You oughta be in pictures

Alternatively titled “I went through Mom’s photo albums last night”

Also alternatively titled “Not sure how to create a narrative with these pictures so I’ll let them speak for themselves”


I firmly believe that all pinatas should be larger than the birthday girl.

Rockin’ the white socks with my favorite puppy, Zorro.

Blazing the frontier of fashion in my socks and sandals…

And if any of y’all submit this to Awkward Family Photos, I’m shutting the blog down.

Have a nice day.


14 responses to “You oughta be in pictures

  1. You still make all those same facial expressions.

    I love old photos.

  2. I always love to go through old photo albums when I’m home too.

  3. “And if any of y’all submit this to Awkward Family Photos, I’m shutting the blog down.

    What’s that sound I hear?

    It sounds like a gauntlet being thrown down.

    But not to worry. That shot isn’t funny/embarrassing enough.

    But this one is:

  4. You’ve got to start letting me post inline pictures in your comments section.

    Here is the photo in question.

  5. Great photos!!!! 🙂

  6. i love the awkward family photos site!!! I love seeing all the pics you post, too 🙂
    Kiss your mama for saving all of them

  7. Let me get this straight…you had a Santa pinata?? Don’t you think beating Santa with a stick until he explodes might just put you on the naughty list??

    But you were a cute kid…maybe that saved you.

    • I think I am gonna have to agree that beating Santa could put you on a list you might not want to be on.

      The picture that I’m Not Ned linked is absolutely priceless’

  8. Your mom’s shirt and your brother’s half-fro are rockin’ in the last picture.

    You come from good stock. 😉

  9. LOOK AT YOUR DOG! He has the same look as my dog when Kristin has him in the head lock..very similar to the way you are showing your ‘love’ in the picture. 😀

    I have pictures of me in the same socks..we were just preparing for the ‘leg warmers’ craze that would begin in 7 years.

    Have a great time!!

  10. Love the white socks and sandals picture. Too cute, thanks for sharing. 🙂

  11. I think it was a requirement of all missionary families in the 70s-80s to dress as ridiculous as possible. You know….to make the locals not feel threatened by us.

    Way too many pictures of me dressed in a similar fashion forward manner have been paraded through many an American church via slideshow.


  12. Those pictures bring back so many wonderful memories of you and your family in Coban. I always remember begin there one Christmas. We went to church till midnight and then ate tamales and went home to wake up early to the traditional American Christmas feast! Your mom is an awesome cook! That bownie pie is still a fond memory!

  13. P. S. this is Yvonne

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