the beauty school

Mom asked me this morning if I wanted to get a pedicure with her and since I’m never one to pass up an opportunity for a little pampering, I quickly agreed.  She told me I might not want to agree so fast because the place she was thinking about taking me was the local beauty school because they’d run an ad in the paper for pedicures for $9.95.

Pampering at a discount?  I’m totally in.

The person that answered the phone told us to mosey on down about 10:00 so we showed up ready to go only to find out that the technicians were scheduled to take their fifteen minute break at 10:00 and could we please just wander around the adjacent shopping center while they mentally regrouped from their morning session of “Learning how to communicate with your customers”.

I wanted to suggest that learning how to communicate the appropriate appointment time might be a good place to start but my mother gave me a look that suggested I might want to refrain from doing so.

We wandered over to Star Pharmacy and browsed the greeting card section until our new appointment time and when we returned we were warmly greeted by our nail tech who led us to her station and promptly proceeded to ask if we could please remove our own nail polish because “I just got my nails done yesterday and I don’t want to mess them up by getting them in fingernail polish remover.”  And because this is rural Oklahoma, even the instructor didn’t seem to think that was an awkward request to make and Mom and I figured that for $9.95, maybe having their customers take off their own nail polish was just a way to save on labor costs.

It reminded me of the last time I was here and Mr. CPQ and I ran over to grab a cup of coffee at the only Starbucks in town (located in the hospital lobby in case you need to know) and as he and I ordered our respective drinks, the barista rolled her eyes and said, “I don’t know why people order different drinks around here because I just make them all the same.”  

To which Mr. CPQ answered, “Then I’ll have whatever you’re making.”

We managed to survive our nail appointment and learned way more in that hour than we wanted to know about meeting husbands on-line, tile flooring, impacting the future of hair in America and the rhythm method of birth control before paying our $9.95 and being asked if we wanted our nickel back.     

You can bet I wanted that nickel back. 

I need to start saving my pennies for the next visit because blog fodder has never come so cheap.

Have a nice day.


18 responses to “At the beauty school

  1. When I saw your tweet this morning, I just KNEW you would write about it!

    I went for a “quick trim” at a beauty school in Texas. I was literally drenched from the shoulder to my waist after my shampoo, and it took almost 3 hours to trim my hair. When I left it looked virtually the same as when I left, with the exception of my bangs. Which I fixed when I got home.

    Glad you and your mom had a good time!

  2. I believe the phrase “discount pedicure” is actually Swedish for “communicable disease.”

  3. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

  4. that’s really funny. close to what i paid for one here across the ocean, but fortunately they did remove the old, nasty polish for me. hahahaha!

  5. Yeah…umm…there are these things called gloves that many nail techs wear while removing their CLIENT’S old nail polish because it totally saves their own. Ugh!

    My MIL and I went to our local beauty college for a mani/pedi several months ago. We were told by the receptionist that it would take about 15 minutes and they would be ready for us. An hour later, they took me back and my MIL had not even been acknowledged by anyone. When I saw her walk out – Hello! She was my ride! – I left the station…and had to dry my feet because they had just put them in the soak. Sorry, peeps…gotta catch my ride! Guess they shouldn’t have ticked her off…or at least told her that they were preparing a spot right next to me for her. (By the way, she wouldn’t have left me, but she was going to wait in the car while I got pampered…she was SO angry!)

  6. Between your post and Kellie’s comment, I’m CRYING. OMG, so funny. I had a similar experience at a Braum’s. In Oklahoma. Just sayin’.

  7. Can’t believe I’ve been missing your whole road trip……..
    This is so funny!

  8. “I just make them all the same.” HaHaHaHaHa! So funny!
    Glad you’re enjoying your vacation! 🙂

  9. That is …. there are no words….hilarious!! Oh my word. I would have wanted to leave after they asked me to take off my own polish, but … I must say the talk in hair salons and nail salons is one reason I don’t like taking my 11 year old daughter there. I’m always afraid she will learn some major life issue (like rhythm birth control???) there. Hearing the same conversation in Vietnamese is much more comfortable for me. And my daughter is in awe of their language. It’s a win win!!

  10. So do you recommend that I try the local massage school for a discount massage???

  11. Hilarious! Oh how I wish I could have seen the look on your face…and your mom’s. Did she give you the ‘mom’ eye warning you not to say anything??

    And the Starbucks’ comment….hahahahahaha!

    Enjoy your vacation..I sure am! (enjoying your vacation, that is…I’m not on vacation..I just finished 4 days of VBS. 😀 )

  12. So, are you going back for a pedicure? Make sure to bring your own lotion.

  13. I feel like I just took a trip into “real life Americana”!! LOL & rolling laughing!

  14. This has to go in your “best of” posts. It is a classic.
    I dare to dream what you would have received for that extra nickle.

  15. Please tell me that nail girl’s name was Luanne.

  16. Too funny. I hope the polish lasted at least until you got home 🙂

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